Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 987 - Extra Chapter 2: Take Me to Your Mom

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Chapter 987: Extra Chapter 2: Take Me to Your Mom

When Jiang Yeqing heard this, he finally let go of Lao Wu.

Except that after this, he was no longer in the mood to eat. He turned around, picked up his cigarette box, and walked towards the men’s restroom.

Lao Wu understood how Jiang Yeqing must have been feeling. Although he did not have a younger sister, he had an older sister who was about the same age. If he were to suddenly return one day and see his older sister doing this same thing, he would find it equally hard to accept.

After Jiang Yeqing left, the frightened looking Wenxin looked at Lao Wu with tears in her eyes.

Lao Wu looked back at Wenxin and was unable to feel too sympathetic towards her. On the contrary, he felt that she was a burden.

However, she was Old Jiang’s sister after all. Lao Wu tried to be a little more polite and said, “Don’t mind him. Old Jiang has a temper. It’ll be fine when he’s done fuming. Let’s eat first. There’s so much good food. It’ll be a waste if we don’t eat it.”

Yes, so much good food.

These were things that Wenxin normally couldn’t afford to eat.

Even so, she felt aggrieved. Her tears fell as she sobbed and said, “I didn’t choose to do this. Do you think I wanted to do it? If it weren’t for the fact that I was at my wit’s end, who would be willing to do this? To put it bluntly it’s prostitution, how terrible that sounds.”

Wenxin had spoken aloud Lao Wu’s own thoughts.

Wasn’t it just prostitution?

However, when he noticed the girl’s expression while saying these words, Lao Wu’s compassion stirred. He said, “I understand, I understand. You said that everything your family had, had been taken away by those people, and there wasn’t even a man at home to defend you. On top of this, your mother has a mental health issue. People have to find ways to survive, right?”

Perhaps because she had finally found some understanding, Wenxin cried even harder and looked even more aggrieved.

Lao Wu stopped talking and lowered his head to eat.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yeqing was in the toilet, smoking one cigarette after another. His mind was filled with thoughts of his godfather.

To be fair, Mr. Wen was a very good person.

He had adopted many orphans. More than half of these orphans had been taken away by others when they were young. The few that remained were all willing to sacrifice their lives for Mr. Wen.

If nothing else, it was because of Mr. Wen’s character.

He really wasn’t that selfless.

He needed manpower, and he needed his men to be loyal.

On the other hand, they owed their lives to Mr. Wen. It was only right that they repaid him with loyalty.

All these years, he had always been the big brother to the rest of the men, and Qiang Zi, especially, had always followed his lead.

The other four brothers had all been killed during missions with Mr. Wen. Only Qiang Zi and himself were left.

He had promised Mr. Wen that he would take good care of his wife and daughter.

Later on, he went out to sea with that group of people. Just now, he heard that Qiang Zi had been jailed a long time ago, resulting in Wenxin having to resort to such means for survival. Madam Jiang was mentally unstable…

Jiang Yeqing took a deep drag of his cigarette and then threw the remaining butt into the toilet bowl. He flushed, threw the door open in annoyance and strode out.

Lao Wu was eating and Wenxin had also eaten a lot. Most of the good food on the table had been wiped out.

When Jiang Yeqing’s gaze fell on Wenxin, and he was once again reminded of how eye-catching she was, he snapped. He strode forward to grab her hand and demanded, “Bring me to your mother!”

Mr. Wen would never have been able to imagine his ever beautiful and exquisite wife ending up in the infamous slums of Kang City.

The houses here were shabby and there was no sunlight all year round. When Jiang Yeqing walked in, he even saw a few rats running around.

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