I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 403 - Good Little Villain

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Chapter 403: Good Little Villain

Rong Si’s heart trembled as she held his hand. He followed her.

Su Shengjing, who was standing at the side like an invisible person, became speechless.

In front of this pair of childhood sweethearts, he suddenly felt like he was just background decoration.

After getting into the car, Su Jiu curiously asked, “Big Brother, why did those people bully you just now?”

Rong Si lowered his gaze. “Because my results are better than theirs.”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Seriously? That’s it?

Are kids nowadays so competitive? The little villain has better grades than them, so they wanted to hit him?

Wait, I suddenly remember that this was the setting of the original novel!

Su Jiu remembered that there had been a description in the novel about the tragic childhood of the little villain.

When he was in school, because his grades were excellent, his classmates envied him. Those people fiercely beat him up, and he had no choice but to fight them. In the end, the teachers had caught him in the act. When they asked around about the situation, the other students had accused Rong Si of stealing. This resulted in him being publicly criticized by the entire school. He became the object of ridicule of the school. Many people called him a thief…

This incident had left psychological scars on the little villain. He felt that other than his mother and the female protagonist, no one else in the world could understand him. Everyone was too hateful.

After a long time, his heart became darker and darker, and he started having thoughts of taking revenge on society.

In short, many bad things had happened in the original novel. Su Jiu started to worry that if those boys did not give up and even fought with the little villain, would what had happened in the novel continue to happen?

Therefore, she seriously looked at the little villain. “Big Brother, if those boys still find trouble with you, don’t fight with them. You must not fight with them, understand?”

Rong Si was a little surprised that she would say that. He had felt that those boys would not let him off easily and would find fault with him. If they wanted to fight, he would have to defend himself.

He wasn’t afraid.

But now, Little Jiu had said not to fight with them!

However, he would follow what she said. Rong Si did not ask for the reason and just agreed to her request. “Okay, no fighting.”

“Be good!” Su Jiu could not help but reach out to pat his head as if she were petting a docile dog.

Rong Si didn’t say anything and didn’t move. He just let her pet him. He even leaned into her palm, to make it easier for her to touch him.

When Su Jiu sensed his small action, her heart softened.

Ahhh, such a little villain is really obedient!

She was overwhelmed with love; once again, she felt her hatred of the author of the original novel rise again. Why did she have to torture such an obedient and good child? It’s eally intolerable!

Su Jiu patted Rong Si’s head a few more times before putting down her hand. She then regained her serious expression and said, “Big Brother, let me tell you. If you fight with them, they will say that you stole something! The teacher will believe their words and criticize you in front of the whole school the next day. So, you can’t fight. You have to be brave and tell the teacher about what happened today!”

If the little villain complained first to give the teacher a sense of assurance and the fight inevitably happened afterward, then the teacher might not believe those boys.

Rong Si raised his eyebrows. “They will say that I stole something. How do you know?”

She sounded so sure.

Naturally, Su Jiu could not say that she was someone who knew the rough storyline. With a playful smile, she said, “Because—”

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