Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God-Chapter 176 - Forsaken Immortal Realm Wrecked by a Human Body (1)

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Chapter 176 Forsaken Immortal Realm Wrecked by a Human Body (1)

The appearance of the Heavenly Physique Rankings and the Heavenly Bloodline Rankings attracted the attention of the various factions in the entire Forsaken Immortal Realm.

Other than ordinary sects like the Primordial Dao Immortal Sect. The top five families—are the Gongshu family, Qin family, Mo family, Ye family, and Situ family. And the Dragon King Hall, Sun God Mountain, Phoenix Ancient Cave, and other ancient royal families.


Many top factions were also paying attention to these two rankings.

Everyone wanted to see what the 50 best special physiques and bloodlines in the universe were.

What kind of ranking could their own family’s physique and bloodline rank?

The Qin family was an ancient powerhouse. Today was the Qin family’s ceremony to confer the title of the Divine Son. The entire 19 cities of the Qin Clan were celebrating.

The scene in the Qin family’s Heavenly Star Palace was unprecedented.

The various sects and factions controlled by the Qin family, and those aristocratic families with close ties to the Qin family, were all present to participate in this grand ceremony.


Even the head of the Situ family, Situ Nan, led his elders and young elites to participate.

The Gongshu family and the Ye family also sent their representatives to congratulate.

The new son of the Qin family-Qin Fengwas the fifth son of the Qin family’s master.

He was only 20 years old, but he was already in the Golden Immortal realm. He was also ranked third on the previous Sons of Heaven Rankings.

Actually, Qin Feng was already quite famous before he was born. On the day of his birth, his name became well-known.

It was said that his mother was pregnant for eighteen years before giving birth to him.


Furthermore, on the day of delivery, there was a natural phenomenon. Auspicious signs filled the air, and the sound of the Great Dao resounded through the world. Numerous godly phantoms were present in the sky.

Many people felt that Qin Feng must be born to be different.

Perhaps only a reincarnated God-King or someone with a special physique and bloodline could cause such a phenomenon.

Furthermore, although Qin Feng was only ranked third on the Sons of Heaven Rankings, he was only 20 years old.

While the first place, Gongshu Qitian, and the second place, Dragon King Hall’s number one prodigy, Ao Ying, were over a hundred years old.

Therefore, many knew that Qin Feng had tremendous potential.

He might even surpass Gongshu Qitian and Ao Ying in the future.

Of course, many were curious about Qin Feng’s powerful physique and bloodline.

Physique Rankings # 19: Earth Saint Body

Physique Rankings # 18: Stellar Saint Body

Physique Rankings # 17: Emperor Flame Saint Body

Physique Rankings # 16: Heavenly Dragon Saint Body

“It’s announced up to the 16th place. I’ve never heard of most physiques on the rankings. I wonder what kind of physique our Divine Son has?”

“Our Divine Son’s special physique is definitely in the top five. It might even be stronger than Gongshu Qitian’s physique!”

“Yeah, his physique is definitely number one!”

“That’s right. Since the Divine Son is so extraordinary, the physique he possesses must be extraordinary as well. The rankings will give us the answer this time!”

“It’s a pity that the owners of the various physiques will only be announced in a month. It’s really whetting my appetite!”

“True, but I’m also looking forward to it!”

Many Qin Family disciples discussed as they observed the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

The Divine Son they mentioned, Qin Feng, was currently standing on the high platform in the center of attention. He had a breathtaking extraordinary immortal-like appearance.

He had just completed the appointment ceremony for the Divine Son and was staring at the Heavenly Dao Rankings in the sky.

The appearance of the Heavenly Physique and Bloodline Rankings had brought about a small interlude in today’s appointment ceremony.

However, Qin Feng was thrilled because he always wanted to know what kind of physique and bloodline he possessed.

Clearly, the Heavenly Dao Rankings could give him an answer.

He had heard of numerous names of physiques on the rankings, but many were never heard of.

Like the Emperor Flame Saint Body, the Heavenly Dragon Saint Body, and others.

However, he could roughly eliminate some of them through the physique name. Furthermore, he was confident that his physique should be among the top.

“Qin Feng’s future is limitless. In the Forsaken Immortal Realm, only Qin Feng can compete with Gongshu Qitian!” Situ Nan smiled and congratulated Qin Feng’s father, Qin Jingyun.

“Brother Situ, you flatter me. Your daughter doesn’t lose to Feng’er either. Oh yes. If I remember correctly, Shuiyue has a Connate Saint Body, right?” Qin Jingyun asked with a smile.

The Situ family’s power and foundation were on par with the Qin family as an ancient family.

Situ Nan’s daughter, Situ Shuiyue, was also a peerless prodigy.

Ranked fifth on the Sons of Heaven Rankings, her power level was similarly extraordinary.

Despite that, the competition between the elites was often only a hair’s breadth away. If they really fought, it was still unknown who was better.

After all, there were many external factors that determined the performance of a battle.

Hence, even if Situ Shuiyue was ranked fifth, it did not mean that she was weaker than Qin


Furthermore, she had perfectly inherited her parents’ strengths. She had even surpassed her parents in capability and beauty.

She was definitely a renowned beauty in the entire Forsaken Immortal Realm, the goddess in the hearts of many young men in the realm.

“Indeed, my daughter has the Connate Saint Body! My daughter is too competitive. After the announcement of the Sons of Heaven Rankings, she was not satisfied with her ranking and had been in seclusion during this period. Otherwise, I would have brought her to participate in this grand ceremony today!” Situ Nan smiled.

In fact, he fancied Qin Feng a lot and even wanted to matchmake the two children.

Although Situ Shuiyue was ten years older than Qin Feng, immortals had particularly long lifespans. Compared to their lifespan, ten years was an insignificant age difference.