Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 633 - The Wedding, You're So Beautiful I Want to Hide You (2)  

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Chapter 633: The Wedding, You’re So Beautiful I Want to Hide You (2)

Fu Sinian was wearing a well-tailored black suit and standing on the other side. Even though he looked calm as usual, his palms inevitably sweated a little.

Yu Manxi lowered her eyes slightly. She was beautiful to begin with, and even though she was nervous, she still exuded a hint of flamboyance from her bones. Even though she was wearing a white veil, people could still see her charm.

Ning Tao handed her hand to Fu Sinian. Under the witness of their relatives and friends, the two of them made a lifelong vow.

“Now, the groom may kiss the bride…” The priest smiled.

The two of them had just exchanged rings. Fu Sinian gently rubbed Yu Manxi’s fingers and slowly approached her. He bent down…


The two of them had been married for half a year, but now that they were kissing in front of so many relatives and friends, Yu Manxi couldn’t help blushing, and her heart palpitated.

“What?” Fu Sinian had already leaned over. The tip of his nose brushed past the white gauze and gently rubbed against hers.

Their breaths were warm and passionate. Everyone’s eyes were full of envy.

Fu Chen glanced at Song Fengwan, who was sitting not far away and taking photos with her phone. Why is this girl so excited about other people getting married?

“Groom, you have to lift the veil,” the priest reminded softly.

Actually, he could have lifted it just now. But no matter how he reminded him, the groom seemed not to hear him.

“I know.” Fu Sinian suppressed his voice and slowly approached Yu Manxi’s lips.

He considerately avoided the lipstick on her lips and kissed her gently…

Through the thin veil, this kiss was gentle and devout.

“You’re too beautiful today. I don’t want anyone else to see you. You’re so beautiful that I want to hide you.”

His voice was hoarse and low but also wrapped in a layer of gentleness.

Duan Linbai was dissatisfied.

“Fu Sinian, how can you kiss like that?! It’s not satisfying!”

Only he would dare to shout so loudly. If it were anyone else, Fu Sinian would definitely bear a grudge against them.

Meanwhile, Fu Sinian had already pulled away. At this moment, Yu Manxi lifted her veil, leaned forward, and kissed the corner of his lips. “But I want everyone to know what a beautiful bride you’ve married…”

A burst of cheers instantly broke out.

Actually, there was another segment in between—the so-called true love confession or Fu Sinian’s touching declaration. Fu Sinian directly crossed it out. The reason was: “It’s a big day. No one is allowed to make my wife cry.”

At the time, the priest had thought that the groom didn’t talk or smile on his wedding day. Perhaps he was dissatisfied with something? Now, he felt that the groom doted on the bride too much.

At the side, Fu Chen said quietly, “Don’t you think his face is too scary for a true love confession?”

The priest was dumbfounded. Third Master Fu makes sense.

After the wedding ended, it was time to throw the bouquet. Song Fengwan wanted to join in the fun, but Qiao Aiyun stopped her.

“You’re just a young lady who isn’t even twenty yet. Why are you snatching the bridal bouquet with others? Are you afraid that others won’t know that you want to get married?”

Song Fengwan blushed. She just wanted to join in the fun.

There were no media outlets present at the wedding, but the photos were still posted sparsely online, and there were also news reports. The He family members, who could only see the news, naturally had a different feeling in their hearts.


After the ceremony ended, the sky gradually darkened, and everyone started to sit down.

Some people who didn’t attend the ceremony outdoors had already taken their seats. The Jing family members were sitting at the northernmost table. Everyone sat down one after another, and very few people noticed the situation in the corner.

At the Fu family’s wedding reception, even though the Jing family usually went out in a high-profile manner, they wouldn’t steal the limelight at this time. Only a few Beijing opera fans recognized Sheng Aiyi and came over to ask for her autograph.

Because the big shot of the Jing family was sitting here, everyone had to think twice about what to say to her.

After all, in the Beijing opera circle, this big shot was notorious for doting on his wife and tormenting his son. He was very impressive.

In the past, whenever Sheng Aiyi was on stage, this big shot would always occupy the best audience seats. All kinds of flower baskets and so on were nothing difficult for him. Some people even said that Sheng Aiyi was forcefully hyped by the Jing family…

The big shot of the Jing family didn’t care about this and only said one sentence. “What does me supporting my wife have to do with you?”

Yes, her husband was willing to support her and dote on her. What did it have to do with others? But there were many people who were jealous at the time.

“Aiyi, look at how busy I am. I didn’t even have time to greet you.” Old Madam Fu was dressed exceptionally festive today. She was wearing bright red satin with clusters of dark flowers.

“The wedding is too lively. Don’t just be busy. You have to take care of your health.” Sheng Aiyi saw Old Madam Fu coming over and immediately stood up. “Your granddaughter-in-law is very beautiful.”

“Thank you…” Old Madam Fu didn’t stand on ceremony. She was in a good mood, so she accepted all the praises.

“Sinian is married. You should be worried about Fu Chen next, right?” The children in the family had all reached the age of marriage, so it was inevitable that they would discuss this.

“Oh, there’s no hurry. Children have their own blessings. Why worry so much? I just want Little Yu to give me a cute great-granddaughter now, and my life will be complete.”

“You will definitely get what you want.” Sheng Aiyi smiled.

But she started to have doubts in her heart. They were close, and Old Madam Fu was already in her eighties. In the past, she had often said in front of her that she wanted to see Fu Chen get married and have a family. This way, she would be able to leave in peace. But now, she was actually not worried at all?

Moreover, when she mentioned Fu Chen’s marriage, she smiled.

Fu Chen is most likely taken, but he hasn’t announced it to the public.

“Alright, please enjoy yourselves!” Old Madam Fu walked to another table.


Jing Hanchuan had watched the ceremony outside and had a small gathering with Fu Chen and the others. When the reception was about to start, he went to take his seat. There were only three people at the huge table.

As soon as he sat down, he noticed his mother’s strange expression.

She was staring at him as if he was a commodity waiting to be sold.


“Hanchuan, tell me honestly. Have you ever had a girlfriend behind my back?”

Jing Hanchuan took a sip of tea. “No.”

“You’re so handsome, yet no young lady likes you? Young ladies nowadays really have high standards.”

Jing Hanchuan smiled bitterly. It isn’t about my looks but my family background.

“I’m not asking you to get married and start a family. After all, your views now are different from back then. It’s normal for people in their thirties to get married. But it’s time for you to go out and meet people. Don’t wait until you’re in your thirties or forties and not even touch a girl’s hand. This is too unreasonable…”

Before Jing Hanchuan could speak, he heard a sneer from behind him.

He turned around and saw Xu Yao standing behind him.

“You are…” Sheng Aiyi leaned her elbow on her husband’s shoulder. “He looks familiar.”

“Hello, Uncle, Aunt. I’m Xu Yao from Lingnan!” Xu Yao introduced himself!

The Jing family members suddenly understood…

The two families had always minded their own business. If Jing Hanchuan hadn’t smashed that person’s head more than twenty years ago, they probably wouldn’t have had any interactions for several lifetimes. So it was normal not to know each other.

The big shot of the Jing family reached out his hand and stroked his mustache. “You were also there when your family went to my house back then.”

“Uncle, you have a good memory.”

“Yes, you cried until your snot was about to fall. I was very impressed.”

Xu Yao was dumbfounded.

Jing Hanchuan coughed twice, holding back his laughter.

Fu Chen saw them meeting from afar. He didn’t know what they said, but Young Master Xu’s face immediately darkened.

“Which family is he from? Why did your family arrange for him to be there?” Duan Linbai asked Fu Chen curiously.

“The Xu family of Lingnan!”

Duan Linbai was drinking water and almost spat it out. Isn’t this causing trouble? Aren’t they afraid that these two families will ruin the wedding reception?

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