I Have Medicine - Chapter 246 - A Warm Welcome

Chapter 246 - A Warm Welcome

These medicinal pills were all ones that Gu Zuo prepared for Gongyi Tianheng prior to his departure. Their quality was outstanding, and they were classified as top grade pills which were rather effective for internal injuries. Although they were inferior compared to the targeted nature of the Viscera Growth Pill, because their product grades were very high, the pills were likewise very miraculous.

Originally, because the several Qingyun Sect disciples were in great pain and they lacked the corresponding pills, any healing would’ve been delayed. Now that they obtained these medicinal pills, although it was somewhat embarrassing, the disciples immediately swallowed them. After taking the medicine, they immediately sensed a formidable medicinal power resonating within their bodies.

The disciple who was the most heavily injured recovered some vitality. He eagerly asked: “Senior Sect Brother Gongyi, which medicine store did you get these pills from?”

But right away, he felt something was amiss. The source of top grade medicinal pills wasn’t something that could be told to others so easily. After figuring it out, he didn’t investigate any further, but his expression was still sad.

Tianheng smiled: “This medicine was produced by my subordinate pharmacist. Merely, it’s extremely difficult to refine, and very few can be made.”

The several Inner Sect disciples sighed: “So it’s like this. Senior Sect Brother Gongyi is very blessed to have this pharmacist under your command.”

Tianheng’s eyes softened: “Indeed, I’m very blessed.” Soon after, he consoled the people and said, “Everyone should first search through the Sect. If you guys can’t find any medicine, you can also look for me. Although I wouldn’t dare guarantee that I’ll certainly have it, it might be possible if everyone is willing to provide enough medicinal ingredients.”

The several disciples heard this, and they all felt at ease in their hearts.

This fellow disciple was truly virtuous and righteous. Although their realms were higher, calling him Senior Sect Brother wouldn’t be in vain.

Because their hearts were filled with good impressions of Tianheng, it was only natural that they cupped their hands in obeisance: “In that case, many thanks, Senior Sect Brother Gongyi. If we’re unable to obtain medicine, we’ll certainly prepare many medicinal ingredients and pay you a visit!”

Tianheng exchanged his address information with them. Immediately following which, they all went their separate ways, and he went along with Huang Ji towards his own hilltop. Before leaving, those Inner Sect disciples also paid their respects to Huang Ji, but they didn’t dare to speak any more words. In their hearts, they were very curious how this Senior Sect Brother Gongyi was able to be so familiar with the Sky Leaderboard’s number one. Through some calculations, many had some ideas.

After returning to his own hill, Tianheng saw a figure rushing over from far away. This didn’t require a careful look to find that the little pharmacist with a face full of joy had noticed him even earlier.

Tianheng’s heart warmed, and the corner of his mouth curled up. He extended his hands to catch this person: “Ah Zuo, why did you come out?”

— In fact, Gu Zuo couldn’t be blamed for being too eager.

Because, ever since that system-installed contract had evolved into a Profound Friendship between the two, after Tianheng showed up within a certain range around him, Gu Zuo could sense his counterpart’s existence. It went without saying that, every day, he would think about his dear big brother hurriedly returning to discuss matters. While pill refining, he suddenly had a response today. Why wouldn’t he be in a happy mood?

However, just when Gu Zuo was in the middle of celebrating, he discovered that his big brother unexpectedly wasn’t moving. He thought about going out to find Tianheng, but he was worried that they’d miss each other along the way. As a result, he could only wait like this. After waiting on pins and needles, his big brother finally moved again. Naturally, Gu Zuo hurriedly ran out, wanting to welcome Tianheng the very moment he returned.

Gu Zuo would certainly be embarrassed if he said it like this.

He grabbed Tianheng’s arms to steady himself. He realized that he was a little too excited, and forced a few laughs. He jumped down: “Because big brother hadn’t returned for so long, I missed you a little bit.”

The moment these words came out, his face immediately heated up.

Tianheng looked at his appearance, and guessed what he wanted to say. Tianheng couldn’t help laughing. Soon after, he patted Gu Zuo’s head, placed his hand on Gu Zuo’s shoulder, and led the way back to the top of the hill: “I’ve also rather missed Ah Zuo. I brought back some medicinal ingredients, too. Ah Zuo, see if you can use them&#k2026;”

Meanwhile, Huang Ji was walking quietly. Because his imposing aura was very powerful, his presence was also very strong.

Gu Zuo quivered. He abruptly realized that he had forgotten to say hello. He promptly said in embarrassment: “Senior Sect Brother Huang, sorry about…”

Speaking up to here, he didn’t know how to take responsibility. Should he say that he was sorry about not noticing Huang Ji? No matter how he said it, it would appear inappropriate and neglectful.

Huang Ji saw that Gu Zuo finally noticed him, and he gave Gu Zuo a nod: “I’ll be going first.”

After he finished speaking, he leaped out. Then, he disappeared between heaven and earth like an arcing bolt of lightning.

Gu Zuo: “…”

In a moment of carelessness, he had ignored a noble guest.

Although he wasn’t blamed, he felt that he’d let the other down…

After returning to the hill, Gu Zuo didn’t bother with any medicinal ingredients. He immediately gripped Gongyi Tianheng’s wrist and gave him an examination. Gu Zuo discovered that the internal injuries really were…out of the ordinary.

Gu Zuo was suddenly speechless.

There was no need for a careful inspection. Gu Zuo found that there were countless injuries of various sizes scattered throughout his internal organs. The number of serious injuries that would’ve brought Tianheng close to death numbered at least four or five. This was because, after every time a medicinal pill was used to bring one back, all kinds of medicinal powers wouldn’t be completely absorbed. To some extent, traces of qi emissions would be left over, which could appear in one’s perception — Of course, if a person wasn’t continuously getting injured and taking medicinal pills, it wouldn’t be so obvious. While it was like this now, if another length of time passed, the traces would be thoroughly absorbed.

Gu Zuo found it somewhat difficult to bear in his heart.

How bitter and desperate this time’s adventure must’ve been…

In fact, just by looking at the bloody garments his big brother was wearing right now, one could already see the intensity of those close-quarter fights.

Soon after, Gu Zuo made a careful inspection, and discovered that quite a few powers within his big brother’s body were particularly exuberant. But overall, a balance still existed in the internal organs. Tianheng’s meridians had also been broken and repaired a few times. They were more resilient than before, but they still needed proper recuperation. Otherwise, allowing things to accumulate over a long period of time would be inappropriate.

Generally speaking, the problems weren’t big.

Gu Zuo sighed in relief. Then, he called for a Tianlong Guard: “Dragon Three!”

Dragon Three appeared in a flash.

Gu Zuo instructed: “Help prepare a tub of hot water for big brother to take a bath.”

Dragon Three accepted the order, and went out.

Tianheng smiled and said: “Ah Zuo is becoming more and more thorough now.”

Gu Zuo rubbed his nose, and didn’t say anything.

With his big brother’s current appearance, no matter who it was, they would all want to ask him to take a bath first…

Everyone handled their own matters. While Tianheng took a bath in the room, Gu Zuo spent a minute pondering over the problem of nursing his big brother’s body. After that, he used the remaining time to swiftly take out medicinal ingredients, and to concoct a tub of medicinal decoction.

Tianheng was the young master of an aristocratic family, but he was also a person who practiced martial arts. When it was necessary — For example, his present filthy state— He nevertheless bathed very quickly.

After his “battle” with the bath, when Tianheng was just about to get out of that tub of dirty water and put on the clothes that were placed on the side, the door was opened by someone. At the same time, a voice came through: “Big brother, wait a moment!”

Tianheng paused, and looked at the doorway.

As expected, Gu Zuo bounded inside. Dragon Three trailed behind him, carrying a big tub of medicinal decoction.

Gu Zuo saw that Tianheng hadn’t gotten out of the water yet, and he loosened a sigh. Gu Zuo waved his hand and said: “Big brother, come quick. Soak in the medicinal decoction!”

Tianheng looked at Gu Zuo’s eagerly-attentive appearance, and shook his head. Then, he soon smiled and replied: “Okay. Many thanks, Ah Zuo.”

When Tianheng finished his words, he encircled his waist with a bath towel, soared up, and landed directly inside the other bathtub.

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes.

…His big brother’s movements were still really fast.

Afterwards, Dragon Three put away that bathtub filled with bloody water, and Gu Zuo arrived in front of the medicinal decoction bathtub.

Tianheng experienced a pincushion-like pain throughout his limbs and bones, as well as a bloated feeling after that endless medicinal power entered his body. He slowly exhaled.

Then, he opened his eyes and saw Gu Zuo’s glancing and slightly guilty face. He smiled tenderly: “Ah Zuo, what’s wrong? Is there something you want to tell your elder brother?”

Gu Zuo lightly scratched the side of his face, and nodded his head: “There is, indeed, something…”

Immediately following that, he told Tianheng all about Chongyun Sect’s arrival and provocation, Xu Lingxiu allowing him to participate, his impulsive actions prior to the spar, some of the follow-up conjectures, and so on.

After Gu Zuo finished speaking, he was a little conflicted: “Big brother, I’m not sure if I made a mistake or not… At the time, I just couldn’t restrain myself. Since Chongyun Sect could use psychic powers, I felt that there was nothing to fear by revealing myself on this side. But, will this cause trouble for big brother?”

Tianheng listened to him slowly explain, and gently sighed: “This time, my thinking wasn’t thorough enough. I’ve made things difficult for you.”

Yes. He had made numerous discreet inquires about that thing called psychic power, but he never heard of any clues in this respect pertaining to Qingyun Sect’s pharmacists. The Southeastern Expanse also didn’t exist within his store of knowledge. Naturally, he was incapable of making more predictions. Although he thought there’d be a day when Gu Zuo’s psychic power was exposed, he didn’t expect that they would meet this turning point so early… However, it couldn’t be said that this turning point was a bad thing.

The whole time, Gu Zuo was on tenterhooks as he waited for an answer. He watched Tianheng’s expression, and didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

A good while later, Tianheng finally smiled at him: “There’s no need to worry. Ah Zuo did an excellent job. If you had informed the Sect late, it would be hard to avoid the resentment of blackmail or coercion. But you seized the opportunity to mention it during that moment, which instead revealed your devotion to the Sect. This also won’t cause people to harbor excessive suspicions. Your friendship with Xu Lingxiu also naturally speaks on your behalf. At that time, you believed in him, and he will certainly do more to protect you now.”

As Gu Zuo listened to Tianheng speak, he immediately laid down his worries.

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