Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1632 - Crashing Downward

Chapter 1632: Crashing Downward

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Dao Feng’s plan was not bad.

Nine King-Ranked formidable martial artists were present. Although Dao Feng was injured and couldn’t attack at the moment, there were still eight others. The remaining twenty-odd people didn’t even have to go up. They just needed to offer support from below.

Jiang Yi was very clear of what was about to happen. Although his eyes were closed, his brain was moving furiously; and he soon thought of an idea. He was going to release the Sword Emanations Race beings to hack at them.

The gravity on the stone stage was very terrifying; the Sword Emanations Race beings wouldn’t be able to move if they were sent out and would probably be pressed heavily into the stone dais. However, while they couldn’t move, Jiang Yi could help them. As long as they flew down from the high dais—not only would the terrifying gravity not be a hindrance, but it could also actually be an enabler of momentum; the Sword Emanations Race beings’ attack speed would be multiplied.

Among all the martial arts in the world, the fastest ones were the hardest to withstand!

A very fast speed could become a force of inertia; that was why when a huge army was charging, its power would be so great. As the Sword Emanations Race beings flew down from the high dais and used gravity as momentum, their speed would be multiplied by many folds. The people coming upward, however, had to withstand the strong gravity as they climbed. While the Sword Emanations Race beings might not be able to hack these people to death and might not be able to harm them, they could easily knock them backward.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Jiang Yi took out his Wintry Pearl as Sword Emanations Race beings appeared. As expected—once they appeared, they were immediately pressed into the stone dais by gravity and couldn’t even stand upright. Jiang Yi ordered via the Sword Emanations King for them to move but to no avail.

They couldn’t move? No problem!

Jiang Yi tumbled over as he spun a circle around the stone stage, releasing a few hundred Sword Emanations Race beings as he went, filling up the entire stone dais. He tumbled back to the center of the stone stage as he waited for the enemy’s arrival.


Jiang Yi’s actions were visible to those far away as many looked slightly bewildered. Why had Jiang Yi released these puppets? They couldn’t even move under gravity; did he let them out to scare the King-Ranked martial artists?

“There’s trouble; everyone, be careful.”

The Dao Clan formidable martial artist Dao Zhan immediately understood Jiang Yi’s intentions. However, they had already reached this point; they couldn’t possibly retreat, right? Even if they agreed to do so, Dao Feng would not.

“Let’s go!”

The remaining elders also decided to throw caution to the winds as the eight of them started to rush up toward the stone stage from eight directions. One of them was a young master while the others were all the various clans’ bodyguards. However, that young master’s pace was slightly slower; he did not want to give his life just to help Dao Feng vent his rage.

As the other six’s speed also grew slower, Dao Zhan took a few looks as he could only accelerate his pace. It was evident that he was going to be the vanguard and be the first one up.

The eight soon reached the stone stage. Everyone did not follow Dao Feng to act cool but took one step at a time as they bent their backs and continued moving. However, their eyes were fixated on the stone stage above, their ears sharp and attentive. Once there were any signs of movements, they would stop and evade sideways or launch counterattacks.

Advance steadily and entrench themselves to launch an all-round assault!

That was their strategy. As long as three of them managed to reach the stone stage, they would have a good chance of killing Jiang Yi. Everyone’s speed slowed as they carefully made their way forward; they could take their time. They had already decided that even if it took almost half a day, they were determined to kill Jiang Yi.

Out of the remaining ten-odd people, half had followed along and stood on the ground beneath the stone stage, ready to assist those that had gone up. The remaining few stood far away as they observed Jiang Yi’s every move, prepared to raise an alarm if necessary.

Three steps, ten steps… twenty steps!

Jiang Yi still had not moved as he laid on the stone dais like a dead person. Dao Zhan and company rested for a full ten minutes before they continued their crawl. After every three steps, the group rested for a while to ensure that they were in tip-top condition and to prevent Jiang Yi from launching any sneak attacks.

Dao Zhan had reached the thirty-fifth stone step while the other six guards were on the thirty-third. Jiang Yi still had not moved. As the gravity became even more terrifying, everyone’s speed slowed even more. Besides the young master that was still on the twenty-fifth stone step, everyone had already started to climb in earnest. This way, their center of gravity would be lower and steadier, allowing them to react quicker if anything happened.

Fortieth stone step!

Dao Zhan paused as he waited for the rest to catch up so that they could attack together. Everyone’s eyes grew icy-cold as their killing aura surged. A group of Heaven Domain respectable figures was being forced into such a state by a youngster from the Earth Domain; they all felt as if they were losing face.

“Let’s go!”

Dao Zhan waited for a sign from those watching from afar as he once again started to climb. His speed was very slow at the start. Once he reached the forty-fifth stone step, one of the young masters from afar suddenly shouted, “Now!”


Besides that young master still on the thirty-something stone step, the other seven all moved in unison. They held onto their weapons as they hacked at the stone steps, and their legs kicked into the steps to propel themselves upward.


Jiang Yi finally also opened his eyes at this moment. His hands moved in unison as he sent out palm strikes at the Sword Emanations Race beings around him. Two palms of wind energy struck on them as two Sword Emanations Race beings that couldn’t move were sent downward and flew out of the stone stage, slamming downward. Each of their two huge blade-like hands furiously hacked at two men’s brains.

Swish! Swish!

Jiang Yi continuously sent out palm strikes of wind as one by one the Sword Emanations Race beings were sent flying downward. Although his attack speed was a little slow, as he was not hitting upward but sideward, with the distance not far as well; he easily sent tens of Sword Emanations Race beings downward.

Ring, ring, ring, ring…!

His guess was right. After the Sword Emanations Race beings flew down from the stone dais, their attacking speed and power became very lethal.

Although the King-Ranked formidable martial artists realized what Jiang Yi was doing and had taken out their weapons to kill the first Sword Emanations Race beings that had come their way, the problem they were facing was that they were not stabilized. Three of them lost their balance and crashed downward while three others had been struck by the second Sword Emanations Race being and fell down. The last one of them tumbled down and looked rather disheveled.


The remaining young master was smart. He immediately jumped downward with much grace as if returning from a huge victory.


Dao Zhan’s brows rose as he looked at the high stage from below. If gravity was not present, even tens of thousands of Sword Emanations Race beings’ attacks would not have sent them crashing down like this.

At the forty-ninth stone step, gravity had become extraordinarily terrifying; and all of them had some difficulties progressing. As long as anything hindered their path, they would fall down. Jiang Yi’s Sword Emanations Race beings had used gravity as momentum and their attacking strength had increased by much; not one among the eight was confident of making it to the stone dais. Even if one of them managed to, Jiang Yi still had his terrifying burning flames.

“Young Master!”

Dao Zhan shot Dao Feng a look, trying to persuade him to give up. Instead of wasting time here on Jiang Yi, they might as well go and retrieve the other treasure or head to the central hall and search for others. What if the Demon-Killing Sword, the Demon-Killing Armor, or the core controlling the Demon-Killing Palace was within that central hall?

“Continue attacking!”

Dao Feng howled as Dao Zhan and company looked at each other and could only shake their heads helplessly and continued charging upward. It was fortunate that Jiang Yi had to deal with all eight of them at the same time and could only rely on the Sword Emanations Race beings to hinder their progress; these Sword Emanations Race beings on their own could not kill them.