Gamers of the Underworld

Chapter 587 (END) - Happy Ending

Chapter 587: Happy Ending

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In Eternal Kingdom, Sherlock was sitting at his computer table while playing his favorite “Civilization 6”. His other pets were also working hard.

Eggface was at his computer desk, working as a customer service officer.

He was typing furiously on the keyboard.

At one point, Eggface had said, “The faster I type, the prouder my parents will feel.”

Eggface’s father had said that he would bring Eggface home after a year, but it had been more than a year.

That day, Sherlock received a letter from Eggface’s father. There was a round Adamantine rock that had a voice recording.

“Dearest Lord Sherlock:

Greetings, I’m Eggface’s father. The Las Vegas ladies are attractive. No, I mean, I have too many things to handle in Las Vegas, so I don’t have time to fetch Eggface. Please help me take care of my son.

I’ll leave Eggface in your care.”

“Why didn’t the Black Dragon write a letter?” Phoenix asked.

Polio licked his paws and said, “Perhaps his claws are too long, meow.”

“I feel that…” Sherlock looked at the letter and said with uncertainty, “He’s pretty busy. Even his voice is trembling. He must be very tired and doing heavy work.”

“I see. Making ends meet isn’t easy.”

“Yes, the Black Dragon has a difficult life, meow.”

Everyone looked at Eggface, who was busy working.

“Don’t let Eggface know.”

“Lord Sherlock, I didn’t expect you to be Michelangelo. Why did you go missing for thousands of years? Did you meet someone who changed you? Let me guess, did you fall in love with a Human? Or an Angel? Then your lover died, and you lost the will to destroy the world, so you sealed yourself?” Bru asked as Sherlock put down the round Adamantine rock that contained the voice recording of Eggface’s father.

Sherlock played his computer game while he replied. “I don’t understand how you can think of such a bad plot. If my lover had died, wouldn’t it cause me to have a greater will to destroy the world?”

Bru said, “Er, indeed. But Lord Sherlock, why did you decide not to destroy the world?”

Sherlock sighed and started recalling as he said, “Actually, I had no intention to destroy the world at all.”

“What? Those 72 Devil Gods…”

“When I was in school, I was obedient and failed all of my modules. I even fought with my classmates. Because I was a good fighter, the defeated classmates followed me. I didn’t do anything, but they started to plan the destruction of the world, even obtaining the support of the Underworld. When I discovered what was going on, we were almost at war with the Heavenly Kingdom.”

“I see. If Lord Sherlock allows it, I’d like to write a novel depicting your experiences. It will definitely be a sellout. A superior Devil who didn’t want to destroy the world, yet his followers thought he wanted to destroy the world. The superior Devil became the Underworld leader and started the war with the Heavenly Kingdom. I have thought of the introduction.”

“You’re full of ideas, Bru.”

Sherlock smiled and kept quiet. After a period of silence, Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, aren’t you curious about my identity? Why isn’t Lord Sherlock curious about my ability to summon the gamers?”

“Your identity? Didn’t you tell me before? You are an abandoned Dungeon Core from tens of thousands of years ago.”

Sherlock said, “As for your abilities, I can use magic, can you do the same?”

“Er, I can’t do that.”

“Everyone has their own abilities. There’s nothing to be curious about,” Sherlock said casually, but Bru was talkative.

“Lord Sherlock, what do we do next? Destroy the Ancient Gods and terminate their conspiracies?”

“That’s not necessary. I have informed the Devil Management Committee about the planned escape of the Ancient Gods. The seven Devil Kings will take care of this matter. The Ancient Gods are too troublesome.”

“Then destroy the Human Kingdom! The gamers of Victoria City are fighting an intense war with the Godly Kingdom! Let’s go and help!”

“It’s an Instance Dungeon that I’ve painstakingly created. Why would I want to intervene?”

“Then… let’s attack the Heavenly Kingdom!” Bru suggested once again, but Sherlock didn’t bother with it, just like before.

Sherlock looked outside at the busy gamers and smiled.

“I only wanted to be the greatest Dungeon Lord.”

“Er… Lord Sherlock?”

The voice of Evelynn was heard outside the door.

Sherlock saw the blushing Evelynn holding a letter. She put the letter on Sherlock’s table, then bowed before running off like an escaped prisoner.

Numerous gamers were standing by the door watching.

“Did Lord Sherlock receive a love letter, meow?”

Polio jumped onto Sherlock’s table. His interest was piqued, and he scrutinized the letter that had the scent of a young lady.

On the letter’s cover, numerous tentacles reached out from the mud. One could feel the rotting stench just by looking at the cover.

Tsk, what a nice cover!

“No, no, no. I believe that it’s the Succubus’ letter for a salary increase. She has been working for a year without any salary.”

“How about a doubling of her salary?”

“I think it’s feasible. From no salary to double the amount, I don’t think it’s too much, meow!”

Phoenix and Polio were busy discussing it, but Sherlock had already opened the letter. The paper inside was emitting a rotting stench.

“I like you, Lord Sherlock.”

There was a list of 250 reasons why Evelynn liked Lord Sherlock.

The reasons were well-organized and meticulously written.

“Did Brainiac ask Evelynn to send the love letter? Hahahaha!” Phoenix laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha! Brainiac has expressed his love for Lord Sherlock! Hahahahaha, meow!” Polio also laughed loudly.

Before they finished their laughs, they were cut off.

Sherlock’s smile was gone.

Sherlock tossed Phoenix and Polio to the ground, then looked at the letter.

He put the letter away properly.

“Oh? Isn’t Lord Sherlock going to burn it?”

“This is the first time that I’ve received a love letter.”


“Plan a Valentine’s Day event for me.”


Brainiac sat beside the Dwarven cousins. Moroes was also sitting by the side.

Since there were too many gamers, the duty of instructors had been taken over by the gamers.

The gamers taught everything themselves, but they paid money to the NPCs.

Job prospects in Eternal Kingdom were fantastic.

“Zi, zi, zi.”

Simba placed a thick burning object into his mouth and inhaled deeply. A fragrant smell drifted from his mouth. He then passed the object to Brainiac and asked, “Do you want to try? It’s called Great Ivan. It’s a new product, and it’s extremely powerful.”

“No, thank you.”

Brainiac waved his hand.

The blushing Succubus, Evelynn, ran past them.

Everyone looked in the direction that Evelynn had come from. It was the Dungeon Lord Main Hall of Eternal Kingdom.

A group of gamers was following behind Evelynn.

“Gosh! What’s happening?”

“Evelynn just gave a love letter to Sherlock!”

“No, no, no. The customer service officer said that the letter was from Brainiac. Only Brainiac would list everything line by line.”

“Wow, that’s exciting. The forbidden love between a Skeleton and a Devil.”

The Dwarven cousins and Moroes shifted their chairs and stayed away from Brainiac.

Brainiac pondered for a while and said, “No, I didn’t write the love letter.”

In Victoria City on the Surface World.

The Fallen Angel, Lilo, was discussing the invasion plans of the Godly Kingdom with the three Hamsters and military advisors. The gamers had their discussions and came up with their war objectives and action plans. The titles were:

“Caste War”, “Objective: Free the World”, and “A Democratic Society”.

Lilo felt that the plans were feasible.

It was possible that the entire Human World could be taken with such a strategy. Then it wouldn’t be long before she could attack the Heavenly Kingdom!

It was another peaceful day.

On Earth, a youth was sitting in a cafe. Today was the offline gathering of the members of the Pioneer Alliance.

The gamers had played the game for over a year, but they didn’t have a chance for a gathering. The game was going offline for a major upgrade because Venice had been placed under Lord Sherlock. However, that was a Plot issue.

Many gamers played the game without really following the Plots. It was the same case for this youth.

As long as there were monsters to fight, missions to complete, and equipment and attributes to be upgraded, the gamers would be satisfied.

The youth was called Peasant.

A sports car arrived.

Peasant was nervous. A trendy youth stepped out of the sports car.

“ChestHair Bro?”

Peasant recognized ChestHair immediately because he had ChestHair’s photograph.

Another normal looking youth got out of the sports car.

“Hi, I’m NotWearingPants.”

BurningChestHair smiled.

Many gamers arrived at the cafe. They had gotten to know each other in the game.

When Arthur arrived, there were three cars following him. Arthur had a dedicated butler and chauffeur. Everyone was shocked.

It was beyond wealthy.

Raintea was a girl-next-door. Beside her was a shy youth.

“Greetings, everyone, I’m Dragonborn,” the shy youth said.

But someone asked in surprise, “Wait, weren’t you in a wheelchair? I heard it from someone!”

“I had an accident a year ago. I was in a wheelchair for half a year. I’m almost recovered now,” Dragonborn explained as everyone showed their concerns.

Though the gamers were of different factions, in reality, it didn’t stop them from becoming friends.

“Er, how are both of you related?”

Peasant was befuddled as he looked at Raintea and Dragonborn. They seemed very close.

“Hmm, Raintea is my girlfriend,” Dragonborn said shyly.


Everyone looked in shock at Arthur, who was frowning. Arthur said, “Raintea is my cousin. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Are you sure? Raintea is your cousin?”

“Guild leader! We didn’t hear you mention this before!”

“Guild leader! We thought you liked Raintea!”

Everyone was exclaiming in shock. It was then that a loud engine sound was heard, and a motorbike stopped in front of the cafe.

A lady who was wearing a black leotard was on the bike. The well-endowed lady with a great figure had a pair of long and slender legs. Her legs were long enough to ride the motorbike.

The young lady steadied the bike and took off her helmet while the engine was still running.

She flung back her long dark hair. She was gorgeous.

She placed the helmet by her side and looked at the crowd. Then she smiled and said, “Where’s my Arthur Bro?”

The crowd was stunned. They raised their hands and started shouting.

“Me! Me! Me! I’m Arthur Bro!”

“Sister Vanas! Oh my god! Aren’t you supposed to be a guy?”

“Vanas, I’m actually Arthur.”

“Get lost. I’m the real Arthur.”

The laughter of the gamers filled the cafe.

Under a signboard that had the words “Salted Fish Internet Bar” on it, an undergraduate was playing computer games.

He was TakeASpearHit.

He was playing “League of Legends” since “Dungeon” was offline and being upgraded.

Entering “League of Legends”.

Choosing talents (1/5)

Please choose your skills (2/5)

Prompt for monsters fighting (3/5)

/mute all (4/5)

He entered the following words in the game:

“I only have the following words. Every time I place a question mark on the map, you will die. If you’re not happy, locate my real-world location and beat me up.”

After that, TakeASpearHit started his game.

In the game, TakeASpearHit was sending out question marks in a frenzy at a Yasuo team member with the ID “Black Dragon Eggface”.

With TakeASpearHit’s superb judgment, the question marks were placed exactly at each landing spot of Yasuo, who perished every time.

TakeASpearHit was enjoying himself.

He wasn’t aware that a Mana ripple flashed in an alley outside the Salted Fish Internet Bar.

A man in a long black robe was together with a short fatso.

The body of the fatso was black, and he had a black tail. He was crying incessantly while talking in an alien language.

“That fellow is shooting out question marks at me. He said that if I’m not happy, I can track him down and beat him up. Lord Sherlock, please help avenge me! Wa! Wa!”

The fatso wailed loudly.

“It’s alright.” The black-robed man, who was called Sherlock, caressed Eggface’s head and said, “We’ll track him down and beat him up.”