God of Fishing - Chapter 1043 - Endless Battle

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Chapter 1043: Endless Battle

Wang Santie was overjoyed. The income this time equaled what he earned in half a year normally. Besides, Han Fei had agreed to give him more, so he naturally wouldn’t let it go.

So Wang Santie continued. “I have a list of those people and detailed information about their spiritual beasts, contractual spiritual beasts, and special skills.”

Han Fei pondered for a moment. Based on Chu Kuangren’s strength, it didn’t seem to matter if he bought it or not.

However, Luo Xiaobai and the others might need it.

Therefore, Han Fei nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll buy it. How much is it? Don’t ask for too much. Since they are all famous figures, there should be many who know about them.”

Wang Santie said with a smile, “Sure, sure. It’s very cheap. A hundred low-level soul fruits or ten soul crystals. To you, it’s nothing more than killing a few people. It shouldn’t be expensive, right?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. How many people did the big clans send this time? There were at least eight hundred! And they must have brought money with them.

Therefore, Han Fei nodded. “Alright! I’ll buy it. But remember, the price you give me can’t be higher than others. Otherwise, there won’t be a next time.”

Wang Santie smiled obsequiously and said, “Of course, of course. In business, I, Wang Santie, will definitely be honest with everyone.”

Han Fei took the fish skin map and glanced at it. Wow, these people are strong!

At a glance, the first one made Han Fei raise his eyelids.

Number one on the Genius List.

Name: Jiang Nanyu

Gender: Male

Class: Soul Warrior, Armorist

Realm: Unknown

Soul Beast: Horned Beluga Whale

Contractual Spiritual Beasts: Blood Guillotine, Darkmoon Wolffish

Weapon: Spear

Special Skill: Strange Spear Soul Skill. Rumor has it that it can slay souls.

Seven Souls List: Rank 47 in the Demon Plant Soul Realm, 59 in the Undying Soul Realm, 72 in the Blue Sea Soul Realm, 90 in the Prehistoric Soul Realm. The rest are unknown.

Deeds: He has passed all seven soul realms. Once challenged the top ten of the Genius List, with eight wins and a draw. He once had a draw with the second place Diwu Weiguang, and defeated the fourth place, Sun Wu, and the eighth place Mo Fan at the same time. Therefore, he is listed first.

Character evaluation: From Sea Cloud Tower, also known as the strongest itinerant cultivator in Thousand Star City. In terms of combat strength, he can be ranked first in the seven major sects. Bold, decisive, but low-key.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. What surprised him was that Jiang Nanyu was able to defeat two of the top ten of the Genius List at the same time!

This person was truly powerful!

If he were to face two Chu Kuangren and didn’t borrow the power of the Punishing Saber, he might even be beaten to death by them.

This was a pure difference in strength. It had nothing to do with one’s combat techniques.

Of course, if Han Fei were in the same realm as Chu Kuangren, he would have no problem fighting two alone.

With this in mind, Han Fei was immediately relieved.

When Han Fei glanced at the second place on the Genius List, he couldn’t help but exclaim. The second place’s name was Diwu Weiguang.

This surname was very rare. It was somewhat similar to Jiuyin. He didn’t seem to be an itinerant cultivator.

Putting his surname aside, he actually came from the same sect as Jiang Nanyu—Sea Cloud Tower.

Previously, when they ascended the Sky Ladder, Han Fei and the others had discussed that the Sea Cloud Tower was the most low-key of the seven sects. Up to now, Han Fei had never felt their presence.

And now, the top two were both from Sea Cloud Tower. They looked like itinerant cultivators, but they had occupied the top two places of the Genius List.

Then, Han Fei looked down and saw that the remaining eight people were all from big clans. There were no longer any itinerant cultivators.

As for the third place, Han Fei was stunned. Chu Qingyan? The Chu family?

Han Fei didn’t think the Genius List had any problem. If someone like Chu Kuangren could only be ranked seventh, Chu Qingyan was definitely extremely powerful.

The remaining families were the Sun, Yang, Mo, Chen, and Zhang families…

“Eh! Luo Jiutian? Someone from the Bai family?”

Han Fei had never heard that Luo Xiaobai had an elder brother. However, since he was ranked sixth on the Genius List, he shouldn’t be weak.

Han Fei smiled. “Very good. Let’s part ways here. I’ve read all of this. Go wait outside the Demon Plant Soul Realm. I, Han Fei, have always been fair! You provide me with information, and I’m in charge of robbery. I’m honest with all customers. The more information you give me in the future, the more benefits you’ll get.”

Wang Santie immediately beamed. “No problem. Leave this to me. I have all kinds of information. I, Wang Santie, grew up in the Three Holy Lands…”

As Wang Santie was talking, Han Fei had already run away.

Seeing Han Fei leave, Wang Santie didn’t panic at all. With a thought, he picked up a stick and walked straight to a gathering place.

After a moment.

Wang Santie seemed to panic. He rushed into the gathering place and shouted, “Big news, big news. Has anyone received any intelligence? It’s about the Thug Academy.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Instantly, five to six people surrounded Wang Santie.

Someone shouted coldly, “Speak.”

Someone’s eyes were cold. “Where are the people from the Thug Academy?”

Someone said, “Who did you see?”

Wang Santie hurriedly said, “I want to exchange information. This information is worth at least five soul crystals.”

Immediately, someone frowned.

However, the few of them exchanged looks. One of them threw a ball of gray fog over. “There are fifty low-level soul fruits here. Speak. We want this information.”

Wang Santie hurriedly put away the Soul Fruits and smiled obsequiously. “Gentlemen, I just met Han Fei from the Thug Academy. He started a massacre and said that since he couldn’t kill the members of large clans outside the Soul Realms, he’ll go to the Soul Realms. Now, he’s already headed to the Demon Plant Soul Realm.”

Someone’s face lit up. “Are you sure it’s the Demon Soul Plant Realm?”

Wang Santie patted his chest and said, “Of course I’m sure. I saw it with my own eyes! If you don’t believe me, you can go to the Demon Plant Soul Realm to take a look. I told you that Han Fei is extremely powerful… Sigh! Take care. Don’t panic. He just set off…”

After they left, Wang Santie secretly smiled. He had made another windfall.

He didn’t care about revealing Han Fei’s whereabouts at all. How could an ordinary Hidden Fisher be a threat to someone who could kill Chu Kuangren?

And the more people who went to find Han Fei, the more things Han Fei could snatch. When the time came, he should be able to make a fortune outside the Demon Soul Plant Realm.

Wang Santie couldn’t help but feel smug. Was there anyone braver and smarter than him?

Han Fei didn’t even bother to disguise himself and appeared in his true appearance. He had deliberately exposed his whereabouts! This way, Luo Xiaobai and the others would know his location.

He knew that since these people from big clans dared to look for him, they definitely had some means to directly destroy his soul.

Therefore, neither the outside world nor the Soul Realm was safe for the people of the Thug Academy.

Outside the demon plant soul realm.

Someone was hawking. “Low-grade soul fruits. Does anyone want them? 12 for one soul crystal.”

“An ownerless soul for a high-grade soul fruit. Come if you are interested.”

“Swap combat techniques! Only heaven-level ultra-quality combat skills and techniques needed…”

“Soul crystals can be exchanged for high-grade soul fruits.”

Undoubtedly, humans could do business in any corner of this world. Even if they were only souls, they still didn’t forget doing business.

Behind these people, outside a deep forest, a stone monument stood tall. On it were a hundred names written from top to bottom, allowing future generations to commemorate them.


Just as there was a commotion outside the Demon Plant Soul Realm, someone was suddenly sent flying. The golden fist rushed out for thousands of meters before stopping.

Then a figure walked over from afar with a golden seal in his hand.

Many people were dumbfounded. What was he doing?

“Holy sh*t, is this the Han Fei that the big clans are looking for?”

“This person is crazy. He actually came over openly.”

Immediately, someone shouted, “Han Fei, you just walked right into our trap.”

Someone shouted, “Cut the crap. Surround and kill him!”

In an instant, the market that had been bustling a moment ago was almost empty.

More than thirty children of big clans were gathered here. Looking at the weapons in their hands, Han Fei found it strange that they were all made of bones.

“Could it be that these weapons can injure souls?”

Han Fei chuckled casually. “Inside, it’s killing, and outside, it’s killing too. Let me see what abilities you so-called big clans have.”


The Nine Palace Dragon Seal erupted as a dragon’s roar sounded. A small mountain phantom smashed down.

As for Han Fei, he had already activated the Phantom Glass Wings and flashed out.

Seeing Han Fei rush over, someone sneered. “Soul Sound Battle Skill.”




There were five or six people. Some opened their mouths, and some had drums appear in their hands. At the moment the battle techniques were launched, ear-piercing, terrifying sound waves struck Han Fei’s soul.

Han Fei sneered. You probably don’t know how strong my soul is, do you?

The soul sound was like a tidal wave, howling at Han Fei.

Someone shouted again, “Armorists, attack!”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!



Tens of thousands of weapons whistled and blotted out the sky. If it were the old Han Fei, he would probably have to consider whether to fight or not just by looking at this formation.

But now, Han Fei wasn’t afraid even though he saw a few special bone weapons among the thousands of weapons.

Han Fei twisted his body and with a thought, a drop of water flew into the thousands of weapons.



Han Fei didn’t know what level the Infinity Water he had come up with out of thin air was, but this didn’t stop it from being powerful. It wasn’t that everyone could come up with weapons out of thin air. The strength of these weapons had to be the same as in reality.

Due to the difference in weapon structure, the Infinity Water that Han Fei self-destructed was equivalent to the power of a junior law enforcer.

Amidst the surging waves of explosions, Han Fei activated the Devil Change and activated the Agility of Wind, his body flashed like a shadow.

“Law of Gravity.”

At that moment, a terrifying force descended, crushing at least a dozen people under the law of gravity.

“How is that possible? How can you use your law enforcement abilities in the Ideal Palace?”

Someone’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Not good. Han Fei has two law enforcement powers—Battle Bow Art.”

A soul warrior retreated as he drew his bow and shot.

Han Fei raised his saber and slashed at the three of them.

If he wanted to be faster, it was possible. However, he didn’t want to defeat these people. He wanted to kill them.

Han Fei’s soul trembled, and the Void Lines split apart again, relying on his terrifying 9,999 points of spiritual power. The Void Lines turned into countless illusory lines that filled the sky and headed straight for the others trapped in the law of gravity.

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