I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - Chapter 869 - Hi Bye! 2

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Chapter 869 Hi Bye! 2

Her limbs were weak and she lost consciousness…

Her internal organs were completely shattered…

She should have died from her severe injuries.

However, the nerves of pain in her mind seemed to only start to react at this moment. They kept sending out stinging signals, stimulating her to go back and forth between the border of coma and death.

“Am I going to die…”

The scene in front of her seemed to slow down and shift away.

The furious ‘Elder Sang’, the splashing sand, the darkest night…


At a certain moment, the humming sound in her mind, and the rustling sound in her ears disappeared.

The sound of breathing also disappeared, and the burning pain caused by every breath after being seriously injured also disappeared.

Her six senses had left.

Mu Zixi sensed it, but there was nothing she could do.

Her vision started to get blur, and her soul seemed to be about to enter the darkness, falling down without restraints.

Between her pupils, the world was getting farther and farther away from her, and the range of her vision was shrinking.

Until the last bit of darkness invaded everything…

“It’s time for you to sleep,” the seductive female voice appeared in her mind.

“No!” Mu Zixi shouted loudly.

She panicked.

She realized that once she slept, this world might have to say goodbye to her forever.

“I can’t sleep. I still have too many things to do!

“I still haven’t gotten the position of the leader of the Xu Faction. I still haven’t saved my master. I still haven’t figured out who you are!

“He, he hasn’t come either…”

Mu Zixi’s roar was accompanied by a sobbing voice. Her soul was roaring, “I can’t sleep!!!”

“You should sleep,” the seductive female voice sounded again.

“Help me!” Mu Zixi had never thought of asking her to help her. However, at this moment, she had finally requested help from the other party. She couldn’t care less now.

“I can’t help you,” the seductive female voice replied.

“You can. You’re so powerful. Help me!” Mu Zixi felt the world go dark. She tried her best to widen her eyes and look at the night sky, waiting for that figure to appear.

If he came, he would definitely have a way to save her.

“He can’t come, you don’t have to wait for him,” the seductive female clearly knew Mu Zixi’s thoughts.

“You’re lying! He’s here!” Mu Zixi clearly saw a figure appear in front of her, and it definitely didn’t look like ‘Elder Sang’.

Grabbing onto the last bit of power that was about to dissipate, Mu Zixi straightened her body, and it was as if the light had returned. Her soul, which had already fallen into darkness, actually returned to her body and then exploded with a shocking shout.

“Xiao, Xiao, Shou…”

Under the night sky of Qingming, this sudden cry stopped the strange person who wanted to take action again.

At the same time, it also stunned the person who had already arrived in front of Mu Zixi.

“Xiao… Qing?” Mu Zixi had endured the last struggle but she saw that the person in front of her was not who she had thought of. It was Liu Changqing.

“I’m sorry,” Liu Changqing’s voice seemed to have changed. The way he looked at Mu Zixi no longer had the usual respect. After saying that, he calmly looked back at Yi. “But I, Patriarch, have to kill this person!”

“You’re not Xiao Qing…” Mu Zixi wanted to say something, but she realized that her voice had disappeared again after saying ‘Xu Xiaoshou’.

She had lost the ability to speak.

“What’s going on?”

On the other end, Yi was clearly shocked by the scene before him.

Wasn’t this fellow who suddenly appeared the one he had been controlling? And the one who had been secretly protecting Mu Zixi?


“How did you break free?” Yi looked at Liu Changqing. As d for Mu Zixi…

Or rather, Yi didn’t care about Mu Zixi at all anymore.

After enduring his furious fall, the little girl didn’t seem to have much time left.

She could still breathe at this moment because she had consumed too much Life Force, but it was just a flash in the pan.

After taking care of this person in front of him, with Yi’s ability, he could save Mu Zixi’s last breath for his interrogation.

Now, the most important thing was this fellow who appeared out of nowhere and called himself ‘Patriarch’.

Liu Changqing…


He shouldn’t be called Liu Changqing at this time.

Ever since Patriarch Wuji met Yi on the mountain, he had started preparing everything.

The new and old grudges made him completely ignore Liu Changqing’s will and directly seize control of his physical body. From feigning being controlled, setting up the heavenly secrets, to erupting in one fell Swoop.

Everything was within his control!

The only thing that Patriarch Wuji regretted was that he broke free from the seal and recovered his strength, but in the end, he was late and not able to save the little girl’s life in time.

But it didn’t matter.

In Patriarch Wuji’s eyes, the only person in the younger generation of the continent that he still cared about was Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshu.

Of course, this little girl was with Xu Xiaoshu.


She wasn’t the primary character. It didn’t matter!

“I have to say that the sealing restrictions of the cloud realm world are really huge.

“I also have to say that Liu Changqing’s seal is also very powerful to prevent me from coming out.

“It’s a pity that it’s still the same old sentence…”

Patriarch Wuji’s attention had returned to Yi.

Even though the person in front of him had changed his appearance, he could guess who was standing in front of him based on his ability.

He said with a smile, “Tonight, I must kill you!”

“Stowaway?” Yi had already seen through the aura of the person in front of him.

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