God of Fishing - Chapter 1042 - Seven Soul Realms

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Chapter 1042: Seven Soul Realms

As the saying went, attack when necessary.

There were more than a hundred people here. There were probably less than ten people from the big clans combined, but it didn’t matter! As long as these people had money, they could be robbed.

The first target Han Fei aimed at was the person who had come up to ask him questions.

A terrifying golden saber beam tore through the air and appeared beside the person. The person’s reaction wasn’t slow as he instantly thought of three shields to block in front of him.

However, with three cracking sounds, the person was instantly killed.

Suddenly, Han Fei heard Wang Santie say, “The money is in the gray fog.”

Wang Santie was afraid that Han Fei didn’t know the storage rules here. If Han Fei chopped up all the soul fruit resources, only a few ownerless souls would be left.

Han Fei ignored the gray fog. It won’t disappear anyway. I’m in the middle of a battle. How can I have the time to collect things?

When Han Fei suddenly attacked, eight people suddenly shouted, “Who is it? Are you looking to die?”

“Your grandfather, Han Fei.”


The Phantom Glass Wings spread out, and Han Fei’s figure flashed crazily. With a flip of his hand, the law of gravity descended and immediately enveloped five people.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Before they could react, they had already been attacked.

Furthermore, three of them had died completely. Two of them were dying. That was because… the Void Lines hadn’t been able to match his killing speed.

Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Aren’t you big clans looking for me? Now that I’m here, come up!”

Wang Santie was dumbfounded. F*ck… Although he’s a soul body now, he is still so damn strong!

Many people gulped. Is this the Han Fei that the big clans are looking for? This is crazy! He attacked without any warning and killed so brutally.

Someone roared, “Damn it, quickly inform…”

As soon as the man shouted, Han Fei had already flashed over. The man opened his armor box and a thousand knives flew out at the same time. However, when the knives were halfway through, he suddenly felt a shock. Was it a life-and-death crisis?

At that moment, he instantly figured it out. Han Fei had a way to kill people in the Ideal Palace!

However, just as he was about to speak, he realized that he couldn’t say a word.


In just ten seconds, six people were completely killed by Han Fei, except for one who escaped.

After returning to the gathering place, some people thought that they hadn’t offended Han Fei, so they didn’t escape.

Han Fei chuckled and walked straight to the shop selling Soul Fruits. “Brother, lend me some money.”

That guy: “???”

As if understanding Han Fei’s meaning, the person suddenly jumped up and used a secret technique, detonating three spherical weapons.

However, when Han Fei punched out, the entire shop instantly collapsed.

Slash! The shop owner died.

Han Fei said, “Sorry, I’ll return the money to you if I meet you again.”

Han Fei looked back. “Sorry, everyone. I need to borrow your soul fruits. If you lend your soul fruits to me, I won’t send you out.”


Instantly, these people all scattered. A large group of people fled in all directions.

Of course they had to run. If they stayed behind, would they be chopped?

All this time, the concept of the undying soul made them feel that outside the seven Soul Realms of the Ideal Palace, it was a safe place.

However, they had forgotten that if a powerhouse’s goal was only to rob, they couldn’t resist at all!

Under normal circumstances, a top genius wouldn’t come to such a remote corner to rob, alright? No one would have the face to do that.

Han Fei didn’t chase after them. Instead, he said casually, “Alright, these things are all yours…”

Before Han Fei could put on a cool pose, he saw that Wang Santie had quietly taken away all the gray fog floating in the air and was rushing to his shop.

As Han Fei attacked, all the shops around him disappeared.

These houses were originally visualized by their owners. Now that they were about to escape and didn’t want these things to continue existing and affecting their visualization of other things, they were naturally taken away.

Just now, it was a small market-like place. In an instant, it became an empty space.

Only Wang Santie happily gathered all the resources left.

Han Fei threw over the low-level Soul Fruits he had snatched. “Alright, is this enough?”

Wang Santie chuckled as he received the soul fruits. He thought to himself, “Indeed, one needs to be bold to receive more in return. He’s not afraid of those big clans. After all, as long as they leave the Ideal Palace, no one will remember what happened here. Naturally, no one will come looking for trouble with him.”

Wang Santie’s appearance suddenly changed. He went from a young lad to a middle-aged man with a mustache.

Han Fei said, “Continue.”

Wang Santie’s expression stiffened. “Should we switch places?”

Han Fei was puzzled. “Is the Ideal Palace very small?”

Wang Santie said, “It’s not small. It’s bigger than the Sky Meditation Garden. However, if we don’t leave, I’m afraid many people will come.”

Han Fei asked, “Do you think I’m afraid of them?”

Wang Santie smiled in embarrassment. “Of course you’re not afraid. However, if you really want to kill them, you’d better do it in the seven Soul Realms. You won’t be able to kill anyone here.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. That’s good. The Thug Academy has a deep grudge against these big families. As long as there’s a chance, no one will let the other party go. What Wang Santie said makes sense.

Even if he had the Void Line, he wouldn’t be able to kill them all once more of them came!

“Alright, let’s go somewhere else.”

After a moment.

Han Fei asked, “What’s the difference between being in the seven Soul Realms and being outside? Why can people be killed in the seven Soul Realms?”

Wang Santie chuckled and said, “To be precise, only in the top five Soul Realms people can be killed. It should be due to the rules. The remaining two Soul Realms are filled with danger. It’s impossible for ordinary people to obtain information about those two Soul Realms.”

Han Fei nodded. “Continue. What’s the sixth Soul Realm you mentioned?”

Wang Santie was somewhat hesitant. “The information is really valuable…”

Seeing that Han Fei’s expression wasn’t good, Wang Santie immediately changed his words. “But I, Wang Santie, will keep my word. Since you’ve paid, I’ll certainly tell you. I accidentally heard about the Sixth Soul Realm from an intelligence report. If I hadn’t been in the Ideal Palace since I was young, I…”

Han Fei said, “Get to the point.”

Wang Santie nodded. “The Sixth Soul Realm seems to be related to reincarnation. Only elites can enter! But most of the geniuses who entered it have perished.”


Han Fei nodded, looked at Wang Santie again, and raised his eyebrows. “That’s it?”

Wang Santie was also surprised. “Yes! Isn’t that enough?”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. Reincarnation? It doesn’t sound simple. Anything that can be described with this word is definitely not a simple place.

Han Fei asked, “Any other news? What’s the Creation Temple?”

Wang Santie howled. “Creation Temple is equivalent to the third Firmament of the Ideal Palace. Not many people will go there, but the conditions are extremely simple. As there’s only one palace there, no one knows what it’s used for. Therefore, everyone suspects that to know the use of the Creation Temple, one has to pass the seven Soul Realms. However, as you know, each of the seven Soul Realms is harder and more dangerous than the last. The number of people who can really pass the seven Soul Realms can be counted on one hand in every generation. In the past thousand years, only about a thousand people have been able to pass them. Only a true genius among men has the ability to complete exploring the seven Soul Realms.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. “A thousand? That’s a lot! Did these people discover the secret of the temple?”

Wang Santie said with a smile, “How can it be that simple? It’s just like the Sky Meditation Garden’s Soul Restriction Sky. It’s not like no one has entered all these years. However, there’s no news of any benefits from entering. Perhaps the large clans have sealed the related news. However, I think that even if someone obtains benefits, it’s extremely rare. Anyway, it’s not something a person like me can imagine.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Is the creation temple the same? No one gains anything from it?”

Wang Santie shrugged. “Even if someone gains something, he won’t tell others!”

Han Fei had a general understanding of the Ideal Palace. Seven Soul Realms, plus a Creation Temple, and these ordinary places that weren’t Soul Realms formed the third Firmament.

Han Fei asked, “Where’s the Demon Plant Soul Realm?”

Wang Santie thought for a moment and a fish skin map appeared. The locations of the seven Soul Realms had been indicated.

Wang Santie said, “Well, this is our second time cooperating. I, Wang Santie, am a trustworthy person, right?”

Han Fei was looking at the map and found that the map of the Ideal Palace was more like a half-moon or bow-shaped composition based on the distribution of the Soul Realms. The location of the Creation Temple was like at the head of an arrow that mounted on the bow.

Han Fei casually replied, “Not bad!”

Wang Santie chuckled and said, “Well, actually, I think I need to remind you of something. However, the price… I’ve already lost out!”

Han Fei suddenly looked up. “You can wait for me outside the Demon Plant Soul Realm, but it depends on the importance of the information you’re about to say.”

“All right!”

Wang Santie had been waiting for these words, so he smiled and said, “In the Ideal Palace, each of the seven Soul Realms has a Void Monument. On it are a hundred names. Since ancient times, anyone who can leave a name on it has been a peerless genius. I’ve ranked the Thousand Star City’s geniuses who were listed on the rankings in the past thirty years. Chu Kuangren, who you killed, is ranked seventh.”

Han Fei said casually, “Continue.”

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