Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 263 - Monsters

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Chapter 263 Monsters

Mo Jiawei and Chen Yu followed suit and scooped out a bottle of water from the vat.

“Anti-infection potion?”

After receiving the game hint, Mo Jiawei’s eyes lit up!

This was a good item that could only be obtained in the later stages of the Zombie Apocalypse game.

It was hard to imagine that the zombie virus antidote, which was hard to buy outside, could be obtained so easily from all these vats.

There were more than 20 vats left in the room.

No matter how one looked at it, it looked like it could be mass-produced.

If they could get the formula and sell it…

They would be rich!

Fang Heng had the same idea.

If he were to bring all the islanders back to his shelter, of course, he had to take the Water of Life together as well.

However, the water vat would have an extra weight-bearing penalty when it was placed into a backpack, so it was not very convenient to transport it around.

It was also very troublesome to transport the islanders batch by batch at one time.

How about…

He could directly build a teleportation passage here?


On second thought, setting this place as the third base seemed to be a good idea?

The island was located in the middle of the sea, so it would not be attacked by the outside world. The setting of the defense net was also relatively simple, so it was fine to build it along the coast…

The land here was suitable for farming, so he could stay here to farm…

Fang Heng raised his head and exchanged a look with Mo Jiawei.

They both saw the excitement on each other’s faces.

They had the same thought!

Zhang Zhe turned to look at Aalto and asked, “How did Dr Kevin go missing? Can you tell us in detail?”

“Well, Dr Kevin is a friendly person who has given us islanders a lot of help. In the past, he spent most of his time in the cave doing research.”

“Then one day, Dr Kevin entered the cave and never came out again. No one knew what happened in the cave.”

Chen Yu frowned. “Cave? Didn’t you send someone to look for him?”

“Yes, the laboratory was built in a cave on the island. After the accident, we tried to look for Dr Kevin, but we failed.”

Aalto sighed, “There might be poisonous gas in the cave. Just getting close to it will make you feel dizzy, let alone going in to investigate.”

“We organized a few search and rescue teams to try to go in and investigate. At most, they went into the cave for more than 50 meters, but they were never able to go deep into the cave.”

Chen Yu listened and subconsciously looked at Fang Heng.

This description was somewhat similar to the sewer.

“We’ve analyzed it. It should be the strong radiation produced by the first-generation meteorite.”

Lucia stood up and explained to everyone, “From the information related to the primogenitor virus, we infer that the first-generation meteorite will release strong radiation that is harmful to the human body.”

“We think that Dr Kevin may have had an accident during the experiment on the first-generation meteorite, resulting in a radiation leak. Dr Kevin also died because of this.”

“In addition, we have prepared a protective suit to resist radiation. It is in the metal box. I’ve already sent people to move it over in advance.”

“It’s connected!”

Mo Jiawei was enlightened. He clapped his hands excitedly and looked at Fang Heng. “Do you still remember Meng City, which was occupied by AEFC?”

“At first, Meng City was also a prosperous city. Then one day, a meteorite fell from the sky and caused the entire city’s citizens to be moved.”

“The Meteorite Company obtained that meteorite and developed the primogenitor virus from it.”

Fang Heng then looked at Zhang Zhe. “What do you mean? Do you have any information about that meteorite from the Federation?”

“The first-generation meteorite is related to the main mission in the later stages. That’s all I can say.”

Fang Heng pondered for a moment and thought that the mission was quite simple.

When the time came, he would wear the protective suit and run to the laboratory in the cave to find a way to get the first-generation meteorite.

“What happened after that? Why do you want to leave this island so badly?”

Hearing this, Aalto’s eyes showed a hint of panic.

“About three months ago, a monster appeared in Dr Kevin’s cave.”

Chen Yu found this word strange.

“A monster? Isn’t it a zombie or something?”

“It’s a monster! I can still distinguish zombies.”

Aalto raised his voice and argued, “These monsters hide in the cave during the day, and only come out to attack us at night.”

“In the beginning, there was a strange disappearance on the island. Later, we found out that it was the monsters in the cave! The mercenary also saw it!”

“It’s not a zombie! It’s a monster!”

Everyone felt strange and looked at Lucia.

Lucia shook her head, “I don’t know. We have never heard of zombies that come out at night. Anyway, the exploration of the cave may be dangerous. We need to be prepared for battle.”

(Hint: You have completed the 14th Tier ring mission: Paradise Island.)

(Hint: You have triggered the next tier main ring mission-Cave (team).]

Mission name: Cave. Mission difficulty: ???

Mission description: You have learned about Dr Kevin’s research room.

Mission requirements: Enter the research room and try to obtain more information. “Eh? The difficulty is unknown?”

This was the first time Fang Heng had encountered such a situation. He was puzzled and turned his head to look at Zhang Zhe.

Zhang Zhe, on the other hand, was frowning as if he was facing a great enemy.

He realized that everyone was looking at him, so he explained in a deep voice.

“There’s a problem. The mission difficulty is the evaluation of the mission by the King of Gods’ game. If there’s an external force involved, the evaluation of the mission difficulty will not be obtained, hence the “unknown’ difficulty that we see now.”

“Night Owl’s people made a move to change the mission process?”

Zhang Zhe said, “It’s possible.”

Fang Heng curled his lips.

He wasn’t afraid, he was just going to defend himself!

Aalto brought a few people along the mountain road and climbed over a mountain.

Chen Yu and Zhang Zhe were both extremely worried about this mission.

Only Fang Heng…

Chen Yu felt like his balls were hurting.

Along the way, he saw Fang Heng constantly increasing his favorability rating with Aalto.

He even asked Aalto about the island’s future development plan…

It sounded like he didn’t care about the mission at all.

Fang Heng was very excited. Under his constant probing, the mission hint had already refreshed.

(Hint: You have triggered a mission-Islanders of Paradise Island.)

Mission name: Islanders of Paradise Island.

Mission description: Attempt to convince the islanders of Paradise Island to join your shelter.

Mission difficulty: SS.

Mission requirements 1: Shelter level is higher than 50.

Mission requirements 2: The favorability rating of the islanders of Paradise Island increased to a ‘trust’ level.

Mission requirements 3: Ensure the safe transfer of the islanders of Paradise Island.

Mission requirements 4: Resolve the current crisis on Paradise Island.


Fang Heng took a quick glance and had a rough idea of the situation.

His shelter level was now above Level 100, he has fulfilled the requirement!

When the time came to build a transportation passage, transferring them to safety would not be a problem.

There was no need to mention the increase in favorability rating. When he sent some gifts over, their favorability rating would increase.

As for the last one to solve the crisis…

They could also complete the main storyline mission along the way. He could accomplish the mission!

Fang Heng felt that this group of islanders were already his people.

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