Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1343: Feng Li Immortal Lord

The appearance of the immortal city created a huge disturbance, and it was still releasing intense light. The immortal city also stood out like a "handle" on the star, making it even more apparent in the vicinity.

Having 100 million immortal lords entering the Endless River of Stars, there were bound to be a large number of immortal lords in the vicinity of the star. Once such a transformation happened in this place, they would likely be alarmed.

Immediately after, they would rush here as though their lives were at stake.

Wu Yu couldn't find the Mark of an Immortal King and time was slipping away. Finally, the first batch of outsiders \ arrived.

Their arrival also cast a shadow over the hearts of Xu Zidong and the others.

They had missed the best opportunity.

Wu Yu took a closer look and found that the newly arrived experts weren't too strong. There were two batches of them, and each batch wasn't any weaker than the Ancient Ink Camp. They were also in groups and squads.

Naturally, the chemistry and coordination between their teams might not be as great as that of the Ancient Ink Camp.

Wu Yu believed there was most likely a time limit to the Endless Immortal Army guarding the Mark of an Immortal King. They couldn't possibly be expected to defeat all opponents. Instead, they were likely tasked to last for a certain amount of time, ensuring that the Mark of an Immortal King wasn't discovered. Only then would they be credited or the Mark of an Immortal King might even become theirs.

As for how long they had to last, Wu Yu didn't know. Regardless, Wu Yu believed that the immortal city would definitely vanish when that moment arrived.

With new competitors, the situation became more pressing. Xu Zidong could see that the other parties were trying to enter the immortal city while his team were holding back the Endless Immortal Army. The Ancient Ink Camp wasn't that silly.


Xu Zidong led the Ancient Ink Camp away from battle and avoided the edge of the Endless Immortal Army. Following which, the Ancient Ink Camp scattered before charging towards the immortal city too.

This time, it was complete chaos.

"Maintain the formation and watch one another's backs!"

Even when scattered, the positions they took could still cover for one another. Moreover, they were basically in groups of two.

As for Wu Yu, he had an exceptional dodging ability, so they weren't worried about him.

The Endless Immortal Army had also rushed into the immortal city. However, they weren't going to just target the Ancient Ink Camp. This was because there were others who had also entered the city. Furthermore, from the flashes of light of the surrounding stars, there were clearly more people attracted to this place.

"Get lost right now! The Mark of an Immortal King is mine!"

The slightly stronger people could no longer hold back their killing desires.

Chaos was everywhere.

All Wu Yu could do now was shrink himself to the smallest with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Now he was focused on moving around with Fulgurating Shadows in search for the Mark of an Immortal King while ensuring he wouldn't be dragged into battles with others.

The situation was chaotic and the immortals were bombarding the area. Their eyes were red and many had started close-combat carnage. The disturbances were huge and the situation had spiralled out of control. There were even several Endless Immortal Soldiers who were killed in the crossfire!

Whoever killed Endless Immortal Soldiers in the Endless River of Stars would be recorded and retribution would follow subsequently. Therefore, most people wouldn't attempt to kill a member of the Endless Immortal Army. Those that did were probably frenzied from excitement.

"It's time to take a risk!"

With more and more people arriving, even the Endless Immortal Army was overwhelmed. Wu Yu could feel that his chances were diminishing. After all, in terms of numbers, Wu Yu's side didn't have an advantage.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

This time, he summoned 100,000 doppelgangers at the same time. In a split second, 100,000 Wu Yus almost filled the entire immortal city and dived straight into the search for the Mark of an Immortal King.

"What the hell are these?"

Using such a high-profile trick, Wu Yu naturally drew public anger. Everyone could see themselves surrounded by Wu Yu's doppelgangers, and they were all searching for the same Mark of an Immortal King.

100,000 clones formed a majestic scene!

Other than the Ancient Ink Camp, most of them turned their focus to massacring Wu Yu's doppelgangers. Within a short period, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were being decimated at a rate of over a thousand per breath of time!

However, it didn't matter. At the very least, Wu Yu would have vision that no one else had within the short period.

This was his last-ditch attempt.

"Mark of an Immortal King, where are you?" His doppelgangers entered various buildings in the immortal city.

Time was passing and his doppelgangers were dwindling. Even if they chose to hide, they would be reduced to dust together with the buildings and structures when the immortal lords unleashed their autonomous realm powers.

"This is...!"

All of a sudden, one of Wu Yu's doppelgangers found something that resembled a jade seal on the table of a small room.

He picked it up immediately and found nothing special about it. However, when he examined it closely, he could sense something mysterious about it. Perhaps in the Great Void Realm, understanding a rule was about returning to the basics!

Perhaps this was the Mark of an Immortal King, but Wu Yu couldn't be certain.

Wu Yu's main body rushed to the place immediately!

Just as he was about to leave with the jade seal, an immortal dashed in. At that instant, Wu Yu's doppelganger was slain and he naturally lost the item.

"Haha!" Wu Yu looked in the direction and saw an immortal lord charging out of the small house, about to flee.

The item that might possibly be the Mark of an Immortal King was taken by him! This immortal was strong and extremely acute. If Wu Yu was right, he was an 8-realm immortal lord!

He had just arrived, but he had located the Mark of an Immortal King at the first instant. He definitely had some unique trick up his sleeve!

By now, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were almost cleaned off completely. In less than ten breaths of time, none of them were left.

When that immortal was about to leave, Wu Yu shouted, "The Mark of an Immortal King is in his hands!" If Wu Yu allowed him to escape, his chances would be zero.

"Feng Li Immortal Lord!"

Someone recognized him.

Seeing how elated he was and that he was preparing to escape, the crowd knew that the Mark of an Immortal King was in his hands.

All of a sudden, everyone allied together. Other than the Endless Immortal Army, all of them darted out of the immortal city and pursued the Feng Li Immortal Lord!

Xu Zidong and the rest also gave chase. They were frustrated, but there was nothing they could do. This was about luck as much as about their strength. They had failed to secure the Mark of an Immortal King within a short time, and getting it subsequently would be extremely difficult.

A crowd of people pursued one person as they flew into the sky!

Wu Yu naturally felt indignant! It was almost in his hands, and once he got it into the Floating Dreams Pagoda, no one would be getting it away from him!

If the other party wasn't strong, Wu Yu had a way to intercept him. However, the one that appeared out of nowhere to snatch it from him was an 8-realm immortal lord. There was a good chance, and he had been lurking for some time, waiting for the instant to grab the Mark of an Immortal King and escape in the first instant. Undoubtedly, he was experienced.

Wu Yu dashed to the front of the Feng Li Immortal Lord while the rest of the people were chasing. In terms of speed, Wu Yu wasn't any slower.

"Get lost!"

However, he had boundless strength. As he waved his arm, autonomous realm power carried strong winds that swept Wu Yu away. When Wu Yu wanted to locate him in the endless universe, he had vanished from sight without a trace!

The rest of the immortals had also lost him. The Feng Li Immortal Lord specialized in speed, so it was to be expected that Xu Zidong and the rest couldn't catch up to him. In other words, it was almost certain that the Mark of an Immortal King of unknown tier had fallen into his hands.

And now, the glow on the star dissipated and the immortal city sank into the ground. The mission for the dozen-plus Endless Immortal Soldiers could be said to have ended in failure.

They were feeling frustrated. Wu Yu and the rest were feeling the same, and Wu Yu met up with the rest of the Ancient Ink Camp.

Xu Zidong said, "Let's not be discouraged. To have this encounter and opportunity to get a Mark of an Immortal King on the first day, we are doing pretty well. However, the disturbances from the appearance of the immortal city were too huge. It's too difficult for us to get it. Moving forward, let's continue to work hard!"

Yang Wenlan said, "Yeah, let's get over it. After all, this was most likely the first Mark of an Immortal King. We just weren't lucky enough to get it!"

The group couldn't help but be disappointed. After all, they were so close to getting the Mark of an Immortal King. A loss was still a loss. Moreover, being so close to success still made this a bitter experience.

Wu Yu felt helpless. He was probably just a step away.

"Don't get too anxious now. The Mark of an Immortal King won't be easy to find. Perhaps we might still experience loss many more times. Now isn't the time for us to be frustrated and restless." Xu Zidong patted Wu Yu's shoulders as he spoke.


"Everyone is tired. Let's find a place to recuperate before continuing our journey. We will be spending the next 100 years in the Endless River of Stars. We will definitely have more opportunities. This is just the first year, don't assume this is the end."


They were still great at finding morale. Soon, they settled down in another star. This star was also smaller than the previous. The team focused on recuperating and recovering to their peak conditions before heading out to search again, starting from the star they were on.

"If we can find signs of a Mark of an Immortal King on this star, I will give up my surname! Haha! We can't be that lucky." As Wu Xiao was searching, he joked about it.

He thought perhaps their luck would be off the charts if he said so.

In the end, they found nothing. The chances of finding two stars with a Mark of an Immortal King consecutively was insignificant.

As they progressed, they started realizing how fortunate they were when the first star they searched had a Mark of an Immortal King.

This was because in the two years that they searched star after star, they did encounter numerous immortal lords. Most of them left in a jiffy, but they had yet to find any signs of a Mark of an Immortal King.

They did find signs of battles or disturbances, suggesting that Marks of an Immortal King had been taken away. In some places, there were even corpses. These corpses were most likely left behind within the last one to two years.

The Endless River of Stars was boundless, with millions of stars. Those that they visited in the first two years were only a small proportion. They had to move around at a quicker pace.

On a day of the third year, while they were moving off from a star to another star, they suddenly sensed an incomparably huge commotion happening on the star ahead of them.

That was a relatively huge, blue star!