God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 714 - King Grade Evolved Beast!

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Chapter 714 King Grade Evolved Beast!

“If you’re trying to look for more information, you can go onto the union’s website.”

It was as if Qian Jing knew what Lin Xiu was looking for when he spoke to Lin Xiu.

“In our union, the information on the website is more complete since not all the information is available on the internet.”

“You have a warrior’s union here as well?”

Lin Xiu was stunned as he asked subconsciously.

“I think unions like these would be found whenever there are large numbers of warriors.”

Qian Jing, on the other hand, was not as shocked as Lin Xiu as he smiled and answered. “What is the website?”

Lin Xiu didn’t bother acting shy and asked directly.

“Let me do it.”

Qian Jing walked towards the computer right in front of Lin xiu. He clicked open the website and even logged into his account.

“You can just use mine. Don’t worry about the money.”

Qian Jing offered Lin Xiu.

“I shall not waste your kind offer.”

Lin Xiu looked at the look on Qian Jing’s face. Although Lin Xiu had no idea why he was being so kind towards him, Lin Xiu wouldn’t feel bad at all.


Qian Jing went back to his seat and smiled.

The website looked totally different from the ones that Lin Xiu had used back on earth but Qian Jing was right, there was lots of information available on the website.

It was noted in detail.

Lin Xiu also read a lot about high renk evolved beasts.

On the Marqi planet, there were rank 10 evolved beasts and beyond that, they were further classified into king grade, holy grade and god grade.

Legend says that before humans came onto this planet, there were god grade evolved beasts but these were only legends as no living humans have ever seen them.

As for holy grade beasts, there were only 3 in the entire planet and their abilities were almost the same as a respected warrior.

He continued reading the information, Lin Xiu was worried as there were too many evolved beasts on this planet.

Plus, all of them had terrifying strength.

There was loads of information about Fengyun City. They even have a satellite map of the city.

It was so detailed that you would be able to view each and every street of the City using a 3D view.

This city was huge.

Lin Xiu noticed that the area in which the royalties stayed in the city was covered in black.

It was obvious that these areas have been covered by others intentionally.

Lin Xiu was curious. In this world, they had a monarchy system and their technology was much more advanced than the ones on earth.

The train was moving at a high speed. It was going at such a terrifying speed that they couldn’t even see what was outside the window.

After some time, Lin Xiu was still looking through the information and he had no idea about how much time he had used.

However, Qian Jing was the one who regretted it. He could clearly see what the information being looked up was and within a short period of time, the information that Lin Xiu was reading had already used up half of his savings. Although he was loaded, he still felt a heartache.

“I shouldn’t have said that…” Qian Jing mumbled to himself.

Koong Loong – –

At that moment, the entire train shook. Lin Xiu and Qian Jing flew into the air and crashed into each other.

When they took a closer look, the entire cabin had been squashed and the both of them were merely inches from being a burger patty. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xiu was still lying close to Qian Jing because of the cabin being squashed. This left very little space for them to move. “I don’t know…”

Qian Jing felt pain all over his body and he was about to puke.

The train’s quality was considered high but it was already in this horrible state. By their assumption, the train must have hit something terrifying

Did the train hit somewhere?”

“Damn it…”

Lin Xiu frowned as well as he had no idea what was happening outside.

The lights on the train were blinking brightly and with his sharp hearing, he could hear that there was something out there.

“Break it!”

LinXiu clenched his fist on his right hand and threw it upwards!

Koong loong – –

With a loud bang, Lin Xiu immediately flew out of the cabin.

As soon as he got out, he shivered.

It was so cold.

He took a look around and realised that the entire scene around him was covered in snow.

There were still snowflakes falling from the sky.

As he stood on top of the fallen train, he could clearly see the huge beast in front of the train that looked like a lizard. It opened its mouth wide and was screaming out loud. With its loud cry, Lin Xiu had a feeling that his eardrum was about to burst.

Did the train hit this huge beast?

With the speed in which it was travelling, it didn’t kill the beast. Instead, the train was the one that was ruined and it was truly a miracle.

Looks like the Marqi planet’s technology was also a miracle.

“Damn it…”

Qian Jing crawled out of the train slowly. “Look.”

When Qian Jing got out of the train, Lin Xiu pointed at the beast right in front of him.

“A snow lizard?!”

Qian Jing stared at the horrible looking beasts and his eyes were filled with shock. “You know what it is?”

“Yeap. This is a king rank evolved beast of the ice and snow region.” After hearing what he said, Lin Xiu looked at the beast in front of him. This huge lizard opened its mouth again and there was a large blur energy source that came out of its mouth.

It felt as if the air around it had been twisted by the heat of the energy.

Boom – –

As it lets out the energy that has been released by the lizard. It directly headed towards the front of the train and it instantly caused an explosion.

“So scary…”

Qian Jing couldn’t help but gulp when he saw the scene right ahead.

As for the rest of the passengers, they had slowly run out of the train.

For the warriors, it wasn’t a difficult thing for them to break out of the train.

“Warriors of the Tianlong List! Please gather around!”

Then, the middle aged man from earlier broke the top part of the train and screamed.

His voice was loud and clear. Lin Xiu and Qian Jing could hear him clearly.

“Jiang Yun is calling us.”

Qian Jing heard what the man said and informed Lin Xiu.


Lin Xiu nodded his head and with a gentle nod, his black spear shot out of the cabin.

Qian Jing took his sword as he walked towards the front of the train.

Soon, everyone else on the list including Lin Xiu gathered together in the front.

Jiang Yun made sure that everyone else was safe and nodded his head. As for the rest of the staff who were accompanying the contestant to the finals walked out as well.

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