God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1216 - 1216 Level 71

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1216 Level 71

“Is that so?”

As blood splattered everywhere, his head fell to the ground.

Wu Shanyu was killed by Lin Xiu without any time wasted.

The rest of his men were also killed by Baili Haoling.

None of these warriors were actually powerful since most of them were only sage warriors. Baili Haoling would be able to deal with them on her own.

“Are you alright?”

Lin Xiu turned towards the rest of the workers.

“We’re fine! We’re alright!”

ALL of them shook their heads.

Wu Shanyu and his men didn’t even get the chance to attack them before they got killed. None of the workers of the mines were injured by these men.

“What’s your name?”

Lin Xiu looked at the manager amongst the workers.

“My name is Xu Bin, Sir.”

Xu Bin answered Lin Xiu respectfully.

Xu Bin had always admired the new city lord, Lin Xiu and now he admired Lin Xiu even more!

That horrible Wu Shanyu was killed with merely one strike from Lin Xiu. Wu Shanyu immediately lost his head!

None of them had the chance to see clearly what had happened!

“Do you know where these people are from?”

Lin Xiu asked Xu Bin about the men whom he just killed.

Wu Shanyu was still trying to threaten Lin Xiu before he was killed. This showed that Wu Shanyu was part of a bigger group.

There must be someone supporting him.

“I’m not too sure about that.”

Xu Bin shook his head.

“However, I saw that they’ve brought along the mine detectors. They would have been here looking for new mines.”

For the past few days, these men had noticed that there wasn’t anyone powerful in Lingxian City.

So, they assumed that the owner of these mines wasn’t anyone strong and decided to snatch it from them today.

They wouldn’t have expected that Lin Xiu would return today and kill all of them without any hesitation.

“En. Be careful. Contact the City Lord Mansion if you need anything.”

Lin Xiu told the rest of the workers.


Xu Bin nodded his head. Then, he told the men, “Let’s clean up the bodies here first…..”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Lin Xiu waved his hands before turning over to Rollie who was sitting on his shoulder.

Rollie was rubbing himself on Lin Xiu as if it was trying to be coquettish.

“Rollie, take them.”

Lin Xiu didn’t know if he should be laughing or crying to Rollie’s response.

It was obvious that Rollied could no longer wait to absorb the bodies of the warriors who had just died.


After getting Lin Xiu’s permission, Rollie got excited.

It immediately left Lin Xiu’s shoulders.

Then, his body expanded to the size of a huge ball.

Its mouth was opened wide. All of the bodies and blood around were absorbed into Rollie’s mouth which was like a black hole.

Everything was cleaned in minutes.

There was nothing left behind, as if those men had never appeared.

Xu Bin and the rest of the workers were shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

This evolved beast has absorbed all of the bodies that were on the ground?


Plus, Rollie burped after absorbing all of the bodies and blood from the ground. Then, the size of its body returned to normal and Rollie went back to Lin Xiu’s shoulders.

Rollie seemed to be quite satisfied with his meal.

“You naughty one.”

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but gently poked Rollie who was sitting on his shoulder.

“You can have a day off today. Continue your work tomorrow.”

Lin Xiu said to Xu Bin and the rest.

When Xu Bin heard what Lin Xiu said, he hesitated for a moment but he still nodded his head.

When the rest of them had left, Baili Haoling couldn’t help but commented, “You have quite a huge mine here. It’s no surprise that there are others who want it.”

Baili Haoling looked around her. It was obvious that this mine was huge and there would be a lot of energy stones found here.

It has to be noted that energy stones were the currency used in the warrior god realm.

All of these stones were money.

“Of course.”

Lin Xiu looked around at the mine as well.

The Tianlan Pavilion was in control of this region here previously. Now that he had destroyed them, there would be more people who would try their luck here once they learnt the news that Tianlan Pavilion had been destroyed.

Along with the news of the ruins in the City Lord Mansion, these news would have spread to lots of people.

It looked like in the near future, Lingxian City would be facing lots of trouble…

“We’ll deal with it once at a time. Let’s head back first.”

Lin Xiu stretched his back.

There was no point for him to be thinking about it now. It was more important for him to improve his abilities and think of how he could go to other countries.

Three years was too long. If he had to stay here for three years, he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Lin Xiu spent his time cultivating for the rest of his days at Lingxuan City.

When he hadn’t become a warrior god, Lin Xiu thought that level 70 was already the top.

However, he didn’t think that he would still be able to level up when he’s already at level 70.

According to the information that he had received, the strongest warriors here weren’t the warrior god, it was the God King.

This was the title of the strongest people here in the warrior god realm.

From the title itself, Lin Xiu could already feel how powerful one might be.

Although Lin Xiu had not met the so-called God King, just knowing that there were so many more people who were better than him made Lin Xiu insecure.

He had to make himself stronger! Much stronger than this!

One day, Lin Xiu suddenly opened his eyes when he was in the process of cultivating.

“That felt nice.”

Lin Xiu stretched a little. Then, all of the joints on his body gave out a large crack as if a small bomb has exploded.

“Level 71…”

Lin Xiu looked at the system interface subconsciously as he muttered to himself.






Potential Points:2000

Skills:[Analytic Eye][Rage][Disguise][Engulf][Mirror Image][Heavenly Array][Reset][Power of the Stars][Golden Body Immortality][Exotic Summoning][Sacrifice][Skill Enhancement][Source Strength Control][Full Blown Profound Intent]

Title:Warrior God (Unused Title:Rank 1 Warrior, Rank 2 Warrior,Rank 3 Warrior, Rank 4 Warrior, Rank 5 Warrior, Rank 6 Warrior, Rank 7 Warrior, Rank 8 Warrior, Rank 9 Warrior, Warrior Master, Respected Warrior, Warrior God)

Accumulated Rage:0/100

There wasn’t much difference when he upgraded to level 71 from level 70. None of this stats have been increased.

The only thing that Lin Xiu was surprised about was how the potential points that he had now were different from what he had.

This time, he had about two thousand potential points!

Two thousand potential points were considered quite a lot.

The last time he had a thousand of them, Lin Xiu added all of them to his strength. Now that he had two thousand of them, what should he do with it?

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