I Can Track Everything - Chapter 426 - Everything Is Ready

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Chapter 426: Everything Is Ready

“You… You are?”

Ao Yu was so shocked that he tilted his neck backwards to a very exaggerated angle.

He had seen the person in front of him before but he could not believe that this was the person he remembered.

“Senior, we can’t stay here for long. Let’s go somewhere else first.”

After saying that, Chen Chen found something similar to a spirit beast bag from the storage rings of the Evil Dragon Sect disciples.

“Senior, I’m sorry to trouble you to stay here for now.”

“You… you…”

Before Ao Yu could recover from his shock, a few rays of light appeared in the distance. When he saw those rays of light, he reacted and went into the spirit beast pouch without saying a word.

Half a day later.

The man and the dragon went into a deep mountain. Ao Yu shrunk to the size of a man.

At this moment, it finally realized what had happened.

This “Senior”in front of it was actually an acquaintance from the lower realm! When it ascended, this acquaintance was only at the initial stage of the Void Refinement realm, and was even chased like a dog by a human cultivator.

In the end, it hadn’t been long since he arrived in the upper realm, and he actually met this acquaintance again.

And this time, the one who was chased like a dog was it, but the one who saved it was this acquaintance.

This dragon’s fate was truly marvelous. Could it be that this unremarkable little fellow had eaten some immortal pill and gained its current strength?

To be honest, if it hadn’t seen this little fellow again, it would have almost forgotten that there was such a person.


Hearing this address, Ao Yu shook his head repeatedly and said, “Ahem, you are no longer the same as before. You don’t need to call me Senior anymore. You and I can just call each other Fellow Daoists.”

After saying that, a trace of shame flashed through his eyes.

Calling each other Senior was actually because he was too thick-skinned. With Chen Chen’s current strength, it would be easy to kill him. How could there be such a Fellow Daoist?

“Then Fellow Daoist Ao, do you have any plans in the future?” Chen Chen asked with a smile.

Ao Yu fell into deep thought when he heard that. After a long while, he shook his head. “Originally, I wanted to look for my clan’s Senior. However, this upper realm is different from what I imagined. Whether my clan’s Senior is still alive is uncertain. I don’t have any plans for the future.”

After listening, Chen Chen said directly, “Fellow Daoist Ao, how about this? From now on, you shall be my follower. I already have a sect in the southern region. Although the sect’s strength is average, it’s not a problem for me to protect myself as long as we don’t cause trouble.”

Ao Yu was slightly enticed by his words.

To be honest, he had just ascended when he landed in the southern region. Ever since he came to the upper realm, he had met with danger several times. It was only through luck that he managed to avoid danger.

It was impossible to say that it did not want to have a stable backer, but it also had some concerns.

Chen Chen saw through its concerns at a glance. He shook his head and smiled. “Follow me and we will still call each other Fellow Daoists. I will not force you to do anything you don’t like.”

Ao Yu was a little embarrassed to be seen through. He said, “Fellow Daoist, what are you after?”

“You and I come from the same realm. You saved me once back then. Shouldn’t we help each other?”

Chen Chen’s words made Ao Yu feel a little touched. On second thought, it was indeed so.

It was alone now. What could Chen Chen want from it?

Could he be after it’s cultivation level of the early stage of the Spirit Severing stage or because he was poor?

Even if he still had some special value, it was far from being Chen Chen taking the risk to kill a disciple of a large sect.

The only explanation could only be friendship.

Thinking of this, Ao Yu nodded and said, “In that case, I will follow you in the future. If you need any help, I will not decline as long as I can do it!”

“In that case, it’s a deal.” Chen Chen smiled cheerfully, setting the tone for this matter.

At the same time, in the depths of the southern mountain range, there stood a huge temple building. This was a branch hall of the Evil Fiend Hall.

There were hundreds of small figures lined up in the branch hall. At this moment, one of the small figures suddenly cracked and turned into pieces with a bang.

In front of the hall, a black-robed elder slowly opened his eyes and looked at the pieces, his brows slightly raised.

In the next second, a figure the size of a finger appeared out of thin air. It was the fallen Evil Fiend Hall disciple.

“Elder! You must avenge me!”

The tiny figure wept bitterly. His eyes were filled with endless hatred as well as endless regret.

The black-robed elder said coldly, “Who killed you?”

“It was Heavenly Fiend City, a personal disciple of Heavenly Fiend City. I saw that he cultivated the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique!” The tiny figure waved his arms and spoke extremely quickly. After he finished speaking, his figure had already dimmed a little, and he looked like he would disappear at any moment.

“A personal disciple of Heavenly Fiend City? You offended him?” The black-robed elder asked in surprise.

“I didn’t! I don’t even know him! The moment he appeared, he destroyed the four Evil Dragon Sect disciples who were with me! After that, he even killed me!”

The tiny figure had a sullen look on his face as he said with great resentment.

“What does he look like?” The black-robed elder asked again.

It must be known that Heavenly Fiend city’s personal disciples were not ordinary disciples. There were very few of them. Every single one of them was a famous existence. Although the ordinary disciples did not know him, he knew all of them.

“He wore a mask, but I can see his true appearance clearly!”

As he said that, the tiny figure began to describe Chen Chen’s true appearance. The black-robed elder frowned when he heard that.

Among the personal disciples of Heavenly Fiend City, there were four who were below the Unification Stage, but he could not remember which one of them had this appearance.

Could it be that there were personal disciples hidden in Heavenly Fiend City?

Actually, this was very possible. Which sect did not have many hidden geniuses? The Evil Fiend Hall also had one.

“Elder, he has mastered the law of wood! And he also has an extremely powerful brick-shaped dharma treasure! Elder, please seek justice for me!”

The little man shouted hurriedly. After he finished speaking, his body suddenly turned dark and disappeared into the world.

The black-robed elder closed his eyes, then suddenly stood up and walked out of the main hall.

The Evil Fiend Hall was the overlord of the southern region. Within the southern region, the disciples of the Heavenly Fiend City dared to casually kill people from the Evil Fiend Hall. This matter could not be let go just like that.

Even if that person was a hidden disciple of the Heavenly Fiend City, he still had to drag him out and let the Heavenly Fiend City give him an explanation!

Chen Chen didn’t know how many cultivators he had killed, but it actually caused the butterfly effect, causing friction between the two superpowers.

At this moment, he was taking Ao Yu out to buy some refining materials. As for inquiring about the true spirit descendants, he didn’t show it. He only paid special attention to them.

The main reason was that he was afraid of leaving a psychological scar on Ao Yu.

In the blink of an eye, after wandering outside for half a month, Chen Chen returned to the Golden Saint Sect and the first person he saw was Sect Master Jin.

“Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, I wonder if this trip will go smoothly?”

Sect Master Jin asked nervously,

It involved the refining of Divine Gold and large quantities of dharma treasures. Although Tian Yun had already guaranteed and paid a deposit, he was still worried that the other sect wouldn’t agree.

After all, although the Golden Saint Sect was good at refining artifacts, they were still not qualified to refine artifacts for super large sects.

“Of course, it went smoothly,”said Chen Chen Chen with a smile.

“Then Omnis Divine Gold…”a light flashed in Sect Master Jin’s eyes.

Omnis Divine Gold had the lowest limit among the ten great Divine Gold. It was weaker than ordinary refining materials, but its upper limit was also the highest. When it was strong, nothing could compare.

As a refiner, he naturally wanted to see such a divine material.

Chen Chen looked at him and shook his head. “Sect Master Jin, I don’t have it with me. The Omni Divine Gold is no small matter. It cannot be refined in your sect. I hope you can understand.”

Upon hearing this, Sect Master Jin’s eyes dimmed a bit, but he could understand.

On one hand, the Golden Saint Sect’s defense was not strong enough. Secondly, the Golden Saint Sect obviously could not gain the other sect’s 100% trust.

“Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, I can understand. It’s just that I thought too simply. It’s not too much to be too careful with these materials.”

“It’s good that Fellow Daoist can understand. If it goes well this time, there might be a chance to refine Divine Gold in the future. I just wonder how the materials for refining are now?”Chen Chen comforted and asked.

“All the Spirit Stones in our Golden Saint Sect have been spent on refining materials and so have all the inventory. Although these preparations can’t be compared to those big sects, it’s already the limit of the Golden Saint Sect!”

Sect Master Jin cheered up, and his eyes gradually lit up.

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