Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 556 - Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (3)

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Chapter 556 Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (3)

At this moment, He Xi couldn’t do anything about Tang Jingci and the others. She was slapped by Zou Li, so she rushed toward her like a lunatic, knocking her away. “Mom!” He Shiqing was shocked.

“I’ve tolerated you for a long time. You’re not my mother. You criticize me all day! What right do you have…”

He Xi was arrogant and insolent as she tore at Zou Li like a lunatic. He Shiqing couldn’t stop her alone.

These women scratched each other with their nails and pulled each other’s hair, making the people around them feel alarmed. For a while, no one dared to go up and stop the fight. Old Madam He stood at the side and watched everything. Her eyes were red from anxiety, and she was so angry that she beat her chest and stomped her feet!

How disgraceful!

“Stop looking. Let’s go?” Fu Sinian hugged Yu Manxi’s shoulder.

“It’s alright.” Actually, the truth back then was no longer important to Yu Manxi. It was just that the He family had caused such a scene, and she felt emotional.

While the He family was in a heated fight, the sound of police sirens came from outside. He Xi stopped what she was doing and trembled in fear. She pushed through the crowd and rushed out!

“Stop her.” Fu Chen frowned.

He Xi wanted to fight to the death. At this time, a person’s potential was limitless.

However, the person who bumped into her wasn’t the police but Tang Wangjin, who was rushing over.

When he heard someone shout to stop her… He immediately raised his leg

Bang! He Xi’s body flew back. The massive impact slammed her back against the ground. Tang Wangjin lifted his leg and tidied his


“Are you catching a thief?” He Xi was currently disheveled and had a group of people chasing after her. It was normal for Tang Wangjin to have such a guess.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He was very familiar.

He was the pride of the country. Ever since the plagiarism scandal last year, Tang Wangjin had become very popular in China. He had appeared in public that day, so his face was recognizable.

Master Joe?

Before everyone could cry out in surprise, Tang Jingci had already squeezed out of the crowd and called out timidly, “Dad!”

He Xi was in so much pain that her entire body was convulsing on the ground. She was curled up and couldn’t hear what was being said at all. When she came back to her senses, she heard the word ‘Dad’. When she turned around to look at Tang Wangjin, she was so frightened that her liver and guts were trembling.

“What’s going on here?” The police also appeared. “How is it? Are you alright?!” Tang Wangjin sized up Tang Jingci. After confirming that she was fine, he finally felt completely at ease.

“I’m fine.”

“Who harmed you?”

“How do you know?”

“It’s all over the internet. I took a taxi here, and the driver told me. Who is so bold?!” Tang Wangjin’s face was thin, and he cooped himself up in his studio all year round. His face was so pale that no color could be seen, giving off an extremely sharp and profound feeling. His tone was aggressive as he looked around at everyone. “Her.” Tang Jingci pointed at the person on the ground.

Tang Wangjin understood. “She hired someone to hit you with a car?” He still found it unbelievable.


Tang Wangjin gritted his teeth and rushed over to beat her up. “Sir…” The police had already arrived and were understanding the situation. When they saw that Tang Wangjin was about to make a move, they had to go forward to stop him.

Whenever his child was in distress, whenever an accident happened, Tang Wangjin could go crazy. She had hired someone to kill his daughter. How bold was she?! He even wanted to kill He Xi.

The coldness in his eyes…

… resembled the most ferocious falcon in the


He stared at her as if he could swallow her alive.

He Xi’s body was trembling as she shrank back on the ground, afraid that he would really come over.

The three police officers went up to stop him. In the end, Qian Jiang went over to help to calm down Tang Wangjin!

“Hiring someone to kill someone else?! Sure!”

This was in China. Overseas, owning a gun was legal. If it was in M Nation, he could really shoot this bitch!

“Mr. Tang…” Old Madam He didn’t expect him to be Tang Jingci’s father.

She had just said that she was greedy for money because she refused to let go of the matter.

At this moment, she had undoubtedly slapped her own mouth!

“Oh, today’s show is full of twists and turns. It’s quite exciting. Who knew she was Joe’s daughter?!”

“I didn’t even know Joe’s surname was Tang.”

“The He family was even planning to throw money at her. She doesn’t lack money at all!” “They’ve really embarrassed themselves. If my daughter was almost murdered, I would want to kill this bastard too. His actions are right!”

The police had stopped Tang Wangjin, but he was still furious. Seeing that an old lady was walking over, he calmed down slightly. “Who are you?”

“I’m her grandmother. Our family didn’t educate the child well. I apologize on her behalf!”

Tang Wangjin watched as Old Madam He bowed deeply to him without stopping her at all.

Normally, many people would definitely say that they couldn’t accept it. But Tang Wangjin wasn’t like this. He accepted it directly. It was because her family wasn’t strict enough. “He Xi, come here! Kneel down and apologize to them!” Old Madam He’s face was red. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. “Grandma, she’s fine anyway!” Up until now, He Xi still hadn’t realized the seriousness of the matter.

“My daughter is fine. However, it’s not because you showed mercy but because she’s lucky!” Tang Wangjin chuckled. “Old Madam, I know very well what you mean. You just want to apologize and settle this matter.

“I can give you an answer right now…


Tang Wangjin was very stubborn.

“From your outfit, I can tell that you’re not an old madam from an ordinary family, and your family doesn’t lack money to pay compensation.

“Let’s put it this way. Our family doesn’t lack money either, so you don’t have to think about compensation anymore. You don’t have to plead for leniency with me either. It happened a few times, so the attempted murder was not an accident.

“She really wants my daughter’s life!

“I won’t accept any settlement. I’ll hire the best lawyer and strive to make her stay in jail forever!”

Old Madam He’s body swayed, and her vision blurred. After being stimulated repeatedly, she couldn’t take it anymore and fainted on the ground. There was another burst of exclamations.

Tang Jingci stood behind her father and bit her lip lightly. When she thought of how she had been bullied overseas when she was young and how her father had also stood up for her like this, she couldn’t help feeling emotional.

At this moment, Qiao Xiyan was standing beside Fu Chen, and his arm was being held down. “The road ahead is bumpy!” “What did you say?” Qiao Xiyan frowned. “You’ll understand.” Fu Chen rubbed his prayer beads. This father-in-law also looks very difficult to deal with.

Most craftsmen had strange temperaments. Not only was Tang Wangjin strange, but he was also very protective of his daughter. He was powerful and domineering!

Moreover, he was extremely ruthless and cut off all the He family’s paths of retreat!

He Xi had been completely crushed by him and couldn’t turn the situation around!

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