Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 347 - Devil Abyss Fortress

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Chapter 347 Devil Abyss Fortress

On the peak of the mountain, in front of the Seven Stars Hall…

The sect master of the Seven Stars Sect was speaking to the two personal disciples. He kept exhorting them, warning them about something

As if he did not feel at ease with such exhortations, the sect master took out a lot of good things and handed them over to the two personal disciples. He told them to be careful.

These two personal disciples were not very old. They looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. They were both direct disciples of Gold Rank experts. They were also the future of the Seven Stars Sect.

The young man in the lead was called Qi Xingzi. His strength had already reached Silver Rank, and he was very proficient in array formations. Even when he was born, a strange phenomenon descended from the sky, and he was very extraordinary.

The other person was a young girl named Peony. Her strength was not bad, and she had reached the Bronze Rank Peak. Her array formations and strength were also very outstanding, and her talent was only second to Qi Xingzi.

To be able to achieve such an achievement at such an age, one could be said to be heaven’s chosen one among chosen ones. They had received too much praise, and it had also caused them to develop a proud personality.

“Sect master, don’t worry. I’ve been to the Devil Abyss many times. Harvesting the Devil Abyss Flowers is a piece of cake. I’ll definitely protect my junior brothers and sisters well,” Qi Xingzi said confidently.

“Mm, you’ll have to pay attention. Recently, the Devil Abyss has been in a bit of a mess. If you really can’t harvest the Devil Abyss Flowers, then give up. The most important thing is to check if the Seven Stars Array Formation is stable and repair the array formation at the Devil Abyss as well…”

The sect master continued to talk non-stop.

The two personal disciples were somewhat helpless and could only continue to listen.

At this time, the sect master who was talking suddenly stopped and changed the topic.

“Your Little Junior Brother Li Xuan has returned. In a while, he’ll go to the Devil Abyss with you.”

“Little Junior Brother Li Xuan? Isn’t it too early? He hasn’t even joined the sect for two years. Isn’t it too early to go to the Devil Abyss so early?”

“Under normal circumstances, isn’t it only possible to go to the Devil Abyss when one’s strength has reached Bronze Rank? If his strength is too weak, he will drag us down and seriously affect our combat strength.” Qi Xingzi frowned. He did not want to be a nanny. A twelve or thirteen-year-old child be causing trouble if he followed them, right? Therefore, he was very dissatisfied.

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect you. Li Xuan’s strength has already reached Bronze Rank. It’s enough to go to the Devil Abyss to temper himself,” The sect master said with a smile.

“Bronze Rank? So fast?”

Qi Xingzi was shocked. He looked at the sect master in disbelief. He had never thought that Li Xuan had already reached Bronze Rank.

“This is what the grand elder said. It can’t be wrong. Li Xuan will be here very soon,” the sect master said again. “He actually reached Bronze Rank at such a young age. He’s really amazing.”

Qi Xingzi was very surprised because he had not reached Bronze Rank at that age. This meant that Li Xuan was even more outstanding than him. He had no choice but to take this matter seriously for such an outstanding junior brother. However, considering the age of this junior brother, he still asked worriedly.

“What is the temperament of this junior brother? A high level of Spiritual Power does not mean that his combat strength is high. I must consider this matter. After all, we are going to the Devil Abyss this time.”

“Don’t worry. Your junior brother’s temperament is very good. He does things cleanly and neatly. He never needs others to worry about him. Most importantly…”

“His array formation might be even better than you two. The Dual Array Pattern that emerged in the sect was developed by Li Xuan, and it changed the Seven Stars Sect’s array formation.” The sect master smiled.

“Are you sure? It was really developed by Li Xuan?” Qi Xingzi was shocked, and he looked at the sect master in disbelief.

“Of course, I’m sure. You’ve been in closed-door cultivation all this time, and in order to protect Li Xuan, most people don’t know about this. I’m telling you now because it’s time for you to know…”

The sect master continued to speak and described the entire matter in detail.

“It’s actually like this. Amazing. How did he come up with such a fantastic idea?

“When I first knew about this method, I also created two Third Tier Arrays. It can be said that I gained a lot.”

Qi Xingzi was extremely surprised. He was extremely curious about this little junior brother and wanted to properly communicate with him.

The young girl, Peony, blinked her big eyes. She also wanted to meet this little junior brother and see why he was so powerful. He was able to improve the array formation within such a short period of time.

The key point was that the improvement of the Formation Patterns benefited the entire Seven Stars Sect. Many people had raised the level of the array formation by half a level. It could be said that they had contributed greatly.

Such a person naturally made people curious. Although Qi Xingzi and peony were quite strong, they were still curious. They really wanted to know what kind of person the little junior brother who had improved the array was and how he had researched it.

With this thought in mind, the two continued to wait. Soon, they saw a small figure slowly walking over from afar.

This figure was dressed in white. He was not tall, about 1.4 meters. His skin was fair, his face was handsome, and his small face was tense. His overall appearance gave people the feeling of a porcelain doll.

This appearance made the eyes of the young girl called Peony light up, and she could not help but whisper.

“So cute, I really want to pinch his little face! Is he our Little Junior Brother Li Xuan?”

“Yes, it’s him. You guys are stronger, so take care of little junior brother when you go to the Devil Abyss,” the sect master exhorted.

“Don’t worry, sect master. I will definitely take good care of such a cute little junior brother. He’s really too cute.”

Peony said sweetly, her big eyes blinking as she looked at Li Xuan. When she saw Li Xuan’s little face, she couldn’t help but want to pinch Li Xuan’s little face several times.

Qi Xingzi also looked at Li Xuan curiously. He did not expect this little junior brother to be so handsome. It really surprised him.

“Li Xuan, you’re here. These two are your eldest senior brother and fifth senior sister. Next, you’ll go to the Devil Abyss with them,” the sect master introduced.


Li Xuan nodded and casually chatted with these two, then did not say anything more.

The reason why he agreed to go to the Devil Abyss was that he wanted to understand more information about the Devil Abyss. As a disciple of the Seven Stars Sect, he wanted to watch more important information in the Devil Abyss Fortress.

It was also good to understand more about the devil abyss through this point and see how terrifying the Devil Abyss was. If he could find some knowledge about the Elemental Origin, that would be even better. Since he had reached Gold Rank, his strength had entered a period of slow improvement. He would need a long period of cultivation after that. It would be very difficult for him to break through in a short period of time.

If he could find the Elemental Origin, he could quickly increase his strength and make himself stronger.

Therefore, he could not give up his identity in this world. He had to make good use of his identity to find the elemental origin and understand the strength of the abyss. Just like that, Li Xuan, Qi Xingzi, and Peony set off from the Seven Star Gate and headed straight for the Devil Abyss Fortress.

The Devil Abyss Fortress was the most dangerous place in this world. There were a large number of warrior soldiers stationed there. The Heavenly Sword Sect even sent Gold Rank experts to guard it. A large number of disciples guarded it.

Just like the Seven Stars Sect, there were also a large number of disciples stationed in the Devil Abyss Fortress, maintaining and repairing the array formation at all times.

The arrival of Li Xuan and the others were more like gilding gold than training, allowing him to achieve more results.

“Junior brother, when we arrive at the fortress, we will bring a small number of soldiers to the Devil Abyss Fortress to inspect the Seven Stars Array Formation. We will enter the abyss to set up various arrays and carry out a small counterattack…”

“During this process, there will be many battles. Even Bronze Rank warriors will be in danger of dying. However, little junior brother, don’t be afraid. With the eldest senior brother around, nothing will happen to


Peony spoke softly. When she spoke of the eldest senior brother, her voice was filled with confidence. It seemed that this eldest senior brother was not as simple as he appeared to be.

“Mhmm, eldest senior brother’s Low-Level Silver Rank strength is indeed not bad,” Li Xuan said.

“Not only that, the eldest senior brother once killed a High-Level Silver Rank expert. His combat strength is very strong,” Peony said sweetly.

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