Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 346 - You Look Good Even In A Sack

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Chapter 346: You Look Good Even In A Sack

“Aren’t you going to watch Su Bei apologize to me?”

“I have something to do in the company, so I can’t accompany you.” Du Luo really could not bear to see Su Bei apologize to so many people.

Now that Su Bei had become like this, he felt that he could not escape the blame for the current state she was in.

He could only endure it by not witnessing her embarrassing herself.

Besides, he had also prepared a surprise for Su Huixian. He wanted to invest in Qian Yu Entertainment Company to give her more support and make up for her loss this time.

He could not tell Su Huixian about this in advance.

Su Huixian was really disappointed that Du Luo would not be able to witness Su Bei’s apology.

However, Du Luo was indeed busy, so she understood.

“Huixian, I’ll come and see you when I’m free. Besides, I’ve prepared a gift for you. If I don’t busy myself with work, how can I afford to prepare a gift that can protect you for the rest of your life?”

“What is it?” Su Huixian asked excitedly.

Du Luo smiled. “You’ll know when the time comes. You’ll definitely like it.”

Su Huixian’s heart skipped a beat. Since he said so, it must be a surprise gift. She wondered how much it was worth. Did the Du family agree to their marriage? Were they willing to let her join the board of directors?

Judging from Du Luo’s expression, it must be a big gift. Su Huixian looked forward to it.

After Du Luo left, Qiu Minxuan came in.

“Huixian, I’ve arranged for many reporters from various news companies and websites to come here. All of them are waiting outside. When the time comes, Su Bei will definitely embarrass herself.”

“After this incident, she won’t be able to live a good life anymore. With this smear in her reputation, nobody will be willing to work with her in the future. Ask your assistant to treat the reporters well. When the time comes, we must definitely trample on Su Bei!”

Qiu Minxuan took out a makeup bag and said, “Okay, let me help you put on makeup first. It’s very important that you do your makeup today.”

She still had to put on makeup for Su Huixian according to the plan.

Even Su Huixian’s hospital gown had to be fitted with a special clip to make her waist look perfect.

At eight o’clock in the evening, all the reporters were already in position.

Many fans rushed over after hearing the news.

A small number of them were Su Bei’s fans who supported her.

However, most of them were Su Huixian’s fans. They were very worried about Su Huixian and wanted to see whether she was okay or not with their own eyes. They also wanted to see Su Bei’s apology with their own eyes.

This time, they were confident. It was rare for them to be able to step on Su Bei’s fans, so they were full of pride.

Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin had also arrived early.

At eight o’clock sharp, the live-stream began.

Accompanied by Xu Zhiqin and Qiu Minxuan, Su Huixian appeared in front of everyone in a hospital gown.

Her face looked shockingly pale, and it was obvious that she was in pain and suffering. She was so pale, but she did not look haggard at all. Instead, she looked beautifully weak and pitiful.

Her slim waist also made others pity her. Even though she was wearing a hospital gown, it looked like she was wearing clothes from a high-end brand.

Everyone could not help but sigh in their hearts. ‘Indeed, she belongs in the entertainment industry. She’s absolutely outstanding. She has been tortured after her miscarriage, but she can still maintain her beautiful appearance. If it were anyone else, I can’t imagine how haggard they would look.’

“You look so good even in a hospital gown. You’re indeed a model. You’ll look good even in a sack.”

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