I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 573 - "The Shamans Are Here"

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With Ainsley taking the lead, her troops that hadn't joined the battlefield immediately rushed to join the battlefield. 

Since they had to break through the current battlefield around the mausoleum, Ainsley chose the less chaotic battlefield compared to other battlefields, and that happened to be the east gate. 

The east gate battle was led by Friskilia, the second female general after Becca that ranked last among the other generals. 

Her battlefield was less chaotic than others and had less death rate too because both parties weren't super offensive types. 

It was more of the battle of wits, mind, and mental! 

Friskilia's special ability was mind attack, sending a certain wavelength that could make people die from getting their minds crushed. 

She could also affect one's mental health, turning sane people muddle-headed and even worse, completely destroying their personalities. 

Coincidentally, the opponent's general was also a woman, and her speciality was something that could soothe the mind, protect everyone's minds from any mind attack or mental attack. 


It was why the battle between the two parties didn't destroy the surrounding as much as other battlefields, and the corpses around them had intact bodies. 

Their battlefield was the easiest to breach! 

Ainsley didn't hesitate to head to Friskilia's battlefield while contacting her. 

"General Friski! I'm heading to the East gate to kill the array masters. Please make way for my troops and me when we arrive." 

Friskilia was in the middle of attacking the enemies' minds when she heard the message coming from her Airpods. She couldn't help but stop for a while to reply. 

"Okay, boss, leave it to us!" 

The young woman with wavy hazelnut hair immediately turned around and saw Ainsley's troops coming her way with their torches flickering in the dark. 

Friskilia calculated the distance between the two troops and concluded that she had to make way for Ainsley's troops in about 3 minutes! 

The general didn't have time to waste and immediately switched the Airpods' connection to only between her troops' server. 

"Attention, all Friskilia Troops! The boss' troops are going to pass through our battlefield." 

The woman swiftly rode her mount beast and dodged the enemy's attack once in a while. 

"In 3 minutes, please make way! Make an empty path for our boss and their troops to pass through. Don't let the enemy block their path!" 

When Friskilia said that, her troops instantly replied excitedly. 

"Yes, ma'am!" 

The boss' troops are coming! Are they finally going to strike the mausoleum? 

If we can assist them and block the enemy from disrupting the boss' plan, we might catch the boss' attention! 

These hot-blood youngsters couldn't wish for anything more than getting the boss' attention. If they could, they want to be  Ainsley's troops and fight alongside her. 

But even if we couldn't, we could assist her! 

Thus, when Ainsley's troops arrived, what she saw almost made her fall from Ava's back. 

What...is this? The path got divided into two? How come it was so empty? Did someone create a miracle? 

All Ainsley saw was a small straight path for her people to go through, leading them directly to the mausoleum. 

She didn't even see the enemy that was supposed to block her way…

Amazing. Friskilia's troops are OP! 

Ainsley immediately looked for Friskilia, and when she saw her at the crowd fighting the enemies behind the human line created to protect the path, Ainsley waved at her and grinned. 

"Thank you, General Friski!" 

Friskilia heard Ainsley's voice from the Airpods and outside of the Airpods, and she looked back to salute. 

"Go, boss!" 

With Friskilia's troops helping Ainsley's troops to pave the path, Ainsley could quickly approach the mausoleum. From this distance, she could even see the purple-robed people…

The array masters! 

Seeing the array masters, Ainsley immediately looked up at the Godfather and nodded. 

[Godfather, it's time! I'm using my shaman ability now!] Ainsley hurriedly activated her shaman ability, and purple light started to spin inside her belly. 

At the same time, the Godfather immediately possessed Ainsley, gaining full control over her body. 

Since they had done this a dozen times already, the Godfather possessed Ainsley in less than a second! 

Even the appearance transformation also didn't start slow like before. 

Now, in the blink of an eye, Ainsley's purple hair turned dark green, and her blue pupils turned golden. 

The moment The Godfather took control over Ainsley's body, the atmosphere around the baby changed out of the blue. 

The temperature dropped, and somehow, everyone could feel a chill on their nape. 

The Godfather...is here! 

Ainsley's troops opened their eyes wide with excitement, acting as if they just got injected with chicken blood while the enemy's faces paled. 

"The Godfather is here! Quick! Inform them!" The enemy commander gulped as she eyed Ainsley, who was getting closer to the mausoleum. 

She was still in front of the east gate, protecting the array masters, but Friskilia had been constantly disturbing her, making the situation look dire. 

Thus, the enemy commander had no choice but to contact the other person in charge of those inside the mausoleum. 

"Quick, send them out! The Godfather is here!" 

Once the commander said that to the Airpods, the person on the other side of the transmission nodded. 

"Got it. We are already there. Leave the Godfather to us." 

The person took off his black hoodie and immediately looked back at his people, who were also riding their beasts or monsters. 

The person took a deep breath and shouted. 

"Go, go, go! The Godfather is attacking! Defeat him! Keep him busy!" 

At the person's command, around fifty to one hundred black-robed people replied in unison. 

"Yes, leader! Let's go!" 

The troops instantly departed, and they came out of the mauseloum's east gate... 

The shamans are here! 

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