Game, Live Stream - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

Xiao Tangqiu was shocked. He didn’t want to believe Su Manluo’s words, but he could see everything with his own eyes, “This… When did the invasion start?”

Could it be that the demons invaded while they were in the last instance?

Su Manluo sighed, “Since half a year ago. They disguised themselves as players and quietly replaced many people. There were even a few well-known powerhouses who infiltrated powerful teams in various districts… even our Thorns Squad has been infiltrated. Now those demons have taken control and mastered the entire City of the Abyss. There is no more safe land here!”

She couldn’t help her eyes from reddening, “Our home… is gone!”

While Su Manluo was patiently explaining everything, there were explosions and screams from time to time all around them, which made Xiao Tangqiu fall into reflection. Although he had been in this world for a year and a half, the time actually spent in the City of the Abyss added up to less than dozens of days. Even so, for him, the City of the Abyss was still the only peace in this chaotic world.

Now that the entire city was disintegrating and being destroyed under demonic invasion, even for someone new to the city, he couldn’t help but feel the loss as if seeing the breaking and loss of mountains and rivers.

He couldn’t help but look at Shen Yuan. If even someone who had only been here for over a year and has just left the novice period had such emotions, what about Shen Yuan who had been here for almost ten years?

Shen Yuan calmly looked at the City of the Abyss around them. After noticing Xiao Tangqiu’s gaze, he turned his head and whispered softly, “It doesn’t matter… As long as you are there, anywhere can be home.”

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart jumped. Shen Yuan’s eyes had light in them and didn’t seem to be lying. He couldn’t help turning his face away, “What are you saying at this time!”

He sighed, “The City of the Abyss is gone, what should we do next?” Could it be that they really could only keep wandering around in instances, without a chance to stop and take a breath like a bird without a place to land? Needing to endlessly fly until death?

Everyone showed hesitation and regret. After all, for them, the City of the Abyss was their peaceful homeland where they temporarily get to breathe and rest in the game of endless death and killing. It was the only piece of clean land in this cruel world. Now even the last piece of clean land was lost. Were they destined to constantly wander for the rest of their lives? Were they going to run tirelessly from the killing… until the end of their lives?

Everyone had blank eyes. They were originally adrift on a piece of wood in the rough sea, constantly fighting the storm, but now they even lost the wood board. What should they do next?

At this moment, Shen Yuan suddenly said, “Maybe… it’s time for us to end this.”

Everyone was shocked and looked at Shen Yuan incredulously. Even Su Manluo looked shocked. She blurted out, “End this? What do you mean?”

Shen Yuan was silent for a moment before speaking again, “In one of my previous main missions, I accidentally read the Book of Light that corresponds to the legendary Book of Demons. It records the fatal weakness of the Abyss Demon… But then I met the Abyss Demon in that instance, I was defeated by the Abyss Demon and I lost my memory.”

Everyone was stunned by the amount of information in Shen Yuan’s words, and Xiao Tangqiu was even more shocked&#k2026; Was this the truth about Shen Yuan’s serious amnesia in the previous main mission?!

“I forgot everything that happened in that instance, including the Book of Light I once read,” Shen Yuan’s eyes were dark and deep, “…until I died in the instance. My consciousness floated and sank in a void and I vaguely remembered the things that I had forgotten. After I was resurrected in the last instance, I remembered it thoroughly.

“…Especially after seeing the demonic flower, I remembered everything — including how I was defeated by the Abyss Demon in the previous instance, including the Book of Light I had read. I read about the ultimate way to deal with the Abyss Demon.”

So this was the truth about Shen Yuan’s serious injury and amnesia!

Xiao Tangqiu felt bad for Shen Yuan but at the same time couldn’t help but feel excited. If they knew the ultimate way to deal with the Abyss Demon, did that mean that they could defeat the Abyss Demon? Did it mean that they could completely eliminate the Abyss Demon?

Tang Mianmian couldn’t wait to ask, “Defeat the Abyss Demon? How?”

Shen Yuan looked up at the Newbie Village where explosions continued to occur, his eyes darkened, “This is not a place to elaborate. Let’s go into an instance first.”

In the few minutes they exchanged information, many people fled in a panic and got into the transfer cabins and entered the instance world. However, many people were caught before they could escape to the transfer cabin and slashed to death by demons.

More and more demons poured into the square. Most of them were draped in player’s skins, apparently disguised as players to infiltrate the player’s team. And when the demon army attacked the City of the Abyss, they tore down their disguise. They picked up weapons and swung it towards the players who had regarded them as companions not long ago. Those poor players probably didn’t even know why their former companions suddenly attacked them.

As more and more demons poured into the square, their leader sat tall on a mount among them.

“Is that… the Abyss Demon?!”

“It’s the Abyss Demon! Help!”

“What is his mount… Is that… a snake?!”

“The World Serpent! That is the World Serpent!”

There were horrified screams all around, the fleeing crowd all fell into deep fear. The Abyss Demon actually came! Was survival still possible?

The person surrounded by the demon army sat on a huge black snake. The black snake was desparingly huge and exuded a frightening aura of death, as if it could easily crush the world, yet a person sat on the top of it.

He was a man wearing a black mask who looked condescendingly down at the fleeing human beings. Although he had yet to take any action, judging from the docile obedience of the giant snake and the enthusiastic flood of the demon army, he was easily identified.

“Abyss Demon… That is actually the Abyss Demon!”

Su Manluo was full of fear, and she couldn’t help but mutter, “It’s said that no one who has seen the Abyss Demon can survive!”

Xiao Tangqiu wanted to refute the belief. Shen Yuan and he had seen the Abyss Demon several times and they were still alive… But he then thought about the two times they’ve seen the Abyss Demon, either he or Shen Yuan died. He silently swallowed the words back.

“The Abyss Demon is here! Let’s rush into an instance!” Tang Mianmian shouted immediately.

If they didn’t enter the instance right now, nobody would escape!

Other than them, all the other players obviously thought this way. They tried their best to run towards the transfer cabins, trying to escape into the instance world before being caught by the demon army. But most of them had not had time to run to the transfer cabins before being caught and killed by the demon army.

The man wearing a black mask sat on the top of Ouroboros’ head, looking down at the desperately fleeing fugitives. He was motionless, even a little uncaring, but despite this, the powerful aura exuding from him still suppressed everyone. Some people even knelt on the ground in the midst of fleeing, unable to handle the physical and mental pressure.

Xiao Tangqiu was also struggling against this powerful aura, but he still tried to run in the direction of the transfer cabin with the others.

Su Manluo resisted the pressure of the Abyss Demon and asked Shen Yuan with difficulty, “Do you really have a way to defeat the Abyss Demon?

Shen Yuan’s eyes were solemn, “Yes.”

Su Manluo hesitated for a few seconds before running to the transfer cabin, she gritted her teeth and shouted, “Then I will go with you!”

She gave a wry smile, “Although the Abyss Demon is terrifying… and I’d rather never face the Abyss Demon, but if I keep evading it, one day there will be no way to escape. Now that the City of the Abyss has fallen, the instance world should be next, right?”

Xiao Tangqiu admired Su Manluo’s courage very much. Everyone understood the concept that

no eggs could survive an overturned nest, but not everyone had the courage to make a desperate effort to save the nest.

“Then let’s go together! One more person is one more chance of winning…”

Su Manluo accepted the compulsory team items Xue Junli handed her and got into the transfer cabin.

Xiao Tangqiu also got into the transfer cabin with the rest. Before entering it, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but look at the Abyss Demon sitting on the black giant snake. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that the Abyss Demon seemed to be looking towards him.

At the moment of entering the transfer cabin, Xiao Tangqiu noticed that the Abyss Demon’s sight seemed to fall on him, and his heart almost stopped beating. He was extremely sure of one thing: if the Abyss Demon wanted to kill him, he could do it. Even if they were so far apart, even if he was about to enter the transfer cabin and be teleported into the instance world.

His heart almost stopped beating. Even though he could not see even a bit of the other person’s eyes and expression through the black mask, he was absolutely certain. At this moment, this very second, the Abyss Demon was staring at him, just like he was staring at the Abyss Demon.

Xiao Tangqiu was so anxious that he was about to suffocate… However, he did not die in the next second, nor did the imaginary pain hit. The man in the black mask just watched him enter the transfer cabin. He didn’t stop him. He did not kill him either.

Xiao Tangqiu entered the transfer cabin smoothly and the familiar darkness was before his eyes. At the same time, a familiar system sound rang in his ears—he had successfully transported to the instance world.

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