Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1663: Luring The Snake Out

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Chapter 1663: Luring The Snake Out

Wu Yu and the others did not know what True Lord Erlang and the others were up to.

While in Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, Wu Yu felt a sense of security. No one dared to challenge the Patriarch Bodhi for him. Besides, only second tier immortal emperors and above could take him down now.

And if they were already immortals with eternal life, who would be so reckless as to risk the wrath of the Patriarch Bodhi to get at Wu Yu?

It would be all too easy for Primeval Mighty Miracle God or Dhrtarastra to kill Wu Yu, but they feared for their own lives. They would definitely be unable to touch Wu Yu in the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

Not just in the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars, but even if Wu Yu left to the other sky palaces, most of the eternal immortal emperors would leave him alone out of respect to Patriarch Bodhi.

Actually it was just the pair of them who wanted to catch Wu Yu. And with the Patriarch Bodhi now backing him, not even True Lord Erlang would dare to move openly against Wu Yu, let alone those two.

Although it might be safe, but Wu Yu still remained in Mettle Sky, patiently cultivating.

The other three did not dare to wander out either, lest they were caught and used to blackmail Wu Yu. After all, they did not know the extent of which Patriarch Bodhi would protect them.

The only free one was Luo Pin, but as long as Wu Yu was here, she would not wander far either. They spent their nights together.

These were some of the most leisurely days that the couple shared.

During this time, the Patriarch Bodhi would hold dao lectures once every year. That was what the disciples looked forward most to. Each time, his lectures would give them many insights, even if they were already immortal emperors.

Of course, Wu Yu would also join in with the other disciples and listen.

At the start, Wu Yu listened very intently to the Patriarch Bodhi's teachings. Each time, he felt a curious opening of his mind. He could feel many of the mental pathways within him unblock after each lecture. The Patriarch Bodhi had an exquisite grasp of the details of cultivation.

Evidently, each lecture drew him ever closer to immortal emperor realm. One had to know that the Patriarch Bodhi's teachings were meant for his immortal emperor disciples. Only Wu Yu was still yet to reach that realm.

Some of what the Patriarch Bodhi spoke of were arcane and difficult to understand for Wu Yu. However, they were largely accessible. After all, he had devoured many eternal demon emperors and gained their insights, which he could use to relate.

During this time, after listening to the Patriarch Bodhi's teachings, Wu Yu felt like his cultivation had sped ahead.

There was not a lot of information in each of his lectures. And yet it was profound enough that he could spend the entire year digesting it. Therefore, each year sped past quickly.

After 100 years, Wu Yu was a lot closer to the eternal immortal emperor realm. However, it was not so easy to actually make the step.

However, there was something strange that had caught Wu Yu's attention.

The first few times, he had paid full attention to the Patriarch. But later on, he realized that during the lectures, someone was staring at him.

Wu Yu was already famous among the Patriarch Bodhi's disciples. He was newest, and also a 9-heavens immortal king who had defeated the Memory Star Immortal Emperor. Therefore, it was normal that many would look at him.

But after the first few lectures, Wu Yu felt the same pair of eyes always on him. It made it hard for him to focus.

After a few lectures, the other disciples had grown used to Wu Yu, and left him alone.

Which was why this continued gaze immediately triggered Wu Yu's sense of danger.

Later on, Wu Yu would always take note during the lectures. One time, he finally used Eyes of Fire and Gold to identify the person. It was a black-faced eternal immortal emperor.

This eternal immortal emperor looked vaguely familiar. He bore a resemblance to Dhrtarastra, but Wu Yu did not know if they were related.

After all, it was a very common thing for immortal emperors to resemble each other.

"A second tier eternal immortal emperor."

Wu Yu thought to himself. He did not know what this person was up to yet.

But in any case, the other party had not threatened him in any way, although Wu Yu sensed that he was up to something. There was an invasiveness in the way he stared.

In any case, Wu Yu had not clashed with anyone since coming to Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. Even the defeated Memory Star Immortal Emperor was on excellent terms with him.

Therefore, Wu Yu was unafraid of any trouble.

This time, he found the black-faced eternal immortal emperor staring at him again. Wu Yu suddenly came up with a plan.

Before Wu Yu knew what he looked like, he had not reacted.

But now that Wu Yu had used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to identify him, why not lay out some bait?

"He's always staring at big brother Yu. He must be up to no good. How about I go and bait?"

Ye Xixi said, eyes round with indignation.

Each time the Patriarch Bodhi spoke, Wu Yu would bring Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. No one else would take note, and they could also benefit from the Patriarch Bodhi's teachings.

After Wu Yu had identified him, Ye Xixi immediately came up with a plan.


Wu Yu nodded his assent.

After all, Ye Xixi would have the Floating Dreams Pagoda with her when she baited. If she came to any danger, they could immediately help her.

A second tier eternal immortal emperor was not someone that Wu Yu could deal with alone. But with the four of them together, it was possible. Even if it ended up in a fight, he was not particularly afraid.

He wasn't even someone overly powerful, like True Lord Erlang.

The Patriarch Bodhi's teachings ended.

Wu Yu took them back to his residence in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

This time, Wu Yu continued his Eyes of Fire and Gold, and saw that the black-faced eternal immortal emperor had come sneaking after him. He had some sort of camouflage technique like Full Moon of Nanshan's.

Albeit an inferior version. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold saw right through him.

Pretending ignorance, Wu Yu returned to his residence.

After each lecture, Wu Yu would always return to process the content of the Patriarch Bodhi's teachings. This time it seemed to be no exception.

Each of the Patriarch Bodhi's disciples' residences were covered with many immortal designs. Not even a second tier eternal immortal emperor could barge in. Therefore, after Wu Yu and the others entered, he could only make eyes at them from outside.

In truth, this black-faced eternal immortal emperor was the Mo Liyin that the Dhrtarastra had spoken about!

The Dhrtarastra had ordered him to watch Wu Yu closely, and give him hell if the opportunity presented itself.

This Mo Liyin had been the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple for a while now. He always felt above the other eternal immortal emperors. Against a yet-to-ascend Wu Yu, how could he take him seriously?

Especially the three others leeching on to Wu Yu. Mo Liyin found it pathetic. He could crush them all easily.

"The Dhrtarastra wants me to teach the kid a lesson, but he's like a cowardly turtle. It's just lectures, and then back to his shell in the residence. If he never comes out, how am I going to beat some sense into him?"

Mo Liyin had been dogging Wu Yu's heels for dozens of years now, but had not found anything.

However, this time it seemed like the gods were on his side.

He saw the little girl who was always following Wu Yu leave the residence alone.

Mo Liyin was immediately excited. This little girl was the easiest target out of the four. His chance had come!

"If I can seize the wench... I've been waiting for this chance for a hundred years, damnit!"

Mo Liyin had been using his Veil apotheosis Mystique, which he was confident that Wu Yu could not see through. This time round as well, he did not think that he had been discovered.

He continued to follow the little girl, but did not spot the Floating Dreams Pagoda on her person. Actually, Wu Yu, Full Moon of Nanshan and Luo Pin were all within. The moment Ye Xixi was in danger, they would pop out to the rescue.

Oblivious, Mo Liyin continued to stalk her, until finally they came to a remote forest in the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

This place was deserted enough. If Mo Liyin wanted to do anything to Ye Xixi, now was the time and place!

The three of them waiting in the Floating Dreams Pagoda were watching the black-faced eternal immortal emperor's every move. At the first offensive move, Wu Yu would immediately help Ye Xixi block it.

Finally, they reached a raging waterfall. People rarely came here.

The black-faced eternal immortal emperor finally showed himself, materializing by Ye Xixi's side. More, he summoned a black wind from the moment he appeared, sending it at Ye Xixi!

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