Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1812: Pieces of Worlds

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Chapter 1812: Pieces of Worlds

Perhaps Xuanzang had his own way of doing things, but Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa could not accept it.

Not just them - there were many others who could not accept what he was doing.

After all, if Xuanzang had his way, all life in the two immortal domains would die, becoming Xuanzang's strength. True, if he did manage to defeat the Unworldly Abomination, the Heavenly Buddha's Domain would eventually flourish again.

But Wu Yu could not bear to see all the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors die! It still came back to all of the mortals that these immortal buddhas and immortal emperors sustained.

Wu Yu would not give up on them until the final moment. If there was a better way, he would rather not sacrifice them......

"Break the Millstone of Life together with me." Guanyin Pusa said to Wu Yu, after looking around and seeing no sign of Xuanzang.

Wu Yu nodded. Of course he would not refuse.

Although he did not know where Xuanzang was, but they were making their first appearance after 100,000 years. As long as they moved quickly enough, they should be able to break the Millstone of Life before he could intervene.

Therefore, Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa joined their strength and activated their Eternal Wheels.

Wu Yu's apotheosis realm Eternal Wheel and Guanyin Pusa's white buddha world Eternal Wheel started to pump apotheosis immortal energy and immortal buddha energy towards the Millstone of Life.

Guanyin Pusa was the one who funneled and directed Wu Yu's apotheosis immortal energy to key points, melding it with her own immortal buddha energy to target the key points.

Wu Yu himself could not see through these. Only Guanyin Pusa could detect them.

At the same time, Guanyin Pusa alone was not strong enough to break the Millstone of Life. Therefore, it was a task that required both of them.

Xuanzang would not be expecting this.

After all, he would think that only Guanyin Pusa was strong out of the two.

And if she alone could not break the Millstone of Life, then he could leave the Millstone of Life alone here without worries.

Who would expect that in a mere 100,000 years, Wu Yu would have devoured all of the eternal demon emperor corpses and built his Eternal Wheel as an eighth tier immortal emperor? He was now as strong as Guanyin Pusa.

Together, the two exerted hard on the Millstone of Life, and the black immortal design began to crack. The crack widened more and more, until it formed a proper seam!

Finally with a deafening boom, the Millstone of Life split!

As it broke open, Xuanzang did not appear. Instead, the immortal buddhas within finally had hope.

They had been shut away for too long, in a sunless world. Now that the Millstone of Life was broken, they scattered to the four winds.

Many immortal buddhas had been fighting viciously, but the breaking of the Millstone of Life was enough to shake them to their senses.

Of course, they did not dare to linger. The Millstone of Life had been a nightmare for them. They would definitely seek safe places to hide after this.

Before long, Expanse of Nirvana was more or less deserted, the surviving immortal buddhas fleeing.

All that were left were thousands of black buddha worlds, broken and shattered. They reeked of death and misery.

"If we leave the immortal buddha corpses here, Xuanzang will just use them. Wu Yu, let's take them all to Demon Immortal Realm." Guanyin Pusa sighed.

Wu Yu nodded.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang's Immortal Domain Bridge, and the bronze ball key to the Eternal Emperor Tomb combined brought them all to the Demon Immortal Realm.

Wu Yu did not want Xuanzang to get any stronger and carry out his "Save the World" plan.

He said he was saving it, but in truth he was ending it!

"I hope the other immortal buddhas can all hide well and won't be caught and used by Xuanzang again." Guanyin Pusa prayed in earnest, as she looked upon the mountain of immortal buddha corpses.

They could not possibly go and catch all of the immortal buddhas one by one.

That would be like Xuanzang!

These immortal buddhas had lost their World Core, and with it their sanity. When they were forced together, their compulsion to turn on each other was too much to bear.

Better to let them fend for themselves in Heavenly Buddha's Domain. If they all hid well, Xuanzang could not possibly go hunt them all down........

Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa returned back to Demon Immortal Realm!

As they returned, Luo Pin and the others were overjoyed to see them safe. Luo Pin had been especially worried that they would run into Xuanzang, with dire consequences.

It seemed like Xuanzang had not responded at all this time. Who knew what he was doing? Still, Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa had moved very quickly. The journey had only taken a few years.

Wu Yu put all of the pieces of black buddha worlds and immortal buddha corpses into Eternal Emperor Tomb.

Wu Yu stared at them, deep in thought.

Both Guanyin Pusa and Patriarch Bodhi came up to him.

"Wu Yu, these buddha worlds are already broken. The immortal buddhas are already dead. It's like a broken world...... People don't come back from the dead!"

"You have the devouring power. Use them, and perhaps you can build your immortal buddha Eternal Wheel. That way, you will become even stronger."

They both urged him.

Wu Yu thought on it for a long time, and finally nodded.

He did not want to become like Xuanzang.

But he was not a stubborn fool either.

These were all shards of worlds.

The immortal buddhas could be like the eternal demon emperors and help Wu Yu with their corpses. He would take revenge on their behalf!

There was not much point burying them either. Devouring them was the best option.

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