God Rank Upgrade System-Chapter 1224 - 1224 Lei Chong

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1224 Lei Chong


The man who saw Lin Xiu’s face was stunned.

The fist that was about to hit his head stopped in midair.


A huge explosion sounded at this time.

The explosion of air.

At this time, the man swallowed his spit and his body trembled slightly.

Almost, almost, his head was about to be crushed!

And at this time, although the fist did not hit his cheek directly, his cheeks had pain.

“Are you … Lei Chong?”

Lin Xiu looked at him and thought for awhile, then said in surprise.

This man was a warrior he met when he went to Marqi Planet a long time ago.

Lin Xiu’s memory is very good, so he could recall easily.

“Brother Lin, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

At this time, Lei Chong said excitedly.

This really made him excited. He just thought that the people here were all enemies. He didn’t expect that it was Lin Xiu!

“Why are you here.”

Lin Xiu watched this scene and was speechless for a while.

He was resting in the lounge chair when this rocket fell from the sky…

Speaking of this, he showed a bitter smile, then briefly described some of his previous experiences.

He went to Marqi planet before and wanted to find his kidnapped son, but he had been looking for a long time and could not be found.

And got chased by the galaxy smugglers instead.

Fortunately, he went to a planet on his way and he got some special inheritance on that planet.

It is because of this inheritance that he has obtained terrifying mechanical manufacturing capabilities.

The rocket-like spacecraft was made by him.

“I don’t know how I ended up here…”

Lei Chong said and seemed a little helpless.

Lin Xiu’s mouth twitched. Lei Chong did not even have the strength of a Sage warrior, it was a miracle that he could fly to this God warrior realm.

“Oh no, they’re here!”

At this time, Lei Tong heard a loud rumble.

Looking up, they could clearly see the black shadows above.

Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling also looked up at the sky at this time. When they saw those black shadows, their eyes narrowed slightly.

Spacecraft, many spacecrafts.

And at this time, the spacecraft directly activated the weapons they carried.

A large amount of energy rays were shot at this time!


When Baili Haoling saw this scene, she snorted coldly.

In the sky, she flickered at this time and dodged directly.

Lei Chong looked at this scene and he became scared.

These energy rays were very powerful and he was relatively weak now and he can’t even unfold the ‘Sphere’!


Just when he thought he couldn’t dodge and was to be hit by these energy rays, he suddenly saw a dazzling white light appearing.

what is this!?

Lei Chong was stunned.

As the white light disappeared, he was surprised to find that those laser rays were reflected back at this time!


The laser rays launched back and hit the spacecraft and a loud noise broke out.

A large number of spacecraft fell on the ground at this time.

“Mr. Pang, go and see if there are still people in the spacecraft, kill them all.”

Lin Xiu looked at Mr. Pang, then said lightly.

“Yes, city lord.”

Mr. Pang nodded, then led the guards to the other side.

“Lin … Brother Lin, are you the city lord here?”

At this time, Lei Chong opened his eyes wide and he was shocked.


Soon, the warriors in these spacecrafts were killed by the guards.

These people came here in the spacecraft to kill Lin Xiu and he definitely would not let them go.

And the damaged buildings here, Mr. Pang has begun to repair them.

The repair speed was very fast. In less than an hour, almost everything returned to before.

At this time, Lei Chong gobbled up the food.

It can be seen that he didn’t seem to have eaten for several days and now he is hungry.

After finally eating, he patted his belly with satisfaction and burped.

“Excuse me…”

After finishing, he looked at Lin Xiu and Baili HaoLing.

“That’s fine.”

Lin Xiu shook his head.

“Are those people also from the God warrior realm?”

Lin Xiu thought for a while, then said.

“No, those people are the galaxy smugglers and they’ve chased me here.”

“I have never been here.”

Lei Chong shook his head.

These people followed his spacecraft into the space wormhole, then came here.

“The warriors here are too strong.”

At this time, Lei Chong could have clearly felt that the energy fluctuations in the air were extremely strong.

And the strength of those guards made Lei Tong shocked.

“Almost every warrior here has the strength of the strongest warrior on the Marqi planet.”

Lin Xiu smiled.


After listening to Lin Xiu’s words, he opened his eyes wide and swallowed.

The lowest level warriors are equivalent to the most powerful existence of Marqi Planet!

What space did he arrive at!

“I have watched that major battle between you and that guy…”

Thinking of it, he couldn’t help feeling excited.

That shocking war was broadcast live on the Marqi Planet.

And in the end, Lin Xiu was victorious.

“You are also lucky to actually come to this place.” Lin Xiu laughed.

This guy actually came to the god warrior realm through the wormhole – it was indeed a miracle.

And what was most coincidental was that he came to Lin Xiu’s place.

If not, this Lei Chong would be dead.

“Next, what do you plan to do?”

Lin Xiu asked seriously.

Lei Chong was silent at this time and seemed to want to say anything but didn’t dare to say.

After thinking about it, he still gritted his teeth and said to Lin Xiu with pleading eyes, “Can I stay here?”


Lin Xiu directly rejected.

Although he knew Lei Chong, it was useless to let him stay here.

He is not a saint after all.

Lin Xiu just saved his life and if he still let him stay here, it would be overboard.

“I can … I can help you repair things!”

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