I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 402 - Brother, Let’s Go Home!

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Chapter 402: Brother, Let’s Go Home!

The moment the boys saw her, they thought: So cute!

This little girl was as delicate as a piece of jade. Her face was tender and rosy like an apple, making people want to pet and pinch her face.

The leading boy felt guilty under her gaze and stammered, “We… we weren’t bullying him.”

“I saw it all. You wanted to fight with him! But there are so many of you and only one of him. So if you’re not bullying him, then what are you doing? You’re not nice!”

The little girl said all this firmly. The boys wanted to retort, but they were too embarrassed to argue with such a young girl.

She should have just started kindergarten, right?

Could we argue with a little kid who has just started kindergarten?

The boys didn’t know how to retort and could only blush. The leading boy glared at Rong Si and snorted. “Tsk! Rong Si, you’re so useless. Relying on a little girl’s help. How shameless!”

He spoke while scratching his face. The other boys echoed, “That’s right, shameless!”

Su Jiu could not stand them scolding her baby. She put her hands on her hips and fiercely said, “You guys bullied him while he was alone! You’re shameless! What right do you have to call him that?”

The boys choked.

They had no choice but to glare at Rong Si before leaving.

As they walked, someone muttered, “That little girl looks familiar. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.”

“I find her familiar too, but I can’t think of anything. Is she a celebrity?”

When the word “celebrity” was mentioned, the boy in the lead suddenly remembered it and became excited. “I know who she is! It’s Little Jiu! She’s very popular now. My grandparents and parents watched her show and loved her. They even said that they wanted to give me a sister.”

“How does Rong Si know her… He’s really getting all the benefits!”

The boy’s voice turned sour. In the eyes of children their age, if someone had been on television, that person would be very powerful. Hence, they got even more upset when they realized Rong Si knew such a powerful girl like Su Jiu.

Rong Si knew that the boys were indignant, but he didn’t intend to take it to heart. After being chased out of his old house, he had been bullied a lot.

He had seen many people like them.

Back then, when he lived in that dilapidated neighborhood, those children kept calling him a little bastard and a little beggar. They laughed at him for picking up rubbish and insulted him with unbearable words. Every time they saw him, they would react as if he had some virus or bacteria inside him. They kept far away from him and even looked at him with disdain and threw stones at him.

At that time, his dignity had been trampled on the ground, but he had endured through it. What were these people compared to that?

He treated them as a joke and did not take it to heart.

However, he did not expect Little Jiu to appear here. She had really come to fetch him and had not broken her promise.

He was overjoyed.

Su Jiu fiercely waved her fist at the backs of the boys and patted the little villain’s shoulder. “Big Brother, it’s okay. I’ll protect you. I won’t let anyone bully you!”

Rong Si steadily looked at her and nodded. “Yes, you’ll protect me.”

The little girl giggled and naturally held his hand. “Let’s go home!”

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