I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 335 - So Sweet!

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Chapter 335: So Sweet!

What the f*ck? Who said I’m selling my daughter? I already said I’m not selling her!

Su Shengjing lowered his head to look at the angry little boy and snapped at him. “If you want a younger sister, get your parents to give birth to one. Little Jiu is not for sale!”

So he hadn’t intended to sell her after all.

Han Siye instantly heaved a sigh of relief, but he also felt a little regretful.

If Su Shengjing wasn’t selling her, he would not be able to buy Little Jiu. It’s such a pity.

Han Xiao, who squeezed into the crowd after them, felt that his son was embarrassing. What’s he saying? He’s really embarrassing!

What he didn’t know was that when the audience saw Han Siye angrily requesting Su Shengjing to sell his daughter to him, they all laughed.

“D*mn! Little Ye’s idea is not bad. Is he trying to find himself a child bride?”

“Hahahaha, Yang Fangping knows how to invite guests, right? Why are all these little kids so cute? They’re my source of happiness!”

“Awww, I really want Little Ye and Little Jiu to be together when they grow up. They will be so sweet together!”

“They have to be together. Isn’t Movie King Han and Su Shengjing on good terms? They will probably keep in touch after the filming. The two kids will be childhood sweethearts, and there is a high chance that they will be together when they grow up!]

“Wow wow wow, I’m looking forward to it!”


The audience relished this ship. Those who liked Xiao Wei also joined the live chat to say that Xiao Wei was also worthy of having a chance with her!

Xiao Wei was such a gentleman and was a good match for Little Jiu!

Some netizens even created a poll to see who they thought Little Jiu would end up with. They tallied the number of votes for her to be with Han Siye or Xiao Wei. There was not much difference.

The other two options were “Li Nuoer” and “others.” The number of people who selected these choices was significantly lower.

The butler of the Su family had seen the voting online. It was very popular, and he felt that young people nowadays really knew how to have fun. These children are only a few years old, and these people are already starting to imagine them together.

When he had been young, people in relationships had to be sneaky when they held hands because they could be exposed at any time. If anyone dared to date in school, they would be expelled. How could it be like now, where so many people could discuss it online?

When Su Guobang saw the voting, his expression turned ugly. He asked the butler, “Did you see the online poll?”

The butler coughed, not daring to look at the Old Master’s expression. “Yes, the netizens are just having fun. It’s alright.”

Su Guobang immediately widened his eyes. “What do you mean by ‘just having fun’? How can they gossip about the eldest daughter of the Su family? Who can she be with? Ha, in the future, if the family background of the man pursuing Little Jiu can’t be compared to the Su family, how can we allow Little Jiu to marry him?”

The butler was speechless.

Old Master, are you serious?

Your idea is very dangerous. Little Miss might not be able to get married. After all, how many families can compare to the Su family?

However, that was exactly Su Guobang’s intention. He ordered in a low voice, “That poll annoys me. Remove it!”

The butler helplessly said, “Yes, Sir.”

On the other side, in the apartment, Rong Si sat by the desk and looked at the latest episode of “Daddy, Let’s Go” on Song Wanqiu’s phone. When he saw Han Siye telling Su Shengjing to sell Little Jiu to him, his eyes darkened.

In Rong Si’s eyes, Han Siye was a mean child who always pulled Little Jiu’s hair. If Little Jiu ended up with him, she would not have a good time. Fortunately, Su Shengjing had rejected Han Siye outright, unlike some parents who would play along to strangers’ jokes and agree to sell their children to them.

He didn’t make Little Jiu sad. This, Rong Si thought, made Su Shengjing a good father.

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