I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 415 - It Hurts My Eyes

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Chapter 415: It Hurts My Eyes

If Qin Feng were a real man, he would compete head-on with his own abilities. What was the point of playing dirty tricks behind their backs?

The woman did not expect that a young kid like Su Jiu would dare to criticize her like this. She immediately felt embarrassed and glared at the little girl. “Little b*tch, what does it have to do with you? What do you know!”

No matter how bad the woman’s tone had been, Su Shengjing had not lost his temper.

However, when he heard her scold the little girl, he was immediately incensed. His face darkened as he barked, “Say that again!”

His gaze was also cold and terrifying as if he would strangle the woman to death if she dared to speak.

The woman was shocked by his gaze and could not help but gulp. Shriveling under his gaze, she said, “I-I didn’t say anything. You heard wrongly!”

Tsk, she dared to do it but doesn’t dare to admit it.

Su Jiu looked down at her and hugged Su Shengjing’s arm. She then looked up and said, “Daddy, this is a bad woman. Let’s upload her photo online and expose her. Let’s show what she looks like to everyone!”

Su Shengjing picked her up and placed her on his lap.

His face was still very dark. Clearly, the woman’s words had infuriated him.

The woman could scold him, but she absolutely could not scold Su Jiu.

Initially, on account of her being a woman, he did not want to be too ruthless; he wanted to give the woman a chance. As long as she revealed the person behind all this, he was willing to pretend that nothing had happened and let her leave.

However, now that she had insulted the little packrat, things were no longer as simple as they had been!

Su Shengjing did not say anything. Instead, he took out a cell phone and found some photos from the photo album. Then, he got the bodyguard to show it to the woman.

When the woman saw the photos, her mind buzzed and her eyes widened in disbelief. “You—”

She recognized the phone. It was hers.

After being forced into the car by the bodyguards, her phone had been taken away and was never returned to her.

In the photo album that Su Shengjing opened, there were dozens of indecent photos of her. The worse thing was that many of the photos were about her being the only woman while there were three to four men. She was hugging them, and her clothes were messy. The photos were a little eye-catching.

There was also a selfie of her in bed with different men. Both of them had no clothes on, and they used only the blanket to cover their important parts. It was easy for people to connect the dots.

The woman was both angry and embarrassed. Her face was red. “Su Shengjing, you… not only did you take my phone away without permission, you even looked at it. How can you be so despicable and shameless? Quickly return the phone to me! You’re a celebrity. Don’t do anything rash!”

“You forced me to do this.” Su Shengjing’s eyes were filled with danger. “If you hadn’t scolded my daughter, I wouldn’t have held it against you. But since you scolded her, I won’t let you off so easily!”

The woman’s heart skipped a beat.

It can’t be. The internet said that Su Shengjing is an out-and-out crazy person who dotes on his daughter. The woman didn’t believe it at first. How could a father dote on his daughter so much? Everything was just an act.

She did not expect it to be true.

At this moment, the woman was completely flustered. She was irritated at herself for scolding the little girl out of the blue and making Su Shengjing change his mind.

Realizing that the situation was disadvantageous for her, she stammered, “Then, then what do you plan to do now?”

Su Shengjing coldly said, “Apologize to my daughter and tell me the name of the person behind this. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you suffer the consequences!”

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