Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 264 - The Cave

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Chapter 264 The Cave

Dr Kevin’s cave laboratory’s entrance was built on the edge of a cliff.

A few outposts were also built on the periphery.

The team of Dark Knights arrived at the edge of the cave entrance and began to organize their equipment.

Everyone was ready to put on the radiation-protective suit and enter the cave to investigate.

“Hello, I’m Zhang Yan, the captain of Paradise Island’s security team. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The captain of the mercenary team, Zhang Yan, led an NPC team over and shook hands with Fang Heng and the others.

“In the past, I was hired by the Meteorite Company to protect Dr Kevin’s laboratory. Now, we only work for ourselves.” “Can you tell us about the situation in the cave?”

Zhang Yan nodded.

“About three months ago, we received news that two islanders went missing on the island.”

“We immediately set up a search team to search the island.”

“At first, we didn’t connect the disappearance to the cave.”

“The day after the islanders disappeared, the two soldiers guarding the cave went missing one after another.”

“That night, I strengthened my patrol.”

“At night, the soldiers found monsters during their patrol and sounded the alarm.”

Chen Yu asked, “Aren’t they zombies?”

“I’m not sure if they are mutated zombies. They move very fast. Maybe they were startled by the sound of firearms and started to flee.”

“We chased them until we saw them hiding in Dr Kevin’s cave laboratory.”

Hearing that, everyone fell into a short silence.

“After that, we set up a 24-hour alert at the entrance and tried to seal the entire cave, but the effect was not good. Besides this cave entrance, there are other exits that we haven’t found yet.”

Lucia suggested, “Do you want to go in with us? We’ve prepared a few more protective suits.”

“No, we’ve never entered the cave even when Dr Kevin was here. We can’t help you.”

Zhang Yan signalled to the combat team behind him with his eyes. “We’ll meet you outside.”


Lucia did not force them. She signalled to the three Dark Knights to wait for orders.

“Let’s begin.”

Fang Heng took a syringe from Zhang Zhe.

[Item: 7 active proteinase injection.]

Description: Increases 4.5 basic physique within 5 hours after injection.

Good stuff!

Fang Heng directly stabbed a needle into his arm. Then, he took out a few bottles of potions from his backpack and distributed them to everyone.

These potions were defective products that Qiu Yaokang had accidentally developed when he was developing enhanced gene potions.

“Come, this is the potion developed by our prison.”

[Item: Failed temporary enhanced physique gene potions.]

Description: Increases 5 points of basic physique within 3 hours after consumption, reduces 5 points of strength and 5 points of agility (the lowest attribute value will be 3 points).

This attribute… was a bit of a letdown.

Everyone took the potion and looked at it, then they gulped all of it.

After putting on the protective suit, Fang Heng tried to move his body on the spot.

The heavy protective suit made it difficult for him to move.

Seeing that the others were still putting on their equipment, Fang Heng walked to Zhang Yan’s side and handed him a bag of Oreo cookies.

“Brother, it’s not a long-term plan for me to stay on this island. If the islanders find a new shelter in the future, do you all still plan to stay on the island?”.

Zhang Yan frowned and thought for a moment.

“Since the beginning of the apocalypse, the food that we have on the island has been consumed very quickly. We can only survive by relying on the food provided by the islanders.”

“In return, we will always protect these islanders until they find a safe place.”

There was a chance!

Pack them together and take all of them away!

Hearing what Zhang Yan said, Fang Heng felt that he had a good chance of accomplishing his mission.

“My shelter is willing to accept these islanders. If possible, after eliminating the danger in the cave, I will think of ways to provide them with more food and resources to build the island.”

Zhang Yan looked at Fang Heng in surprise.

“My shelter needs some experienced mercenary. I believe these islanders also need you. I hope you can stay here and join my shelter.”

“If you really can do it, I will consider it.”

While they were talking, Lucia and the others had finished their preparations.

“Let’s go.”

Fang Heng and Lucia led the team to the front and explored the cave.

When they stepped into the cave, a row of messages immediately flashed through Fang Heng’s vision.

(Hint: You have entered a special area. Affected by special radiation, your HP will continue to decrease. When the radiation value accumulates to a certain extent, you will enter a fainted state.]

(Hint: Your current basic physique attribute is greater than 40, immune to 90% of the radiation effect. The protective suit you are wearing will resist 50% of the radiation effect. Currently affected by 5% of the radiation effect.]

Fang Heng quickly glanced at the hint.

“The radiation here is very strong. We have to speed up.”

Without the map of the passage inside the cave, everyone could only rely on their senses and rely on the flashlight to illuminate their way forward.


Following the traces of manual excavation, the group advanced towards the passage on the right.

After turning around and advancing for about 100 to 200 meters, an iron door on the left wall blocked their way.

Fang Heng was too lazy to waste time. He directly switched to a shotgun and aimed at the lock and pressed the trigger. “Bang!”

With a loud sound, the lock was destroyed by a shotgun.

Fang Heng kicked open the iron door and stepped into the room.

It was pitch black.

Everyone shone their flashlights into the room.

The first thing Fang Heng saw was a few control machines in the corner.

“Look! What’s that?”

Mo Jiawei saw something and shouted a warning.

Fang Heng immediately turned his head.


A black shadow flashed in front of Fang Heng’s eyes.

Through his night vision ability, Fang Heng could clearly see what that thing looked like.

It had four limbs and a body similar to a human’s, but its entire body was dark brown and it clung tightly to the high rock wall.

It didn’t look like an ordinary zombie.


Lucia’s reaction was extremely quick. She raised her automatic rifle and fired.


The bullet accurately hit the monster’s forelimbs and red blood spattered out.

It moved extremely fast. After being injured, it quickly climbed down the rock wall and disappeared into a small hole.

Fang Heng’s brows were tightly knitted.

The monster’s movement style was a bit like a Licker. Its four limbs were pressed against the wall and moved at high speed.

“What was that thing?”

“No, it ran too fast. I didn’t see it clearly.”

Mo Jiawei shook his head.

He didn’t have the night vision ability like Fang Heng and Lucia. He just happened to see a blurry shadow when he swept the flashlight over it.

Before he could use his detection skill, the monster had already run away.

“Be careful. It might be the monster that the mercenary saw.”

Fang Heng’s gaze swept across the room.

There were a few holes in the top corner of the room. There were traces of frequent exits.

It seemed that the monsters used these holes to enter and exit the cave.

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