Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1754: PeaChapter Garden

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Chapter 1754: PeaChapter Garden

The Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother were the two foremost beings in the whole of Heavenly Domain, and the leaders of the immortal emperors.

The two of them had never taken disciples before.

And now they had both taken one each.

Jade Emperor had accepted Wu Yu and given him the title of Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, while Heavenly Queen Mother had taken in the daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

Of course, she was now hailed as Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress, since her rise to immortal emperorhood.

Before long, it seemed like all of the sky palaces had heard the news, and the immortals were buzzing with gossip about Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress.

They wanted to know who they were, to avoid being laughed at for their ignorance, or worse, punished for it.

As for the upper echelons of the immortal emperors, they were especially pleased that there was going to be a Feast of Peaches.

They looked forward eagerly to each Feast of Peaches, which would grant them a huge leap in cultivation.

As a result, they were grateful to Wu Yu and Nangong Wei, as it was thanks to them that the Feast of Peaches was being held.

While excitement was building in Lingxiao Palace, the main man Wu Yu had been led by an immortal woman to the Peach Garden.

In the next 10 years, Wu Yu would guard the place.

The immortal woman was a maidservant in Lingxiao Palace, and also an immortal emperor. Her name was Blizzard Fairy.

She was dressed in snow-white silks, and her looks were out of the world. Fair, dewy skin and large, moving eyes that marked her as a beauty anywhere in the sky palaces.

She showed clear interest in Wu Yu along the way, constantly asking him questions. After all, Wu Yu was a hot star now to the Jade Emperor, and by extension all of the sky palaces.

Even those of Blizzard Fairy's level were envious of Wu Yu.

"Great Sage, the Peach Garden has the densest immortal essence qi in all of the sky palaces. If you cultivate there, your improvement will be much faster."

Blizzard Fairy said with an enchanting smile.

"In truth, the Peach Garden doesn't need much guarding. The Jade Emperor must want for you to cultivate well inside, and rise quickly. Even if it's just 10 years, the benefits of the Peach Garden can be felt."

Wu Yu nodded at this.

Although he had risen very quickly, but he still felt like he was treading on thin ice. He still did not know the Jade Emperor's identity or motivations.

As for Blizzard Fairy, he took her very seriously. She had been waiting on the Jade Emperor all this while, and definitely knew him well.

Therefore, he had to establish a good relationship with her. If she spoke badly of him to the Jade Emperor, he would suffer for it.

From her explanations, Wu Yu learned that the Peach Garden belonged to the Heavenly Queen Mother. Being the place with the densest immortal essence qi, it was able to grow Queen Mother immortality peaches.

No other place would be able to produce such fruit.

Wu Yu was really looking forward to seeing Peach Garden. He had been challenging the fourth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm recently, building his hell for reincarnation.

Therefore, he definitely needed a lot of immortal essence qi to cultivate.

Although he could use divine sarira or immortal buddha corpses to supplement his energy reserves, but the side-effects of over-devouring were becoming apparent.

Black qi appeared all over his Devouring Apotheosis Realm, and it was starting to become unstable.

Wu Yu was afraid that the group of mortals he had made might die again. Worse, his Devouring Apotheosis Realm might be damaged.

Therefore, some dense immortal essence qi was a godsend for Wu Yu.

Along the way, Wu Yu asked information of Blizzard Fairy as well, including regarding Nangong Wei.

"If I may dare ask Blizzard Fairy, do you know when Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress came to be with the Heavenly Queen Mother?"

Wu Yu still knew too little about Nangong Wei currently. She was completely different from Nangong Wei or Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord previously.

He was quite anxious to know what exactly she was now.

Blizzard Fairy shook her head and spoke softly: "I'm not sure either."

The gossip in her awakened, she excitedly asked: "I heard there was something going on between you two?"

"A little, I guess." Caught off-guard, Wu Yu replied in a vague manner.

"It seems to me like you two are a great match. Not only super geniuses, but also the disciples of Jade Emperor and Heavenly Domain. It's a match made in, well, heaven." Blizzard Fairy's laughter tinkled out.

"Oh, er, I'm already betrothed." Wu Yu hastened to clarify.

Blizzard Fairy was free to think what she wanted, but if the rumor was not quelled, he might well be strangled to death by Luo Pin in the near future.

"Of course I know that. Don't worry, Great Sage. I'm just making conversation. But you and Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress are discussed hotly throughout the sky palaces now. Everyone's curious about you two."

Blizzard Fairy said with a glint in her eye.

They arrived in a huge peach garden.

Within it were gigantic trees everywhere, which were Queen Mother immortality peach trees. Each was much larger than the usual tree, and immortal essence qi hung thickly around them.

One look was enough to captivate anyone.

"This is Peach Garden."

Blizzard Fairy told him enviously.

After all, she too was an immortal emperor, and she knew what an honor it was to be allowed to cultivate in Peach Garden. It was of great help to one's cultivation.

If one could remain here for a long time, the effects were similar to eating one of the peaches!

"The entire Peach Garden is protected by the Queen Mother's Eternal Death formation. Unless one has the death formation key, no one is able to enter."

Blizzard Fairy said. She handed the key over to Wu Yu, which was covered thickly in immortal essence qi.

With it, one would not be targeted by Queen Mother's Eternal Death formation, and could enter Peach Garden safely.

"Many thanks to the Fairy for showing me the way."

Wu Yu received the death formation key gratefully.

"The Great Sage is too kind."

She said with a slight smile on her face. "There's nothing much worth looking at in Peach Garden. Make good use of the time, Great Sage. Cultivate well. There's no place where the immortal essence qi is denser."

"Mm." Wu Yu nodded, stepping into Peach Garden.

"Oh, and don't secretly eat the peaches."

She pouted a reminder at him. "The Heavenly Queen Mother knows exactly how many immortality peaches there are in the Peach Garden. At the Feast of Peaches in 10 years, not a single one can go missing."

"I understand." Wu Yu nodded gravely.

He was already very grateful to be allowed into such a sanctuary to cultivate.

Of course, he would not think of sneaking a bite.

Even if he was now the Jade Emperor's disciple, he knew how strict the heavenly rules were.

If he ate the Heavenly Queen Mother's peaches, his fate would be terrible.

Blizzard Fairy turned to leave.

It had to be said that the immortal women here in the sky palaces were all extremely beautiful. Blizzard Fairy was the perfect example of a charming and unique girl.

"No wonder that Nanshan kid likes to pick the flowers everywhere he goes." Wu Yu shook his head with an exasperated smile, turning to go into Peach Garden.

With the death formation key in hand, the Queen Mother's Eternal Death formation would not attack him.

He made it safely into Peach Garden.

Outside, he did not feel it yet, but once he stepped in, the mature and heady fragrance of the peaches assailed his nostrils.

Such a mouthwatering fragrance was beyond anything that Wu Yu had ever experienced before.

He looked at the ripe and juicy peaches on the Queen Mother immortality peach trees. "No wonder so many immortal emperors want it. Each peach holds more immortal essence qi than a divine sarira!"

Still, Wu Yu's resolve was not shaken in the face of such temptation.

He had come so far, and was not about to be buried for a moment's greed.

Besides, Wu Yu might well be able to get close to the Jade Emperor and learn more about the situation from where he was.

If he ate a peach, he was screwed.

Wu Yu was not that brainless. Patience had always been his forte. As long as his mind was clear, he would not make such mistakes.

The dense immortal essence qi welled forth within Peach Garden.

Wu Yu sat under a Queen Mother immortality peach tree and closed his eyes, starting to take in the immortal essence qi.

"The immortal essence qi here is indeed rich. If I cultivate here for a few thousand years, it's like devouring divine sarira for a few years. And I might not even be able to get divine sarira in a few thousand years in Heavenly Buddha's Domain. Not to mention the side effects."

Wu Yu settled down to cultivate seriously.

He was currently at a crucial phase, creating the reincarnation hell within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm. Once he completed the cycle of yin and yang, he would be able to reach the fourth tier of the immortal emperor realm. His apotheosis immortal energy would grow drastically.

Although Wu Yu might be as highly positioned as True Lord Erlang, but in terms of fighting ability he was still far behind.

Wu Yu could only defeat fifth tier immortal emperors such as Sky Heart Dragon Emperor. He was unable to deal with stronger immortal emperors beyond that.

The only solution he had was cultivation.

He knew that if he wanted to take revenge for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he would have to aim higher, be stronger.

Otherwise, he would learn the truth, but be powerless to change it.

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