I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 747 - Carrying Little Sister

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Chapter 747 Carrying Little Sister

Su Jiu looked at him with even more disdain.

Han Siye pretended to not have see that and emphasized again. “Anyway, remember to invite me when you’re playing. I’ll bring you to win!”

“No, even if I lose, I won’t invite you. You make me so angry!”

“Then I’ll bother you every day until you invite me!”

Su Jiu was speechless.

“Han Siye, don’t you have any shame? How can you force others to play games with you?”

“What is shame? Can I eat it?”

In front of his stubborn expression, Su Jiu held her forehead, feeling a headache growing

“So, remember to invite your brother.” Han Siye devilishly smiled and patted her hair again. Then, he turned around and walked away.

Su Jiu tidied her messy hair and gritted her teeth.

D*mn it, I really want to chop off this brat’s hand!




As she had a scheduled livestream on Saturday night, Su Jiu took a nap that afternoon. She was still lying in bed when her phone rang.

Who is it? Don’t they know that disturbing someone’s sleep is a great sin?

However, when she picked up her phone and saw the caller ID on the screen, she immediately got up. Her anger from being woken up vanished, and she excitedly picked up the phone. “Hello? Big Brother?”.

Rong Si’s magnetic voice came from the other end. “It’s me. Are you awake?”

Su Jiu choked and suddenly felt embarrassed.

Does he know that I was sleeping until now?

To not leave a bad impression of her laziness on Rong Si, Su Jiu braced herself and lied. “I’m already up. I woke up very early!”

Rong Si seemed to chuckle. “Is that so?”

He had sent her a message and waited for a long time. When she didn’t reply, he had guessed that she was sleeping in.

“Of course, there’s no way I slept in till now!” Su Jiu refused to admit it.

Rong Si laughed again. “Idiot.”

If Su Jiu had not heard him laugh before, she could hear it clearly now. He really laughed.

In an instant, her heart started thumping, and her mind was filled with screams. Ahhhh, the little villain’s laughter is too nice!

Su Jiu was extremely excited!

And when he had said that she was stupid, Su Jiu did not get angry at all. Instead, she felt that… there was a doting note in his tone.

Am I imagining things?

Su Jiu quickly adjusted her emotions so that she would not let her imagination run wild. She could not let the little villain find out! That would be very embarrassing!

She changed the topic. “Big Brother, why did you call me?”

“Mm.” Rong Si paused for a few seconds before saying, “Are you still playing that game tonight?”

Stunned, Su Jiu instinctively replied, “Yes.”

But why did he ask that?

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Rong Si ask, “Can you invite me?” “Huh?” Seriously? The little villain wants to play that game with me?

This was something Su Jiu did not expect. She asked curiously, “Big Brother, have you played that game before?”.

“I have played for a while.”

“Really? Okay then, I’ll invite you tonight!” Su Jiu agreed without thinking much.

At that moment, she suddenly remembered that when she had rejected Han Siye, she had rejected him quite quickly. Why had she agreed so readily when it was the little villain?

It seemed that her son was indeed important to her.

But this made sense. That was the child she had watched grow up. How could he be compared to others?

“Just stick close to me, then.”

Why does this sound like a tiger or a wolf?

Yaoyao was a support champion in this game. She was famous for being carried. Her skills were attached to other heroes and gave them some attribute bonuses. She was not a powerful champion.

The moment she encountered an unfavorable situation, she would not be of much use. She was very dependent on her teammates. However, because of her cute appearance, cute voice, and simple maneuvering, many players still liked to play her.

Many female players who played this support character played with a powerful jungler or other powerful champions. Their boyfriends would be usually playing those champions.

“What the f*ck? Instant choice? Stupid bastard, if you lose, I’ll scold you to death.”

Su Jiu could not be bothered with him.

“Hey, Yaoyao, let’s be a couple. Your big brother’s gear is working well. I’ll carry you!”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Am I being teased?

He is… so, so fierce!

He had already returned to the nexus crystal. The little villain refused to let him off. Even if they had to die together, they would kill him.

In the end, the other team’s jungler was killed again, he couldn’t take it anymore and started scolding, “Hey, you other jungler, are you crazy! Did I make you mad, why are you always ganking me?” The little antagonist neither spoke nor responded, and waited for him to revive before killing him again. The opposing jungler’s was killed five more times before he broke down and gave up, he simply stayed at the nexus crystal and did not move again. Instead, he flamed them angrily in chat, sending string after string of profanities. His words were incredibly uncivilized, thus they were censored by the system.

In the end, he finally realized. Had that jungler chased after me because I had teased their support?

That jungler and support are a couple?

“That girl is yours? Is that why you’re chasing after me?”

This time, Rong Si finally responded. He simply replied with one word, “Yes.”

Su Jiu’s face turned red.

W-what? What does he mean that I am his? Little villain, don’t just admit it like that!

“F*ck, isn’t it just a joke? Is there a need to do this?”

“You have a death wish.”

Those words made Su Jiu imagine how Rong Si’s cold and expressionless face would look like when he said those words.

So fierce, but also so charming!

Her heart was thumping because of Rong Si, and she could not calm down no matter what.

“Big Brother, you were too awesome just now!” Su Jiu praised sincerely.

“It’s nothing. I still want to kill him a few more times.”

He called this “nothing”? My baby was so modest.

“Big Brother, are you busy? You don’t have to game with me.”

Looking at the red packet she sent over, Rong Si was stunned for a moment. Then, he slowly asked, “What?”

“Here’s your living allowance! Big Brother, you’re having a hard time now. You have to eat more nutritious food! Don’t be reluctant to spend! If you don’t have money, ask me for it. I’ll give you more!”

Rong Si chuckled. Why do I feel like I am being looked after by her?

However, he really liked the feeling when she cared for him.




The news of Su Jiu and the unknown jungler god spread like wildfire. It touched the hearts of countless girls. They also wanted to meet such a Wild King, but they could not!

There were also a lot of little sweet words exchanged between the two of them. It was so sweet that it could make teeth rot. Many netizens went to Su Jiu’s Weibo comments section and left comments asking her to invite that little brother to play with her again. They desperately wanted to know what would happen next!

Her male fans were unhappy. These people are brainless. Isn’t it just killing the opponent’s jungler over 20 times? We could do it too!

Can’t she just give us a chance? We can also protect our younger sister and carry her. Why should that person be allowed to take advantage of her? He might not even be Little Jiu’s fan!

Under the urging of the netizens, Su Jiu invited the little villain again. “Big Brother, are you free? Let’s play a game?”

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