Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1758: PeaChapter Garden Surprise

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Chapter 1758: PeaChapter Garden Surprise

Wu Yu's Devouring Apotheosis Realm had finally reached a level of completion. With the completion of his cycle, the mortals in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm could be reborn now.

Grow old and die, but their souls perpetual.

Of course, after the cycle they would lose their memories.

A completed Devouring Apotheosis Realm made Wu Yu even stronger. He could most likely defeat sixth tier immortal emperors now.

He continued to cultivate in the Peach Garden. More and more immortal emperors came to Kunlun Sky in preparation for the Feast of Peaches. He could clearly feel that Kunlun Sky was getting livelier by the day.

One day, seven beautiful immortal women came to Peach Garden.

They were respectively dressed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each of them was an elegant beauty, and they moved with sensual grace. All of them were immortal emperors!

These seven were the daughters of the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Queen Mother, come to inspect the Peach Garden.

Blizzard Fairy was one of the maidservants of these seven, and also followed them in.

There were a few dozen maidservants following the seven, and they made quite a stir walking through the Peach Garden. All of them were divine beauties in their own right, and their every movement was captivating.

Since they were the daughters of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother, Wu Yu naturally had to come greet them. Besides, they were here to inspect his work.

They were naturally of a higher position than him. Even if he was the Jade Emperor's disciple and crowned the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he was still below these seven.

"My respectful greetings. Please enter."

Wu Yu said, welcoming the seven into the Peach Garden.

They were quite curious about Wu Yu, but did not pester him with questions, although they did look at him quite a lot when they made their rounds.

Before long, they returned to the Peach Garden entrance.

"These peaches probably need half a year more before they are all fully ripe. We will return to pluck them then. Great Sage, you must guard them well."

They teased him, tittering coyly.

Surrounded by such blossom beauties, any other man in Wu Yu's shoes would have fainted from delight.

But Wu Yu's heart was steadfast. He would not be led astray by beauty.

He was clear of the burden that he bore.

However, even the seven daughters treated Wu Yu very well, laughing prettily with him and making him comfortable.

Clearly, this was the power of becoming a disciple of the Jade Emperor.

It seemed like he was better in every way compared to True Lord Erlang Yang Jian.

However, this was still not enough for Wu Yu.

He had to become stronger in order to face the calamities of two immortal domains. Stronger, so that he might have that shred of a chance at taking revenge for the Demon Immortal Realm, for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal ancestor......

After their inspection, the seven left Peach Garden.

However, Blizzard Fairy lingered to chat with Wu Yu a little while longer.

Blizzard Fairy had come to find Wu Yu a few times in Peach Garden over the years. They had exciting conversations each time.

This time, she told him about how many immortal emperors had come to Kunlun Sky.

For example, the Old Man of the South Pole and Old Man Under The Moon, who were all highly regarded seniors in the sky palaces. Of course they had been invited to the Feast of Peaches.

[TN: Old Man Under The Moon is a god of love.]

As the Feast of Peaches drew closer, even eternal ghostly emperors began to arrive in Kunlun Sky.

Of course, those who were invited to the sky palaces to take part in the Feast of Peaches were definitely some of the greatest names in hell.

These included the Ten Yama Kings, which included King Qin'guang, and King Chujiang. They too mingled candidly with the immortal emperors when they arrived. Among the true holders of power, there was no discrimination between the sky palaces and hells.

Of course, there were some immortal emperors of relatively modest standing who could come to the Feast of Peaches.

In comparison, their ghostly immortal counterparts would not be able to come. It was a subtle indication that the true rulers of Heavenly Domain was still the sky palaces.

Embodied by the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother.

The immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors were all staying at Yaochi Palace, which was slightly smaller than the size of a lesser realm. It could easily accommodate all the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors.

As for the Peach Garden that Wu Yu was watching over, it was relatively quiet, with only the occasional visitor.

In the few days that Blizzard Fairy had come to speak with Wu Yu, the two had gotten closer with each other.

Not long after the seven daughters left, Blizzard Fairy took her leave as well. She was after all a maidservant. As the number of guests in Kunlun Sky increased, so did their work.

Afterwards, Wu Yu continued to cultivate, strengthening the cycle in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

Suddenly, an unexpected change.

He had just closed his eyes, when he sensed a disturbance within Peach Garden. His eyes flared back open, and he looked around Peach Garden.

Looking around warily, he scanned the Queen Mother immortality peach trees for change. Suddenly he saw a few peaches disappear!

"An intruder!"

Wu Yu immediately realized.

He responded quickly to the intrusion and theft. He intended to send immortal message talismans to various immortal emperors. Most important of all was the Heavenly Queen Mother herself.

But just as he was about to send the immortal message talisman, he suddenly saw a familiar figure......

White hair. Red eyes. Swinging casually under the peach trees, plucking and eating peaches.

"It's Ming Long!"

Wu Yu immediately froze. Things were getting stranger and stranger.

Although the body was Ming Long's, but the one controlling the body must be Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas, also the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord!

Ming Long had once reassured him that she had largely taken control of her body, and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could not control her actions.

But now it seemed to be the complete opposite!

Wu Yu believed that Ming Long would not deceive him.

Which meant that Ming Long might well be gone......

"Damn it!"

Seeing it was Ming Long, Wu Yu did not dare to send the immortal message talismans. If the other immortal emperors were alerted, Ming Long was definitely dead!

Although the body was being controlled by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, but within that body, Ming Long's soul should still be somewhere.

How had she gotten into Peach Garden?

Wu Yu did not know. What he did know was that he had to catch her. The stakes only grew with each peach eaten.

Therefore, he stowed his immortal message talisman, and attacked Ming Long / Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"Wu Yu, are you trying to stop me? Kekeke! Stop dreaming! You should know that I have all the same Mystiques as you do!"

The white haired red eyed Saintly Lotus Frame turned around, overflowing with femininity and danger.

This was definitely the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord controlling her body!

"Where is Ming Long?"

Wu Yu demanded coldly.

"The little beauty you pine for? I'm afraid she's not going to amke it. Are you very disappointed?"

Heaven Devouring Evil Lord cackled. But then her eyes clouded. "Still, I almost can't bear to attack you. That Ming Long's soul merged with mine. She can actually affect my psych- argh!"

Her eyes wavered, and then flushed with an evil red.

Seeing her in this state made Wu Yu well with regret.

He had underestimated the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, and he should have paid more attention to Ming Long. Perhaps they could have avoided this situation.

Wu Yu could see that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and Ming Long's souls had indeed merged together in the Saintly Lotus Frame.

It was right there, in the tortured ambivalence in those eyes.

That was definitely Ming Long there.

The two souls together complicated the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's response against Wu Yu.

Even she herself was unsure. Should she take revenge on Wu Yu?

After all, Wu Yu had done so much to subdue the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. And yet the Ming Long part of the soul made her feel goodwill towards Wu Yu.

For Wu Yu, her intrusion into the Peach Garden could be turned into an advantage.

If he could just catch her, he could beg the Jade Emperor for a method to help Ming Long.

However, he was also very wary, because she had said that she knew all the Mystiques which he did.

If she also knew the Somersault Cloud, then Wu Yu would not be able to catch her if she was prepared!

"I have to make her let her guard down first. Distract her, then take her in one hit."

Wu Yu thought to himself. He asked curiously: "How did you get into Peach Garden? Without the death formation key, anyone who enters will be killed!"

"Of course I used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. I followed in on your babe Blizzard Fairy......"

Heaven Devouring Evil Lord laughed evilly.

At this moment, Wu Yu struck!

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