Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1759: Big Bad

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Chapter 1759: Big Bad

Wu Yu was thinking that if the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had not increased her cultivation realm, then it would be all too easy for him to deal with her.

Still, his own Mystiques were tricky to deal with. It still had to be closely watched. If she used the Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu could not catch her.

No matter what, he could not allow her to continue wrecking the Peach Garden.

When Wu Yu had eaten 27 Queen Mother immortality peaches, she had forgiven him.

But if any more peaches were eaten, she might not be as forgiving as before.

He attacked after attempting to lower her defenses with a question. She should have been slow to react.

But the moment he attacked, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord laughed loudly. "You're a fool...... Wu Yu, do you still not understand? Your body is originally mine! Why do you think I dare to come and eat peaches brazenly before you?"

Wu Yu immediately felt a strange feeling grip him.

She was right. Part of him was the Heaven Devouring Avatar, which was originally the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

His control over his own body was slipping.

It felt like a return back to when he was struggling to control the Heaven Devouring Avatar. His eyes turned red!

"No.... way!"

Wu Yu realized that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord seemed to have a way to control his body.

He could not let it happen!

The consequences would be worse than anything he could imagine.

He could not let the Peach Garden be ravaged too badly. At the same time, he could not let Ming Long be hurt!

He began to use Visualizing the Inner Ape!

As his eyes shone with golden light, he mustered the semblance of a defense against her control. Still, the gold in his eyes flickered red.


Wu Yu roared, charging over and attempting to catch Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

But Heaven Devouring Evil Lord vanished in a flash as well, using Fulgurating Shadows.

Although Wu Yu's In The Same Breath was faster than Fulgurating Shadows, but he still had to contend with the influence she had on his body.

As he chased her, the gold in his eyes began to fade.

In its place, the red began to rise!

"Wu Yu, what's wrong? Give it up. The Peach Garden is ours to enjoy. That's wonderful, isn't it?" Heaven Devouring Evil Lord laughed, the white haired red eyed figure flitting through the Peach Garden, giving Wu Yu no chance at all.

As for Wu Yu, her control on him was growing steadily by the moment.

Until his eyes had turned completely red. The last thread of his control was slipping!

"No...... I can't...... hold on..."

Wu Yu only had time for one final move. He chose the newly cultivated Spirit Hunter Art!

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord did not notice. Wu Yu sent a few Spirit Hunter Marks speeding over, landing noiselessly on her body.

The Spirit Hunter Marks very quickly entered her body.

As long as they remained, Wu Yu would be able to know her location.

That was a move that he had only cultivated as a fourth tier immortal emperor. The sophistication of the move should be undetectable and unremovable, given the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's cultivation tier.

After that, he gave in to the redness!

Although he had been chasing the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord up till now, suddenly his eyes turned to the peaches!

All of them were at least close to fully ripe, and in fact many already were. The immortal essence qi within them was stupendous.

Controlled by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, Wu Yu again began to devour all the peaches!

Wu Yu could not stop it. He could only watch as he began to devour the Queen Mother immortality peaches one by one, wolfing them down faster and faster.

"Since it's my body, have more peaches! One day I'll take that body back anyway!"

Heaven Devouring Evil Lord whooped with evil glee, and then began to eat the peaches alongside Wu Yu.

Of course, her cultivation realm was much lower, and she ate the peaches at a much slower rate.

Wu Yu had already eaten dozens of peaches in the time it took her to eat one.

He was a fourth tier immortal emperor, a much higher spec than her Saintly Lotus Frame.

He would definitely continue to grow stronger after eating the peaches.

Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was not worried, because to her Wu Yu was merely an extension of herself. One day it would all be hers.

What did it matter even if he ate most of the peaches?

Eyes swamped with madness, Wu Yu continued to eat all the peaches in a feeding frenzy!

As for Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, even eating at a sedate pace allowed her to bring the Saintly Lotus Frame to the eternal immortal emperor realm.

When the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had her fill, she found a place to hide.

She had the Mystiques of Wu Yu, including Somersault Cloud and Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Therefore, when she hid she used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink herself, hiding on a peach tree. They would take a long time to find her.

Besides, Wu Yu had lost all control, and was currently completely in her power.

Of course, this was not true control.

It was merely a familiarity with the make up of Wu Yu's body that allowed her to trigger the primal instincts within his body.

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast reigned, and craved all of the peaches.

Wu Yu was powerless to stop it.

By the time he was himself again, he had lost track of time. The entire Peach Garden was bare. Not a single peach was left!

There had been about 3000 peaches in the garden.

Wu Yu had eaten about 2800 of them.

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had eaten perhaps 200.

With no more peaches available, the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast finally relinquished control.

Wu Yu's heart was seized with terror.

He knew that he was royally, totally, screwed!

"So many peaches. I... all....."

Wu Yu stammered to himself, horrified.

He could feel the immense immortal essence qi power within him from the peaches. He struggled to contain it.

The gorging had filled his Devouring Apotheosis Realm with incredible power, and his cycle was extremely fast now. The mortals within cultivated at incredible speed.

"Ah, f*ck."

Wu Yu felt a chill run down his whole body. He stiffened in abject terror.

Not even him, the unruliest, most rebellious of all personalities, knew what to do in such a situation.

He had offended the whole of the sky palaces now!

This seemed to be even scarier than offending the Buddha Above All.

If he crossed Xuanzang, perhaps there was still a way out. Besides, he could run to the Heavenly Domain to hide.

But now he had nowhere to go.

Xuanzang in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, he could not go there.

The Demon Immortal Realm also belonged to Heavenly Domain - how could he avoid the sky palaces' search?

Besides, what was he going to do about those with him?

Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi - they were still cultivating at Mettle Sky......

Wu Yu forced himself to calm.

There was no use admitting his mistake here. Not a single peach was left.

And the Feast of Peaches was just about to start.

How shamed would the Heavenly Queen Mother and Jade Emperor be?

There was no chance that they would forgive him this time.

"I have to go and get Luo Pin and the others and run!"

Wu Yu was most afraid for them. He intended to go immediately. The sooner the better.

But at this moment, there was a bunch of immortals coming. He heard them in the distance, coming this way with great speed!

In a flash they were outside the Peach Garden.

These were the Heavenly Queen Mother and other elite immortal emperors. They had immediately hastened over, sensing something wrong with the Peach Garden.

The Queen Mother's Eternal Death formation opened, and they crowded in. The first thing they saw was Wu Yu.

The whole of Kunlun Sky was aghast.

And right now, the leaders of the sky palaces were gathered at Kunlun Sky!

When Wu Yu was distracted, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had used Somersault Cloud to flee from the Peach Garden before anyone noticed.

With the death formation released, there was nothing to stop her from leaving!

And the only thing the immortal emperors saw was Wu Yu. Who would notice the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's exit?

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