I Have Medicine - Chapter 247 - Planning

Chapter 247 - Planning

Following this, Gongyi Tianheng muttered to himself for a moment: “As for the requested items in the exchange with the Sect…”

Gu Zuo hastily asked: “What does big brother suggest?”

Tianheng said: “The psychic power technique is a hundred times more valuable than the Spirit Devouring Pill Refining Method, but as members of Qingyun Sect, you and I receive the Sect’s protection. So, we can’t be too greedy.”

Gu Zuo nodded repeatedly to express his understanding: “I know, big brother. We can’t ask for things that we can’t use. What we obtain can become our strength — Either things that have specific advantages at the present time, or things that have long-term benefits.”

Tianheng praised: “Children can be taught.” After he finished speaking, he started to give pointers, “Ah Zuo, right now, you don’t lack techniques or golden banknotes. What you lack are only some external objects. To the best of my knowledge, the Sect’s Pharmacist Hall has a lot of Elders. They can have a fixed amount of precious medicinal ingredients every month. You can request a token for the pay equal to that of an Elder, but without any of the authority.”

Gu Zuo thought about it, and felt that it was very reasonable. He delightfully said: “What big brother says makes sense!”

Tianheng kept talking: “Aside from this, you originally obtained two stalks of spirit medicine with the Spirit Devouring Pill Refining Method. Now, you can strive for five stalks. This request isn’t excessive.”

Gu Zuo knew that there were some reserves of spirit medicine in Qingyun Sect. Its foundations were very robust, so taking out five stalks also shouldn’t have been a problem in the least. He continued to nod: “This is good, too!”

Tianheng faintly smiled: “When it comes to a pharmacist’s needs, besides medicinal ingredients, nothing can surpass a fire and cauldron. Ah Zuo, although you have a Wondrous Fire in your body, you shouldn’t rashly reveal this Wondrous Fire prior to reaching the Immortal Realm. Since it’s like this, you can seek a first class Wondrous Fire for refining pills normally. As for the cauldron…” At this point, he sighed, “As for the pill cauldron, I’ve wronged you. I haven’t prepared an attributed pill cauldron for you yet.”

Gu Zuo immediately said: “Don’t say that. The pill cauldrons that big brother prepared are very good! It might not be that comfortable if I used an attributed cauldron or whatever…”

On the contrary, this was the truth.

It still came back to that previous statement. Regardless of whether it was increasing the pill refining rate or the attributes of certain medicinal pills, he didn’t need an attributed cauldron at all. Spending so much money to give him a pill cauldron would be in vain. It wasn’t capable of allowing him to refine pills better, so why bother?

Tianheng felt that Gu Zuo was adorable, and reached out a hand to pinch his cheek: “It’s great that Ah Zuo doesn’t blame this elder brother.”

Gu Zuo allowed the pinch before shaking his head: “I don’t blame you.” After that, he remembered something, “Big brother, everything you mentioned so far is stuff that I want. If there’s something you want, we can keep exchanging, okay?”

When he thought about it, he knew that those suggested requests truly were inexpensive. Adding one more thing to the trade wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Tianheng lightly nodded his head: “As for the rewards that I’m capable of digesting now, I’ve already obtained them during the previous exchange for the Spirit Devouring Pill Refining Method. If I ask for more, it’ll be a disaster instead of good fortune. However, the Sect’s foundations are strong and solid. It is deep and immeasurable. Perhaps, there’s still some secret benefits that it can bestow upon me. At the time of the transaction, the Sect may give it to me.”

Gu Zuo heard this, and thought deeply: “In any case, big brother won’t suffer any losses.”

Meanwhile, Tianheng soaked in the medicinal decoction, and smiled warmly. It was dazzling like a bright moon. Not even a whiff of the stench of blood remained, so anyone who directly looked at him would be left in a dazed trance.

After Gongyi Tianheng finished soaking, he put on his clothes, and went out to eat the medicinal cuisine prepared by Gu Zuo. This was also for the sake of recuperation. In addition, because the pills for the trip outside had been nearly used up, Gu Zuo supplied much more to his inter-spatial tool to make up for it. Also, some of the recently refined enhanced versions of the top grade Small True Yang Pill and top grade Qi Accumulating Pills were all stuffed inside.

While Tianheng was eating, Gu Zuo chattered to fill him in on some things. The entire time, Tianheng’s face wore a contented smile.

The other Gongyi Clan children and subordinates also took this opportunity to pay their respects. Gu Zuo watched Gongyi Mingxia come over, and beckoned her to accept one of the many meals he’d just cooked. He asked her to deliver it to Huang Ji.

After Mingxia paid her respects to Tianheng, she promptly went to deliver the food.

Tianheng raised an eyebrow: “It looks like Mingxia and Huang Ji have been getting along pretty well. It seems that she can withstand Senior Sect Brother Huang’s rough treatment.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head and said: “Mingxia is really fond of Senior Sect Brother Huang’s guidance.”

Tianheng had a pensive look.

Gu Zuo saw him acting this way, and couldn’t help his curiosity: “What is big brother thinking about?”

Tianheng waved a hand to send away the other visiting Gongyi Clan children and subordinates. After that, he didn’t keep it from Gu Zuo, and simply said to him: “If it’s feasible, I intend on having Mingxia accept Huang Ji as her master.”

Gu Zuo blanked: “To have Mingxia apprentice under Huang Ji?” He hesitated, “Then, will Senior Sect Brother Huang agree?”

Tianheng said meaningfully: “So long as Mingxia is also interested, it’ll be fine if we come up with a proper plan.”

Gu Zuo didn’t have any objections: “Whatever big brother says, goes.”

In this respect, it was clear that it was his big brother whose considerations were even more comprehensive. Huang Ji wasn’t necessarily a good teacher, but Mingxia’s current progress truly was very great. Perhaps his guidance methods were suited to Mingxia, which allowed Mingxia to enjoy them? Since it was like this, it also wouldn’t be inappropriate. Moreover, Huang Ji’s moral standing was good, and his temperament was straightforward. His background also didn’t have too many messy benefits and involvements. It could be said that his record was spotless. Letting Mingxia become an apprentice was also considered as allowing Huang Ji to grow closer to them. After thinking about it, it was truly an excellent choice.

Tianheng didn’t talk too much about this matter. After only bringing it up with Gu Zuo, Tianheng regaled him with the experience of adventuring with Huang Ji.

The place they went to was called the Deer Blood Mountain Range. It was classified as a region where Spirit-Level wild beasts gathered. The Spirit-Level wild beasts at the outer circle were mostly at the basic Spirit-Level. The deeper one went, the higher the ranks of the wild beasts. The beasts that occupied the core zone were quite a few superior Spirit-Level wild beasts that had divided territories.

Because Huang Ji had already reached high Immortal Realm, and he was constantly striding towards peak Immortal Realm, the place he wanted to go was precisely the inner circle, which was brimming with mid and high Spirit-Level wild beasts.

As for Tianheng? His present strength far surpassed that of ordinary Xiantian stage sixes. Below the Immortal Realm, unless he encountered a superb talent who could likewise fight against the higher ranks, even a peak Xiantian martial artist wouldn’t necessarily have been able to handle him. But, what he currently wanted to face were basic Spirit-Level wild beasts — While he did once slay such a beast, that kind of killing method really couldn’t meet his needs. Now, with his own true level, he went to forge a style that was to his satisfaction.

Huang Ji still conducted himself with integrity and loyalty.

After Tianheng was brought along, he was specially prepared to stay behind for half a day in the outer circle.

Of course, he also slaughtered some basic Spirit-Level wild beasts and extracted their blood essence, but his most important goal was still protecting Tianheng and allowing him to adapt to the outer circle’s environment first.

Tianheng didn’t disappoint Huang Ji. He only took two hours to ascertain much of the terrain. Following that, so long as he was careful enough, running for his life probably wouldn’t be a big problem.

Hence, Huang Ji only stayed for these two hours before turning around and leaving.

Merely, Huang Ji didn’t expect that Tianheng’s main goal in the outer circle wasn’t to experience the Spirit-Level wild beasts’ attack methods nor to rely on fleeing and dodging. Because Tianheng had immediately chosen a Spirit-Level wild beast and started to fight it in a life or death battle!

As a result, after Huang Ji delightfully fought a few times and thoroughly eradicated several mid Spirit-Level wild beasts, when he turned around and went back to the outer circle, what he saw was a seriously injured Tianheng sitting under a tree. However, he was taking medicinal pills, and his face was serene.

This moment’s Tianheng was emitting the stench of blood and an incomparably dangerous resentful energy. His eyeballs were pitch-black, but for some reason, his eyes were surrounded with twisting wisps of blood. His entire person possessed a type of peculiar terror.

Huang Ji sensed danger.

Although he didn’t believe that this type of power was currently capable of threatening him, the muscles of his body were still stretched taut. He could perceive the resentful energy’s skin-slicing feeling of battle anxiety — It probably wouldn’t take long for this danger to genuinely become a threat!

For the next few days, Huang Ji would often hunt and return. And every time, he would see a Tianheng who was covered all over in cuts and bruises. At the start, Huang Ji only saw him by himself. Gradually, he could see the corpses of basic Spirit-Level wild beasts, and after that, Tianheng’s injuries slowly decreased. Meanwhile, the resentful energy on his body deepened with each passing day.

Where was that normal appearance of an aristocratic family’s young master on this time’s Tianheng? Even if he smiled, it would make a person tremble in fear.

During the final day, under Tianheng’s request, Huang Ji took him to the inner circle.

In this place, they were soon discovered by mid Spirit-Level wild beasts. Moreover, during this trip, it wasn’t only a single beast. Rather, there were as many as eight beasts!

While Huang Ji was very powerful, and his realm was one stage higher than that of a mid Spirit-Level wild beast, one shouldn’t forget that wild beasts with equivalent realms were stronger than their martial artist counterparts. As a result, when these eight mid Spirit-Level wild beasts came over, even though they faced Huang Ji, the threat they posed wasn’t small.

What’s more, Tianheng was also here.

As one could well imagine, if Huang Ji wanted to look after Tianheng, he inevitably wasn’t as nimble as usual. Later on, Tianheng took a Jinyuan Pill, allowing his own strength to abruptly rise three stages. He unexpectedly broke through his limits, and contended with two to three mid Spirit-Level wild beasts!

However, the Jinyuan Pill wasn’t all-powerful. He improved his realm, but his improved strength wasn’t so exaggerated as to have truly achieved three of Tianheng’s realms. Following this, Huang Ji slaughtered those mid Spirit-Level wild beasts one after another. And Tianheng, who helped him pin down a portion of the beasts, was also worn-out and ragged.

This was the actual truth which brought about Tianheng’s blood-drenched looks — Yes. During the first few days, he slew wild beasts and his clothes were damaged. Naturally, he could change into new clothes, but it was during the last day that he didn’t have enough clothes to use. He wanted to return as quickly as possible, which led to this appearance. As for the blood on his body, all of it was from being splashed after he wounded a mid Spirit-Level wild beast in passing. The resentful energy and the frightening grudge and willpower of the wild beast contained within the blood naturally skyrocketed. It was extremely scary.

After Gu Zuo finished listening, he suddenly understood: “Big brother truly worked hard on this time’s excursion…”

Tianheng smiled and said: “For the sake of raising my strength, this doesn’t amount to much.”

As it turned out, he also finished eating at this time. He directly handed his inter-spatial tool over to Gu Zuo. Inside the inter-spatial tool, were numerous special-material gourds. Besides the blood and blood essence of Spirit-Level wild beasts, loaded within the gourds was the blood of all kinds of non Spirit-Level wild beasts that he had killed in passing. There was also some medicinal ingredients that he’d encountered as well as the corpses of many wild beasts. Everything was given to Gu Zuo for processing.

Gu Zuo was pleased to receive the inter-spatial tool: “Big brother, rest assured. I’ll certainly refine all of it into medicine!”

Tianheng broke into laughter. He ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair, and softly said: “Okay.”

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