Hello Mr. King - Chapter 626 - Real Name Exposed

Chapter 626: Real Name Exposed

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Yun Xiangxiang was very calm about this. Wei Shanshan was also influenced by Yun Xiangxiang, so she was no longer anxious. The fans of the two of them had caused such a ruckus. Xu Chen was probably worried about what Yun Xiangxiang would say to her on the set, but he lied and said that he was not feeling well and did not come.

He did not have any scenes at the moment, and Wei Shanwen did not hire people by the hour per day. Since he did not affect the filming, it was up to him whether he came or not. Wei Shanwen was very magnanimous in this aspect.

Xu Chen was currently enjoying the red wine in the hotel, his agent was so angry that his face turned green. “If you want to incite the fans, I Won’t Stop You. It’s enough for you to incite the fans to protect you. Why do you want to push your luck and let the Fans Force Yun Xiangxiang to apologize to You?”

“Do you want me to suffer in silence?”Xu Chen sneered. Now That Yun Xiangxiang was mentioned, his face was full of ruthlessness.

“You!”Xu Chen’s agent was so angry that his heart ached. “Are you brainless? Don’t you think about how Xie Chengzong came all the way from Hong Kong to give Yun Xiangxiang Face? She’s just a small actress. What does Xie Chengzong think of her?”

“I’ve asked around. She invited Elder Min to act as a matchmaker for her. Han Jing once brought her to the Min family as a guest. Perhaps she has fallen in love with elder Min.”Xu Chen did not mind.

He indeed could not afford to offend someone like elder Min. However, he was not from Hong Kong. Moreover, he was a public figure. Could it be that elder Min crossed the border to deal with him just because of someone he liked? Was he not afraid of people suspecting that Yun Xiangxiang was his little lover?

“You… are really stubborn!”Xu Chen’s agent was so angry that he was spinning in circles. He had to calm down and think about how he would deal with the worst case scenario.

Xu Chen did not care about this cautious agent at all. If it were not for his strong ability to deal with the aftermath, good connections, and good marketing methods, he would have long thought of a way to get rid of this person and get the company to arrange a new agent for him.

Yun Xiangxiang thought about how she had caused him to suffer such a huge loss. If he did not let her know how powerful he was, she would think that he was made of paper!

Thinking of this, Xu Chen slowly raised the corner of his lips. It was as if he saw Yun Xiangxiang Bow and apologize to him.

At this moment, his phone rang. Xu Chen picked it up. Although it was already a deleted number, his memory was not bad. He knew that this was Sun Tang’s phone.

His expression turned cold again. He cut it off in an instant and did not forget to curse in a low voice, “Useless trash!”

He cut off the phone for a while before it rang again. He initially ignored it, thinking that Sun Tang would be tactful. However, he did not expect the phone number to ring continuously. He was so angry that he blocked the phone number.

He raised his eyes and asked his agent who was still working, “Have you called Sun Tang’s Money?”

“I went to the bank to transfer the money the next day.”This kind of thing had to be kept a secret. Of course, it had to be straightforward. Xu Chen came quickly with the money and could be sent away with money. They had never felt the pinch. Just this one month of sleeping with him, he had given Sun Tang a million yuan!

“Another greedy woman.”Xu Chen’s face was even uglier.

At this time, his assistant also came in with the phone. “Brother Chen, Sun Tang…”

“Don’t answer it. Blacklist her for me. Let her be more sensible and stop bothering me. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”Xu Chen directly roared, and then said impatiently, “Blacklist her, now!”

The assistant was so scared that he trembled. He didn’t have the time to comfort Sun Tang. He hung up and blacklisted her.

Xu Chen was very unhappy. At first, he thought that he was Sun Tang’s first man. Sun Tang was also beautiful and he wanted to keep her as his mistress. Now he realized that there were some women who said that they would go through fire and water for him, if he turned around, wouldn’t she be a slut who would pester him?

Xu Chen had never flipped over a woman before. He thought that Sun Tang’s incident had passed just like that. He did not expect that when he woke up from his sleep, his Weibo would be paralyzed. Moreover, it was he, Xu Chen, who had paralyzed it.

The cause was a post that reported him under his real name. The title of the post was: Wake Up, Chen Guang, that is the light of hell!

[ I was once a ray of Chen Guang. In order to get closer to that Ray of light and shine on my beautiful heart, I stepped into this industry without hesitation. I was so lucky. Not long after I entered the industry, I met him along with the actor that I followed.

I was also so gullible. Within ten days of meeting him, I had sex with him. I swear with my soul that he was my first man and will be my last man.

You probably think that I still have a deep crush on him. No, it’s not!

Because he pushed me into hell. When I was infatuated with him, he made me do a lot of things that I thought were right at the time, but after I woke up, I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

He’s not as good as you think he is. On the contrary, his filth and filth are hard to talk about.

I know that a lot of people now have their heads full of angry, vicious words ready to attack me.

It doesn’t matter. For a 21-year-old woman who has a dirty disease because of him, life has withered.

Your Storm, for me, has not stirred the slightest ripple. I don’t close the comments on Weibo, as a pity for you poor people, to give you a vent, so that you don’t go barking at others like mad dogs.

Also, don’t record any suicide videos to threaten me, because I might jump off a building before you do. For those who still have some self-awareness, why don’t you take a look at the evidence below before deciding whether or not to build a hell to protect you! ]

Xu Chen’s fans were all called Chen Guang. They felt that Xu Chen was as gentle as the morning light, clean and desirable.

Sun Tang’s words were filled with unwillingness and resentment.

She had used a lot of evidence. There was even a photo that she secretly took of Xu Chen sleeping beside her.

In the photo, she looked at Xu Chen with such infatuation. It was obvious that it was a secret selfie, as if she wanted to treasure it.

There was also the hospital’s diagnosis, as well as the records of her and Xu Chen’s conversations.

They even made Xu Chen’s phone number public. However, the memorial was an old hand and was hidden in the middle. There was only the beginning and the end. It was the same with Xu Chen’s assistant’s phone number.

Otherwise, if they were subjected to violent harassment, they could instead Sue Sun Tang for invading their privacy.

As for the photos, as a public figure, Xu Chen did not have much to do with this aspect.

As soon as this post appeared, Sun Tang directly tagged Xu Chen and even tagged Xu Chen’s company and related departments, instantly attracting a large number of people.

Many people read the whole thing seriously, and most people believed it because it was a real name disclosure. Moreover, if a girl was not so desperate, how could she publicly announce that she had this disease?

Of course, there were also a large number of fans who did not want to wake up, Diss Sun Tang, and all kinds of abuse continued.