Genius Summoner - Chapter 747 - Meatball Appears (1)  

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Chapter 747: Meatball Appears (1)

The high-level pharmacist of the Cashya Empire was about to say something, but bit his lips and didn’t say anything else. Shang Rui snorted, obviously sneering. “I did that on purpose? Fengyun’s students are so far away from Cashya’s. How intentional must I be to bump into him?” Shang Rui gasped and continued, “I’d already apologized, but he attacked me still!”

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened, and so did Xia Jingyi and Yan Xiaoshi. Yun Feng asked Shang Rui to stop talking. She slowly withdrew the water element back into her body and stood up. At this moment, the crowd separated again. “What’s going on here?” A serious voice sounded. A figure slowly walked out of the crowd. When she saw Yun Feng, she was a bit surprised. Then, she glanced at the senior pharmacist of the Cashya Empire. When she saw the intermediate pharmacist with some superficial wounds, her face darkened.

“Who hurt Cashya’s pharmacist?”

“Lan Ling, who else can it be? Of course, it’s Fengyun’s gang!”

Lan Ling, the only advanced three-star pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Institute, suddenly roared after hearing this. “How bold!” This roar made everyone tremble. Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change. Lan Ling looked at Yun Feng. “You’re here too. Tell me. How should the Fengyun Empire explain?”

“What did you say?” Yan Xiaoshi immediately said angrily, but Yun Feng extended her arm in front of him, asking him not to be rash. “An explanation? If anyone is going to give an explanation, it should be the Cashya Empire. Everyone can see that Fengyun’s student is even more seriously injured.”

Lan Ling blushed. Seeing how miserable Shang Rui was, she sneered, “You’re truly impressive.” The people of the Cashya Empire couldn’t help but chuckle. Yun Feng chuckled and said solemnly, “As a three-star advanced pharmacist, it’s only right for you to protect her. But don’t forget that I’m even more protective of my people.”

The people of the Cashya Empire couldn’t help but look much more nervous. The people of the Fengyun Empire all seemed to be saying that they weren’t afraid of her. After thinking for a while, Lan Ling finally said, “What exactly happened? Tell me!” A potion maker of the Cashya Empire immediately told her what happened. Lan Ling raised her brows after hearing that. “Yun Feng, the Fengyun Empire attacked first.”

“But our statement is completely different. How should you explain it?”

“That’s because you’re trying to cover it up!”

“It seems that Cashya’s side is just making things up.” Yun Feng glanced at Lan Ling casually. Lan Ling was immediately enraged. If Yun Feng weren’t here, the matter would have already ended. With her, an high-level three-star potion maker, here, the Fengyun Empire could only squint on the side! With Yun Feng here, her status in the Pharmaceutical Institute was completely different!

“Humph! Nobody knows what exactly happened. I don’t think anyone can figure it out.” Lan Ling glanced at the people of Ovey and Shengyao. Those mid-level pharmacists all lowered their heads and didn’t say anything. Yun Feng couldn’t help but sneer in her mind when she saw this scene. Yan Lei shouted furiously on the side, “You bastards! You don’t even dare to admit what you did!”

“Yan Lei! Don’t be too outrageous!” Lan Ling narrowed her eyes and Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes. “Watch the mouths of the people on your side too.”

Things were at a stalemate. Everyone knew the truth in their minds. However, Cashya had an advanced three-star potion maker who was the director’s personal disciple. She had a promising future. They couldn’t offend her. If not, Cashya wouldn’t have been able to swagger in the Pharmaceutical Institute without Lan Ling.

“Take her back first.” Yun Feng glanced at Shang Rui. After her treatment just then, Shang Rui could be moved. Xia Jingyi nodded and carefully carried Shang Rui back. Shang Rui looked at Yun Feng with glittering eyes, as if she wanted to say something.

“It’s fine. Leave it to me,” said Yun Feng casually. Tears welled up in Shang Rui’s eyes. She nodded and let Xia Jingyi carry her away.

“Send him back too, in case there are any sequela,” said Lan Ling. What she said made people sigh. The man from the Cashya Empire was obviously only mildly injured. He was fine. She made it sound like he was about to die. The intermediate pharmacist was sent back. He didn’t say anything at all. The senior pharmacists of the Cashya Empire were the ones who kept talking. The injured on both sides were sent away, and the core members on both sides were also sent back.

Lan Ling and Yun Feng stood face to face, surrounded by all the students of the Pharmaceutical Institute. The Cashya Empire’s student stood behind Lan Ling, and the Fengyun Empire’s student stood behind Yun Feng. Both sides were a bit aggressive, or rather, they had been conflicting for a long time.

“I think you know how this happened,” said Lan Ling loudly. The hostility in her eyes was no longer hidden. After learning that Yun Feng was the new disciple of the director, Lan Ling had already disliked Yun Feng.

Yun Feng’s eyebrows moved slightly and she didn’t say anything. Yan Xiaoshi replied, “You know very well how it caused this.”

“The Cashya Empire and the Fengyun Empire have been enemies for a long time. Yun Feng, you should know why, right?”

Yun Feng glanced at Lan Ling lazily. “So?”

“So? You turned the capital of the Cashya Empire upside down back then! The entire royal family and the capital of the Cashya Empire were almost destroyed in your hands! The only summoner of the Cashya Empire died in your hands, and the emperor of the Cashya Empire also died miserably because of you! Yun Feng, the Fengyun Empire made Cashya jealous because of you. How can you say that casually!”

Yun Feng was silent. Nobody knew what exactly happened back then except the people involved. She didn’t want to explain, and didn’t need to! “Lan Ling! Don’t think that you’re really a piece of cake just because you’re an advanced three-star potion maker! Yun Feng is a summoner, what about you? Aren’t you just an advanced potion maker? What are you so arrogant about? If you have the ability, why aren’t you so arrogant outside of the Pharmaceutical Institute? Do you dare to do that? Do you have the ability to make the Magic Beasts listen to you? Argh!” Yan Xiaoshi was enraged. He shouted at the top of his lungs. Yun Feng was a member of the Fengyun Empire, the idol of the younger generation! She was asking to be scolded for slandering their idol like this!

Yan Xiaoshi scolded enthusiastically. Lan Ling’s face turned pale and red when she heard that. He was right. She could only be so arrogant in the Pharmaceutical Institute. Not many people would give her face after leaving the Pharmaceutical Institute! However, Yun Feng was different. Putting aside her identity as a potion maker, she was a summoner!

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