Gamers of the Underworld

Chapter 586 - The Conspiracy and the Truth

Chapter 586: The Conspiracy and the Truth

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Dungeon Lord Alexandria didn’t mind the harassment of the creatures from Eternal Kingdom.

Even though the creatures tried to invade the Dungeon Lord Main Hall under the order of Lord Sherlock, Alexandria had no intention of pursuing the matter. Instead, he sent them off politely.

He was nonchalant.

It was a peaceful day in Venice. However, the locals didn’t know that a crisis had befallen them.

Black mist drifted from the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

As the mist spread out, the locals who were happily working collapsed to the ground.

Many of the creatures were familiar with this scene.

A year ago, the Ancient Gods army invaded Winterfell using the same method!

After corrupting the Dungeon Core, the entirety of Winterfell became a Stronghold of the Ancient Gods army.

Many creatures were nervous. Even the Venice guards rushed to find out what happened to the Dungeon Core.

But the mist was thick and potent. Before the guards had time to react, they collapsed to the ground.

Many of the locals sent messages requesting help from the Merchant Alliance. However, the Merchant Alliance didn’t receive the messages. This was another problem.

Inside the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Alexandria whistled while he walked in the black mist. He wasn’t panicking. Instead, he looked joyful.

Behind Alexandria was a Sludge Monster butler and an armored Gnome.

The armored Gnome looked very noble. Only a Judge of the Northern Underworld would wear such armor.

The Sludge Monster said to Alexandria, “Lord Alexandria, our plan is proceeding very smoothly. You’ve made use of Eternal Kingdom to diminish the power of Eternal Fire. You’ve also dealt with Devil King Mammon, who was competing with you. Nobody can stop us now!”

“It’s a pity. That fool Lucifer thought that his enemy was Lord Sherlock. I was thinking of fighting against Lucifer,” the Judge of the Northern Underworld said.

Alexandria didn’t respond to him. He walked out of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall before he stopped.

Before him, there was a group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Orcs who had green symbols above their heads.

“How can it be? Why aren’t they affected?”

The Sludge Monster looked in surprise at the large gathering of creatures.

They were gamers of Eternal Kingdom.

The noble Gnome unsheathed his weapon.

Only Alexandria was feeling relaxed. He was confident of victory.

There was a commotion in the group, and the gamers made way for a tall figure to come forward.

Besides the gamers, there was nobody else following the figure.

That figure was the superior Devil, Sherlock.

“I had a feeling about you, but I’m still surprised to see you here, Lord Onionhead,” Sherlock said to the Gnome wearing the Judge’s armor.

Judge Onionhead used to be the Dungeon Lord of Winterfell.

Onionhead removed his mask. He thought the gamers of Eternal Kingdom would be surprised, but the gamers looked at Onionhead in a daze. They were emotionless.

Alexandria clapped his hands and smiled as he said, “You’re indeed capable, Lord Sherlock.”

Alexandria prepared his body for action, but Sherlock raised his hand and said, “Please wait for a while.”


“I have to complete my Plot Animation.”

Then Sherlock said, “A year ago, during the crisis of Winterfell, the Dungeon Core emitted mist containing the Murmurs of the Ancient Gods. I thought it was my old classmate Octopus Ball who did it. But recently, I learned that Octopus Ball was only being manipulated. The real mastermind was Onionhead.”

“However, Onionhead wasn’t the top mastermind. The top mastermind was Alexandria, who visited Winterfell once. Before Alexandria visited Winterfell, Dungeon Lord Onionhead was corrupted by Alexandria. To be more precise, Onionhead was corrupted by the Ancient Gods behind Alexandria.

“That’s why you exiled your son-in-law, Beast, who was worshipping the Sacred Light. The Sacred Light is capable of dealing a fatal blow to the Ancient Gods. As such, you disliked your son-in-law, Beast.

“You had a motive for attacking Winterfell, to attract the attention of the Merchant Alliance and the seven Devil Kings.”

Sherlock said quickly, “The Ancient Gods intended to escape their prisons by using Venice Dungeon. In order to not attract attention, you attacked Winterfell.”

“Without Eternal Kingdom and I, the crisis of Winterfell would still have been dealt with by the Merchant Alliance. However, because of the greed of Devil King Mammon, he discovered the treasure near Venice. It was the primordial Dungeon Core of the Ancient Gods.

“You weren’t worried about the Dungeon Core being taken away by Mammon but that he would discover the secret of Venice.

“Hence, you helped the farm owner seek help from my Adventurer’s Guild, doing so in a bid to have me intervene. In fact, I was led by the temptation of money to intervene.

“After that, I had a conflict with Mammon, and we almost fought. Fortunately, the crisis was resolved. Let me think.”

Sherlock pondered for a while and said, “Yes, one of the seven Devil Kings, Samael, has become one of you. When he attacked Winterfell, he was giving you cover and distracting the attention of Hades’ management.”

“As for all of your efforts, your ultimate goal is.”

Sherlock pointed at the ground below Venice and said, “To make use of the burial ground of Michelangelo as the source of power to break the cages of the Ancient Gods, freeing them. If I’m not wrong, the Dungeon Core of Venice has been modified. At the appropriate time, it will be activated to obtain the power of Michelangelo.”

“But there’s a condition. You have to revive Michelangelo first. That’s the reason you researched the capabilities of the 72 Devils.

“Only with the combination of the powers of the 72 Devil will Michelangelo be revived.”

Sherlock clapped his hands and smiled as he said, “I didn’t expect Michelangelo, who destroyed the world, to be the key to opening the cages of the Ancient Gods. Do you think he’s that inferior?”

Alexandria laughed and said, “In comparison, Michelangelo is inferior to me. If I hadn’t been imprisoned in Hades, my junior, Michelangelo, wouldn’t have had the chance to destroy the world.”

Sherlock nodded and said, “Indeed, the Ancient Gods are the manifestations of superior Devils and the Heavenly Kingdom. From the start, Michelangelo was always in control of the Underworld.”

“Michelangelo never fought against the Devils and Angels at the same time. As such, he seems inferior to the Ancient Gods.”

Alexandria, who claimed to be an Ancient God, said, “What’s your choice, Lord Sherlock? Are you joining us and becoming one of us? Or do you prefer to die at our hands?”

Sherlock raised his hand and pointed to the dazed gamers. He smiled and said, “I’m joining the side of the natural calamity.”

Alexandria frowned and said, “Do you think that these creatures can fight against the Ancient Gods army? Even if they can revive, once I regain freedom, their souls will be controlled by my mental control.”

Sherlock shrugged his shoulders.

Apologies, but the fourth calamity didn’t have souls.

When Sherlock turned around and wanted to leave, Alexandria asked, “Since you already knew the truth, why didn’t you come and stop us earlier? Why did you wait until we deployed the Magical Formation and researched the way to revive Michelangelo?”

“Because I’m Michelangelo. I didn’t die, morons.”

Sherlock waved his hand and said to the gamers, “Kill them. The entirety of Venice will be your loot!”

The eyes of the gamers lit up with greed!