Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 348 - The Terrifying Abyss

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Chapter 348 The Terrifying Abyss

“Oh? Killed a High-Level Silver Rank expert?” Li Xuan raised his eyebrows and asked with slight surprise.

“Exactly. Last time, we were attacked by a Pollution Monster in the eighth passage of the Abyss. The monster’s strength has reached the High-Level Silver Rank.”

“Fortunately, the eldest senior brother is powerful. He turned the tide at the critical moment and killed the monster by himself.” Peony clenched her small fist and explained.

“I see.”

Li Xuan nodded. With such strength, he seemed to be the chosen one. If Li Xuan had not confirmed that Lei Wushuang was the chosen one, he might have thought that the eldest senior brother was the chosen one.

However, Li Xuan used his God’s Perspective to glance behind him. There were three Silver Rank Peak experts following him in secret. They had been following him since they set out from the Seven Stars Sect.

It was obvious that they were the Path Protectors sent by the sect to protect the three of them.

Li Xuan believed that even if the eldest senior brother could not turn the tide last time, he would still be fine. After all, the Path Protectors were not to be trifled with. Their strength was not weak.

“Oh right, is there a place in the Devil Abyss Fortress where we can look for information about the Abyss?” Li Xuan suddenly asked.

“Of course, there is. We can see some information about the Abyss in the library. The more confidential ones need to go to the military library. However, we need to have military achievements to go there.”

“Little junior brother, what information do you want to know about the Abyss? I know most of the ordinary information about the Abyss. I can tell you,” Peony said sweetly.

“Then tell me. I happen to be interested.”

“Okay, junior brother.”

Peony sorted out her words and began to explain slowly. She told Li Xuan all the information about the abyss.

This information was more common and most of it was known. It was not considered a secret, but it also allowed Li Xuan to have a clearer understanding of the Abyss.

The Abyss was actually the Devil Abyss. A long time ago, everyone called it the Devil Abyss. However, after understanding the Abyss and coming into contact with the creatures of the Abyss, they discovered that the real name of the Devil Abyss was Abyss.

The world that they lived in was extremely huge. The entire world appeared to have collapsed, layer by layer. The lower the layer, the stronger the creature was.

The Abyss Fortress had once captured a Gold Rank Abyssal Creature. After going through various methods, they obtained quite a bit of useful information.

The faction that this Abyssal Creature belonged to was the Three-Headed Demonic Dragon of the Abyss. It was said that this Demonic Dragon was extremely terrifying. A single glance from it could even shock a Silver Rank creature to death.

This Demonic Dragon was currently heavily injured. The only reason it invaded the various major worlds was to search for treasures that could heal its injuries.

The most important point was the region where this Demonic Dragon of the Abyss was located. It was only the 99th level of the Abyss. There were many levels further down. No one even knew how many levels there were in the abyss.

Such news shocked Li Xuan greatly. He felt that the Abyss was even more terrifying than he had imagined. However, he was more or less curious about the enemy of the Demonic Dragon.

“Who is the enemy of the Demonic Dragon? Could it also be an Abyssal Creature?” Li Xuan asked curiously.

“I don’t know either, but the military library has relevant information. Little junior brother, if you work hard and earn 10,000 Battle Merits, you can freely enter and exit the military library.”

Peony said softly and prepared to arrange for Li Xuan to repair more arrays to see the level of this little junior brother’s array formation attainments.

“Is that so? Is it difficult to earn 10,000 Battle Merits? How long will it take?” Li Xuan asked.

“It’s not difficult. We are disciples of the Seven Stars Sect. We can rely on repairing the array formations to earn Battle Merits. The speed is extremely fast…”

“In about a year’s time, we can earn 10,000 Battle Merits. It’s not difficult. It’s just a waste of time,” Peony said softly.

“A year? That’s too long. Is there any other way to earn Battle Merits?”Li Xuan continued to ask.

“Of course, there is. Killing Abyssal Creatures is enough. A Silver Rank Abyssal Creature would reward you with at least 1000 Battle Merits. However, now that the Abyssal Creatures from the Abyss can’t come out, there are basically no Abyssal Creatures to be seen.”

“The Demon Cave is filled with Demonized Creatures now. They give very few Battle Merits. A Silver Rank Demonized Creatures would only give 500 Battle Merits while a Bronze Rank Demonized Creature would only give 50 Battle Merits. The reward is very, very low,” Peony continued to explain.

“Demonized Creatures? That works too.” Li Xuan nodded.

Demonized Creatures were creatures that were polluted by Demonic Qi. Li Xuan had long known about this. Back then, when he was in the blind granny’s world, he had killed a large number of giants, and they had been polluted by Demonic Qi.

These Demonized Creatures were not very strong. They had lost their intelligence and became brutal and cruel. It was very easy to kill them, so Li Xuan did not think much of it.

However, with his current status, it would be best to kill a Bronze Rank Demonized Creatures. That way, he would not attract attention.

Li Xuan even thought about whether he should go to the military library secretly.

“Be more prudent. Let’s earn Battle Merits first.”

Li Xuan muttered to himself. He did not want to lose his current status. He was more prudent. After all, with so many array disks, as long as there were enough demonized creatures, killing them would be easy.

With this thought in mind, Li Xuan, his eldest senior brother, and Peony continued to move forward toward the Abyss Fortress.

When they were only 100 kilometers away from the Abyss Fortress, Li Xuan’s movement slightly paused, and a trace of shock flashed across his eyes.

“Little junior brother, are you alright?” Peony turned her head and asked in puzzlement.

“I’m fine.”

Li Xuan shook his head and continued to move forward. However, his God’s Perspective was sweeping across the enormous Abyss Fortress.

The Abyss Fortress was even larger than Li Xuan had imagined. It was like a huge city. The key point was that this city was embedded in a black mountain.

Li Xuan swept across the Black Mountain and found that the reason why the huge city was built here was to block the exit of the mountain and completely seal it off.

His God’s Perspective continued to scan through the gate of the fortress. Soon, he saw the scene inside the city and saw a huge black passage. It was the passage leading to the bottom of the mountain.

Rolling black gas spread along the tunnel in all directions, corroding the formation of the tunnel at all times. At the same time, there were many Demonized Rats eating all kinds of array formations.

There were a lot of these Demonized Rats. From time to time, soldiers led by the experts of the Heavenly Sword Sect would enter the tunnel and kill all the Demonized Rats.

Unfortunately, it would not take long for these rats to appear again and continue to eat the formation.

However, the array formation of the tunnel was very advanced. Under the gnawing of the many Demonized Rats, it still stood like a mountain, blocking all living beings from leaving the tunnel. “Is this the tunnel leading to the Abyss? It’s really huge, but these black gases are actually polluting this world…”

“If this goes on for a long time, this world will be polluted sooner or later. The entire world will lose its vitality and completely become the asura field of the Abyssal Creatures. It’s very troublesome.”

Li Xuan’s expression was grave. He felt that the Abyssal Creatures were definitely waiting for the pollution to continue. When the time came for them to invade, this world would face a disaster.

Based on Li Xuan’s past experience, he discovered that the Abyss liked this kind of fighting method. First, they would release Demonic Qi to pollute the world and demonize all the plants and animals in the world.

Through these Demonized Creatures, they would weaken the power of humans and then launch a large-scale attack to take down this world in one fell swoop.

Although this battle method was not particularly special, it was really disgusting and very difficult to deal with.

Li Xuan carefully scanned the Seven Stars Array Formation at the entrance of the Demon Cave and found that the filtering function had been added to the formation, greatly weakening the effect of the black gas and reducing its power.

However, there were still a lot of black gases that rippled through the formation and came into contact with the spiritual energy in the void. Most of them were decomposed by the Spiritual Power, leaving only a small portion.

However, this portion of black gas was extremely difficult to deal with. More Spiritual Power was needed to disintegrate it, and it would take a longer period of time to disintegrate the troublesome black gas.

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