Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1664: Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither

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Chapter 1664: Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither

As the black-faced eternal immortal emperor appeared, an eerie wolf-like howl sounded. He evidently had a sound-based apotheosis Mystique, which was flying at Ye Xixi!

As though trying not to kill Ye Xixi, his sonic Mystique was not particularly strong. It instead focused on a disorientating effect that was calculated to make Ye Xixi drowsy.

If Wu Yu and the others had not emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda at this time, Ye Xixi would probably have been caught.

"Who are you, and what do you want?"

Wu Yu shouted. He leaped out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda in his golden monkey form, and sent a fierce blast of golden eyes heavenly rule back to dissipate the sonic attack.

Since the opponent had not used his full strength, Wu Yu's golden eyes heavenly rule easily mitigated it.

The black-faced eternal immortal emperor was shocked that his attack had been blocked. He was taken aback by Wu Yu's sudden appearance, but then laughed.

"I wanted to use the girl to lure you out. But congratulations, you've played yourself!" He guffawed. Given how remote this place was, it was perfect to give Wu Yu a good thrashing.

Wu Yu found it very suspicious that he did not identify himself.

There were not many in the sky palaces who had a grudge against him, especially after he had become the Patriarch Bodhi's disciple.

Plus, this black-faced eternal immortal emperor looked like Dhrtarastra. Could he be the Dhrtarastra's ally?

"That's right, I heard Memory Star Immortal Emperor mention that the Patriarch Bodhi had a disciple called Mo Liyin, he has an epochal immortal treasure called the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither. He's the younger brother of the Dhrtarastra. This wouldn't be him, would it?"

Wu Yu recalled that Memory Star had mentioned him before.

However, he could not be sure yet, before the epochal immortal treasure made an appearance.

"We are all disciples of the Patriarch. Are you not afraid he will punish you for having laid a hand on your own junior brothers?" Full Moon of Nanshan demanded, also emerging from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The four formed a rough square around the black-faced eternal immortal emperor.

"Haha, punishment? It's just a simple exchange of skills between disciples. Why would the Patriarch punish such an ordinary matter?" The black-faced eternal immortal emperor smirked, pulling out an epochal immortal treasure.

It was an onyx zither, smoky black and humming with an otherworldly melody.

The moment the epochal immortal treasure appeared, the entire place was drowned in sound, and made one feel groggy.

"That's...... the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither! You're Mo Liyin!"

Wu Yu immediately identified him, his senses prickling.

He did not doubt the Dhrtarastra's resolve in punishing him. Now that Mo Liyin had lured him to this remote area, he would definitely not go easy on Wu Yu. This would be a tough fight.

"And so what if it's me?"

A light smirk played on the edges of his mouth. He showed no inclination to take them seriously. He was completely relaxed even though he was surrounded.

All of this was because he was a second tier eternal immortal emperor.

Even if Wu Yu could beat Memory Star Immortal Emperor, so what?

He himself could beat Memory Star Immortal Emperor in one move, in an even easier fashion than Wu Yu had.

Therefore, he did not even take Wu Yu seriously, let alone Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin, who were even weaker. The way he saw it, the only possible threat was Wu Yu, and even that was unlikely.

"Face your judgment now. None of you are getting away."

Mo Liyin declared with a chilling smile. He began to strum the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither, and black sound waves reverberated from it, permeating the area.

In an instant, the entire area had gone pitch-dark. No matter how wide they opened their eyes, they were completely blind.

Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin were all panicking.

To fight in such a situation was very dangerous. After all, they did not even know where their allies were, let alone teaming up to fight Mo Liyin. They would be isolated and picked off.

Besides, this place was a ways away from Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars. The Patriarch Bodhi might not know what was happening.

"Hahaha, this is my apotheosis Mystique, Gloam. How does it feel? You can't see anything at all. I'll take my time to dish out the pain!" Mo Liyin's gloating voice came floating down from all around them.

His Gloam apotheosis Mystique not only robbed them of vision, but also played havoc with their minds.

Just as they were despairing that they would lose without even being able to fight, a beam of golden light shone through the darkness.

This beam of golden light sliced the dark world, and it broke!

"Eyes of Fire and Gold, golden eyes heavenly rule!"

Vision was restored, and the first thing they saw was Wu Yu in his monkey form, his golden eyes heavenly rule burning strongly from his eyes.

The feral golden ape was bathed in crusader heavenly rule. The dark world had heightened his fighting power by boosting crusader heavenly rule.


Mo Liyin, on the verge of striking, hesitated.

A bewildered look crossed his face. "A mere 9-heavens immortal king, but able to break my Gloam? Interesting! No wonder the Patriarch took a liking to you. Memory Star lost fair and square."

"But what els do you have against this?"

As he spoke, he lifted up the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither and strummed it aggressively, sending more disorienting notes ringing out. The sounds hung in the air, and very quickly formed three black suns.

Zither sounds continued to ring out from these three black suns, until the four of them were lost in it!

This was a seamless sonic attack.

It was the apotheosis immortal technique of the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither, Funereal Symphony of the Three Black Suns. Mo Liyin had actually used such a powerful move, uncaring if they lived or died!

The black sound waves continued to ring out from the three suns. Just a couple of notes would send their mind into a wild spiral, filling their minds with eerie ghostly shrieks and scattering their concentration.

If they could not snap out of this, then their souls would eventually succumb. They would lose all consciousness, and become an empty husk.

It was a poisonous move, and Mo Liyin showed no mercy at all by using it.

"Focus! Attack the three black suns!"

Wu Yu shouted, shaking the others out of their reverie.

A chill of fear rang through them as they realized out how close they had been to falling. The Funereal Symphony of the Three Black Suns had split their heads with pain, nullifying their fighting power.

They were barely able to keep themselves together after Wu Yu's shout.

Wu Yu himself had the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's epochal immortal treasure in hand. Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Wu Yu hefted it and used Violent Art, causing his golden monkey body to bulge and swell. Swinging the Ruyi Jingu Bang effortlessly, he sent it whistling towards one of the black suns.

"Bedlam of Heaven and Earth!"

This first Mystique of the epochal immortal treasure brought forth a resplendent golden light that smashed one of the black suns to bits, pulverizing it inside out!

It was a godly move that could attack the void itself.

They immediately felt the black sounds lessening in intensity.

"Gotta pull my weight too."

Seeing Wu Yu destroy one black sun galvanized Full Moon of Nanshan. In a trice, the Supreme Gold Harrow was in his hands as well.

Ye Xixi followed suit. Although they were weak, they still had to give their all.

Supreme Gold Harrow morphed into the nine rivers of stars. This was its Mystique, Unrivaled Celestial Soldiers!

As for Ye Xixi's Demon Subduing True Scepter, it was also transformed into a black vortex, using the Cycle Mystique to create a terrifying vortex that flew out towards another sun.

Sensing the danger they were in, Luo Pin did not slack off as well. If it was just Wu Yu alone, he might not be able to defeat a second tier eternal immortal emperor.

"Eight Division Pagodas!"

Luo Pin transformed into a snow-white mystical dragon, swimming through the air. Her Eight Division Pagodas appeared near one of the black suns.

This was the same black sun that Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were attacking together.

The nine rivers of stars raked the black sun, leaving nine deep claw marks, through which Cycle funneled, whirling up the black sun.

Finally, Eight Division Pagodas thoroughly smashed up the entire area. Their three Mystiques combined had been able to end one of the black suns as well.


Mo Liyin frowned. He did not expect them to put up such resistance.

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