God Emperor - Chapter 1942 - The Four-Guardians Heaven Lock Array

Chapter 1942: The Four-Guardians Heaven Lock Array

“The chopped trunk of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree?”

Feng Yan and Xiang Chunan were both surprised.

When the two came to the Kunlun Realm, they had naturally sought out some information about the Kunlun Realm in advance. They clearly knew the significance of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree to the Kunlun Realm.

The Divine Sky-connecting Tree was once the Kunlun Realm’s spiritual root, and thanks to it, so many gods had been born in the Kunlun Realm.

Later on, the Divine Sky-connecting Tree was cut off, and the Kunlun realm entered a godless age as it declined.

It was not until Empress Chi Yao achieved divinity that Kunlun Realm began its revival.

If the Kunlun Realm had been given another hundred years to develop, it would have surely risen again, and the situation would have been much better than it was now.

“Brother, the Divine Sky-connecting Tree trunk you mentioned is inside Xianji Mountain?” Feng Yan asked.

Zhang Ruochen nodded, saying. “Yes, I had discovered this secret many years ago, but I did not have the strength to collect it back then. Earlier on, I went over to the mountain to investigate, and noticed that Xianji Mountain was very different from the past now, and the location of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree trunk had also changed, and is now beneath that evil altar.”

“That is to say, in order to take the Divine Sky-connecting Tree trunk, we need to destroy that evil altar. However, if the Divine Sky-connecting Tree were to appear, everyone would fight for it, after all it is a powerful divine body.” Feng Yan frowned slightly.

Although both of them were divine bodies, the Divine Sky-connecting Tree’s value was far greater than that of the body of the divine python.

In particular, the Divine Sky-connecting Tree had too many legends surrounding it, and even the gods would covet it.

Zhang Ruochen continued. “The current situation is beyond our control so we can only adapt to the changes. You don’t have to worry too much. It won’t be easy for anyone to take the Divine Sky-connecting Tree trunk.”

“Big Brother, don’t you worry, I will definitely help you grab the Divine Sky-connecting Tree trunk. Anyone who wants to grab it has to go through me first.” Xiang Chunan patted his chest.

Feng Yan also nodded, saying. “Third brother is right. The Divine Sky-connecting Tree is yours, Brother, and no one can steal it from you.”

Hearing that, Zhang Ruochen could not help but to smile. He was really lucky to have two brothers that were true to him.

He could only hope that the assault on Xianji Mountain tomorrow will go smoothly. If the Altar of Death of was not destroyed, no amount of planning would be useful.

When the first ray of light pierced through the darkness, the quiet Northern Region Basecamp suddenly became raucous as warships took off one after another.

At the beginning of the new year, everything was renewed, and Kunlun Realm’s recovery became even more intense, and with the surging vitality, the power of death will be faintly restrained.

It was because of this reason that Zhen Yuan and Xuanyuan Liekong decided to launch the assault today.

“Move out!”

Following Xuanyuan Liekong’s orders, dozens of warships pierced through the clouds like dragons rushing out of the sea as they rushed towards Xianji Mountain.

On one of the warships, Zhang Ruochen stood on the bow of the ship as he stood against the wind, with Ji Fanxin, Feng Yan, Xiang Chunan and Pei Yutian all standing beside him.

Last night, he had gotten rid of a worry in his mind, and his mood had became very calm. His mind and body had been adjusted to its best state, and he could now devote himself to the coming battle.

Directly in front of the warships were towering sacred mountains. From afar, they looked illusory, as if they would disappear at any time.


The formations surrounding Xianji Mountain had been triggered, causing the entire mountain to shake violently.

“Senior Brother Lu had made his move!”

Zhang Ruochen whispered as he stared directly in front of him.

The first phase of the assault was also the most important phase, so it was Lu Baiming who led the attack, breaking open the arcane formation covering Xianji Mountain, so that the army could enter Xianji Mountain and attack the eight barracks.

A golden thunder suddenly fell from the sky, like a bright falling star.


The death Qi enveloping Xianji Mountain was forcibly imploded and scattered in all directions. Wisps of golden sunlight fell from the heavens, as if a Buddha’s light shining all over the world, exorcising all evil from the world.

“Did it work?”

Seeing this scene, many cultivators of the Celestial Court could not help but to feel excited.

If the formation array of Xianji Mountain was so easily ripped apart, it would undoubtedly greatly boost morale.

The vast death Qi was indeed washed away, however Xianji Mountain itself was not affected as a five-colored light screen appeared and covered the whole of Xianji Mountain.

“Lu Baiming, I did not expect you to come to the Northern Region, however, it doesn’t matter if you were to act as you would never be able to break this Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Array. You lot are bound to return with no success this time.”

An extremely arrogant voice came from inside the five-colored light screen.

Hearing tihs voice, Zhang Ruochen’s expression could not help but changed slightly, saying. “The protective formation of the Xianji Sect back in the days, the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation. So it had not been destroyed yet.”

As the number one faction of the Northern Region in the past, the Xianji Sect was extremely powerful, and even their protective formation had a great reputation.

According to rumors, as long as the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation was activated, no one could break into the place.

Zhang Ruochen thought that after the fall of the Xianji Sect, the Four-Guardians Heaven Lock Formation would also become history, so he never expected it to reappear now.

Without a doubt, there must be a Deathkin Array Master that had acted to repair the formation to ward off the Celestial Court’s assault.

But even if an Array Master were to step forward, it was never possible to completely restore the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation, otherwise, Xianji Mountain would have long become a proper iron wall, and any attacks against it would have been useless.

“Ming Gu, since you are so confident, then watch as I rip your repaired Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation apart.”

Lu Baiming appeared with both hands on his back as he stood on the head of a Primordial Demonic Serpent.

The Primordial Demonic Serpent was massive, spanning several hundred feet long as it exuded a powerful demonic Qi that was comparable to a Heaven’s Reach elite.

Perhaps only a rare genius that comes once every ten thousand years like Lu Baiming, can lord over such a powerful primordial being.

Inside Xianji Mountain, an altar appeared as a black-clad Ming Gu sat on the altar, his eyes fixed on Lu Baiming with a scornful smile on his face.

They were both Array Masters but he did not think too much about Lu Baiming.

Especially this was his home court, and he had all of the geographical advantage, so Lu Baiming was even less of the threat to him.

“I want to see how you break my Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.” Ming Gu sneered.

If he did not have this bit of confidence, how could he call himself an Array Master?

On the warship, Feng Yan took out the Maleficent Records of the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans and found Ming Gu’s information on one of the pages.

“Ming Gu, danger index of nine. The fifth son of the Minghai Monarch. An Array Master, and is also a divine disciple of the Fane of Destiny.”

Looking at the information recorded in the Maleficent Records of the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans, Feng Yan’s expression gradually became serious.

Witohut a doubt, if Ming Gu’s cultivation in martial arts was also extremely high, his danger index would have reached level ten.

Of course, the information in the Maleficent Records of the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans may have long been outdated, and no one could be sure how terrifying Ming Gu is now.

Lu Baiming stood on the head of the Primordial Demonic Serpent with a calm expression, seemingly unaffected by Ming Gu’s words.

With a wave of his hand, one-hundred-and-eight plain flag flew out.

A powerful spiritual power was released and the 108 flags was immediately activated as countless arcane runes appeared emerged from the array flags. They connected with one another, forming a giant net as it enveloped the five-colored light screen.


A series of dazzling saint light soared into the sky, forming 108 saint swords. The swords were extremely large, reaching more than a thousand meters tall, each of them were like sword-shaped mountains pointed straight into the heavens.

The 108 saint swords were arranged in a special formation as they absorbing the power of heaven and earth in a frenzy, as if trying to absorb all of the power within the area.

As more and more power of heaven and earth was absorbed, the 108 saint swords became more and more corporeal, with deadly keen edge.

Countless sword Qi flew out from the saint swords, slashing at the five-colored light screen.

Although the five-colored light screen was extremely strong, it was still shaken by the attack, the combination of five different powers appeared a little unstable.

Ming Gu’s eyes changed slightly, and he immediately acted, concentrating on manipulating the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.

Four massive phantoms of divine beasts appeared as they stood at four points of Xianji Mountain.

The Azure Dragon was in the east, exuding a majestic power of the wood element.

The Zhuque was in the south, unleashing a powerful fire-element power.

The White Tiger was in the west, exuding a mighty metal-element power.

And the Black Tortoise was in the north, releasing a surge of water-element power.

The four divine beasts controlled the power of four-elements, combined with the power of the earth, it formed the five-elements which combined with one another and transforming endlessly.

To be able to deploy such an exquisite formation, one had to say that the ancients of the Xianji Sect were extremely powerful, and had made full use of the environment of the mountain.

There was a large virgin forest to the east of the mountain, a metal mine to the west, a extremely active volcanic belt to the south and a massive lake to the north. The power of the Five-Elements was indeed very active.

Only in such an environment can the power of the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation could reach its strongest potential.

No one knew if such an environment was formed naturally, or was modified later on.


The roar of a tiger shook the forest and the mountains.

The White Tiger swung its sharp claws, as a series of golden light cut through the void and attacked the 108 saint swords.

The Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation was not only powerful defensively, its offensive power was equally terrifying.


Thirteen saint sword shuddered as faint cracks appeared on the swords, but they were not destroyed.


Ming Gu frowned slightly.

Among the four Divine Beasts, the White Tiger was the master of killing and its attack power was the most terrifying. He thought he could destroy a portion of the saint swords in one strike, and never expected it to fail.

Immediately after, he manipulated the Zhuque to attack.

The Zhuque flew across the sky, and with wings like two divine blades as the space faintly looked like it was being cut apart.

Ming Gu’s target was still saint swords the White Tiger had attacked just now. He believed if he struck another blow against them, those saint swords will inevitably break.

Lu Baiming did not panic at all, and controlling the formation with assured calmness.

The 108 saint swords all gleamed in golden light at the same time, and their positions were exchanged in an astonishing speed, all the while maintaining the formation.


The Zhuque’s divine wings slammed upon twelve saint swords, but could not break them before its action was cut short.

Numerous arcane patterns appeared on the surface of the twelve swords as razor sharp sword Qi rushed out, instantly cutting the Zhuque into pieces.

The fragments transformed into wisps of flames as they flew back into the five-colored light screen. They then converged together, and reformed into the Zhuque again.

As it was formed by the formation array, as long as the formation was not broken, it could reform indefinitely.

At this moment, the sword formation suddenly changed, as the swords began to merged with their adjacent counterparts.

In a blink of an eye, the number of saint sword was reduced from 108 to 54, and the formation changed accordingly.

The only thing that had not changed was the sword formation still loomed over Xianji Mountain, and the culminated power was obviously much stronger. Each saint sword appeared to be very real, like a proper saint artifact that could cut down a star.

“What kind of formation array is this?”

Ming Gu frowned, as a trace of concern faintly grew in his heart.