I Have Medicine - Chapter 333 - As I Sleep In Your Arms

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Chapter 333 - As I Sleep In Your Arms

In the end, Gu Zuo didn’t refuse Gongyi Tianheng’s good intentions, especially after Tianheng told Gu Zuo about some of his trump cards. At that point, Gu Zuo reluctantly set aside his worries. At the same time, he also planned to improve his own strength at all costs and to steadily become a profound-level pharmacist. After that, he would nurture lots of powerhouses for his big brother — At the very least, he had to establish a hundred-eighty-person team of Ascendant Realm bodyguards to make him feel slightly relieved.

Perhaps, all that he could leave behind for his big brother…would be these traces.

Tossing his head side to side, he threw out these pessimistic thoughts. Gu Zuo followed Tianheng, and they had already arrived at the summit.

Although Ao Ying and the other battle slaves were personal guards, this didn’t mean that they stuck close to their charges. Rather, so long as it was within a certain range, they could hurry over in an instant.

Consequently, the true destination on the summit was Tianheng’s extremely private territory — Even that blood pool of his had been arranged in a somewhat lower location.

Gu Zuo lifted his eyes, and witnessed the view of the summit.

It stood to reason that the taller the mountain peak, the colder it was. However, it was quite different here. Unexpectedly, it was as warm as spring. The meadow was a jade-like green, the forest provided ample shade, and some exotic flowers and rare herbs blossomed in between. With one look, a person’s mood couldn’t help but become cheered and delighted.

The summit also wasn’t lofty and majestic like the palace hall a quarter of the way up the mountain. This place only had a rather spacious, wooden house, which was separated into a bedroom and reading room. In addition, constructed on the other side was an even more standalone room. Its style was ancient and staid, and its size was delicate and charming. It was a flawlessly-built medicine refining room.

This was such a large area. Apart from many natural and idyllic scenes, there was actually only this small building. It could accommodate no more than a few people to live in.

After Gu Zuo saw this, a hint of nostalgia flickered through his eyes.

At the very beginning, he and his big brother met each other at a villa. That place’s residence was almost the same as the one here. As for any differences, there was just the standalone medicine refining room, which had been directly refurbished from a pre-existing room.

As he thought about their first encounter, Gu Zuo’s face reddened somewhat.

Back then, he had only been fifteen years old when he came to this world. His lack of knowledge and a system that threatened obliteration caused him to go and find a patron who would invest in himself. At that time, what did he understand? After such a scare, it was only natural that he hurriedly went to look for one. After a few rounds of careful selections, he finally picked this sickly big brother.

During this period, there was nothing Gu Zuo could do. He clearly knew that he would eventually get into trouble on account of his precious items. With no other alternative, he confessed the matter of the system to his family’s big brother, who was still a stranger. At that time, he thought it would be simple. There was a contract where both sides couldn’t harm one another. Moreover, he felt that he was being very self-aware. Whenever there was anything he didn’t understand, he didn’t conceal it. On the contrary, he was candid and forthright, which removed the other party’s suspicions of him. Thus, his small life was saved!

Now that he considered it, his thought process really had been a bit simple. Contracts and the like weren’t actually reliable. If his big brother was willing, Tianheng could’ve used other methods to restrict him — Fortunately, this inadvertent gambler won this authentic bet. Not only wasn’t he harmed, he also gained his most important person in this other world. He was well taken care of! But if that person hadn’t been his big brother, who would’ve had that sort of courage out of all the people of the Cangyun Empire? Perhaps, Gu Zuo would’ve died much earlier!

As a result, although he still had a bit of lingering fear, Gu Zuo didn’t have any regrets.

If his big brother, who was thoughtful and considerate towards him in all respects, hadn’t been there to cover for him, he would’ve been discovered by someone else. At that point, who knew what kind of tragic ending awaited him?

What’s more, he was still able to make progress to the present time, and he could still go back.

For a moment, Gu Zuo was moved with sorrow.

This was also considered…a scene which evoked the past.

It was just that, while he originally should’ve felt tenderness and warmth, because his own thinking was askew, this warmth turned into feelings of love and admiration. With regards to this, he was unworthy of his big brother’s kindness.

Ah, this shouldn’t have happened.

Meanwhile, Tianheng had one arm wrapped around Gu Zuo as they went to that medicine refining room. He pushed open the door: “I made this place according to the layout Ah Zuo’s used to. If Ah Zuo needs anything, just mention it. I’ll make it up to Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo looked around. Sure enough, the arrangement of everything inside was the way he liked the most. However, the quality of every object here was higher than what he previously used. The quantities were also much greater. Medicine cabinets and other storage containers were replenished with many ingredients. The majority of these herbs were comparatively unorthodox. The person who prepared this medicine refining room had obviously put a lot of thought into it.

Naturally, he wasn’t dissatisfied at all.

Gu Zuo faced Tianheng, and revealed a great, big smile: “Big brother, I like everything about this place. There’s nothing else I need to add!”

Tianheng’s gaze softened slightly: “Later on, if you think of anything, just tell me.”

Gu Zuo, of course, nodded.

After that, the two walked out of the medicine refining room. Tianheng led Gu Zuo to their rooms, and opened the door: “The reading room was built somewhat large. Although there’s only one table in the room, Ah Zuo can work at the same table with me. There’s no need for us to be so far apart.”

Then, Gu Zuo followed Tianheng into the bedroom. His footsteps came to a halt.

This place was nearly identical to the villa all those years ago. As a result, both of their beds were inside the same room, too.

But this time, there wasn’t a large bed and a soft couch. Instead, there were two similarly soft beds. Although the room was fairly spacious, these two beds weren’t small. It was to the point that nearly the entire room was occupied. There was only a partitioning aisle in the middle that was less than a meter wide. It was just big enough to let one person walk through.

Gu Zuo: “…”

With things like this, if they went to sleep at night, there wouldn’t be much of a difference from two people sleeping on a single bed. He knew that this was safer, and was more in line with their habitual lifestyles, but his current thoughts were already impure!

After waking up and seeing his family’s big brother and that incomparably handsome face of a male god, he really wasn’t sure if he was going to show any strange behaviors once something unexpected happened.

Truly, this made him quite nervous.

However, when Tianheng opened his mouth, his tone bore a somewhat smiling expression: “After this, Ah Zuo and I will live here just like we did in the past.”

Gu Zuo suppressed that bit of hesitation, and his voice carried acceptance…and happiness: “Whatever big brother says.”

Never mind. It wouldn’t matter.

He would just treat it as training for his acting skills…

They looked at everything they needed to see. Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s moods had calmed down quite a bit. Previously, their surroundings always had people nearby, so they couldn’t properly settle down. Now, they finally returned to Tianheng’s base of operations. Gu Zuo also regarded this place as their “new home”, and the sense of belonging in his heart increased.

The two came to a large boulder at the edge of a cliff on the mountain. They jumped onto it, and sat down.

Gu Zuo spoke with concern: “Big brother, you’ve been in Ten Ultimates Sect for a while. When do you plan on breaking through?”

Originally, they had been suppressing their realms. They felt it wasn’t too reliable to break through on the Peripheral Continents. But now, there was such a powerful sect backing them, and the Central Continent’s ambient qi was many times denser. Naturally, their breakthroughs shouldn’t be delayed any longer. What’s more, with Tianheng’s present identity, only a swift breakthrough to the Immortal Realm could allow those people watching from the sidelines to see his potential.

Tianheng faintly smiled: “Ah Zuo returned, so I’ll prepare to break through.”

Gu Zuo’s heart thumped: “Big brother has been waiting for me the whole time?”

Tianheng nodded his head: “Naturally. Ah Zuo was alone on the outside, so I couldn’t feel assured, and my mood was affected. How can I break through when I can’t keep a perfectly clear heart and mind?”

Gu Zuo’s expression crumpled: “I’ve burdened big brother again…”

Tianheng shook his head: “How can you say that you’re a burden? These kinds of words should’ve stopped being used a long time ago between the two of us.”

Gu Zuo was temporarily speechless. Hearing what Tianheng said, he hastily replied: “I misspoke.”

Tianheng didn’t mind. He also asked with deep concern: “Ah Zuo, how are you doing right now? Can you make a breakthrough?”

Gu Zuo thought it over: “My spiritual realm has already reached the Core Psyche Realm, and my internal qi realm ought to improve rapidly, too. This will allow me to refine medicinal pills of even higher levels. Previously, I felt that it was good enough to break through. Only, before I break through, I also need to refine pills for a few days to accurately seize that opportunity.”

Tianheng understood. After pondering for a bit, he said: “Since it’s like this, Ah Zuo doesn’t need to rush to refine pills. It’s already getting dark. Wait until tomorrow, and I’ll bring you to my Blood Transformation Palace Hall’s Path Comprehending Pavilion. In there, not only are there martial skills that I require, there are also spiritual techniques that Ah Zuo might need. After we browse through various cultivation methods, it won’t be too late to carefully prepare for our breakthroughs.”

Gu Zuo felt that this made sense: “What big brother says is right. The Immortal Realm is a critical juncture. We can’t treat it lightly. If we make some more realizations, it’ll definitely be even more advantageous.”

Besides, he also wanted to take a look. The things that the pharmacists studied in this place were methods of the path of spirituality. Were those inner cultivation methods he obtained from the system any different from the ones here?

After coming to a decision, the two usually cultivated or rested.

Gu Zuo’s heartstrings were a little tense.

Would he cultivate or rest…

Without waiting for the outcome of Gu Zuo’s hesitation, Tianheng had already made a plan. He beckoned to Gu Zuo, and said with a smile: “Ah Zuo, come here.”

Gu Zuo subconsciously went over: “Big brother?”

Just then, Tianheng pulled him to the bedside and said: “This elder brother has finally found Ah Zuo. Today, how about you and I sleep together just like old time’s sake as brothers?”

Gu Zuo was practically stupefied.

S-sleep together?!

In his mind, this directly translated to getting married!

Big brother, this is too&#k2026;

Although it was normal for brothers to share a bed, sleeping in the same bed after a long reunion was a good way to pull a relationship closer together. However, Gu Zuo truly felt that his good impressions of his big brother were already full to bursting. There wasn’t any need for such fostering!

If his feelings were fostered any further, he wouldn’t be able help wanting to —

Stop. He couldn’t allow himself to be “full of vim and vigor”.

But if he could sleep with his big brother… Actually, he really wanted to get a bit closer to Tianheng.

Gu Zuo’s heart was in the middle of a fierce struggle.

Tianheng was still waiting for his answer with a smile. Noticing that Gu Zuo’s attention had drifted, Tianheng simply bent a finger and flicked his forehead: “Ah Zuo, what’s wrong?”

Gu Zuo hastily shook his head. He suddenly thought of an excuse: “Nothing’s wrong. Did you want to go to sleep now? I still haven’t taken a bath…”

This was a conditioned reflex to follow his heart’s demands.

Tianheng smiled: “Previously, my master permitted me three spirit springs and one spirit lake. I had chosen a hot spring among them, which was placed on this mountain peak. Now that Ah Zuo has returned, we can go soak in it.”

Gu Zuo hadn’t soaked in a hot spring before. After hearing this, he was very interested: “Okay. Then, let’s take a dip!”

Soon after, Tianheng smiled as he led Gu Zuo out of the room, past a boulder, and towards the back.

The steam was thick over there. Sure enough, it was a pool of spring water where the waves inside lapped gently against the shore. One could see that the water wasn’t stagnant. There were faint currents of high temperature that churned the water, and steam would billow out into one’s face. It was quite comfortable.

Gu Zuo was delighted at a glance. He turned his head: “Big brother, I — Eh?”

Tianheng was right in the middle of taking off his outer robes: “What?”

Gu Zuo: “…”

T-this was the intention of bathing together!

Tianheng’s mood seemed rather cheerful: “The spring water is just right, and the pool is quite big. This elder brother will take a bath, too. After that, I’ll go to sleep early with Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo silently rubbed his face.

Okay. What he currently needed to do was to prevent his big brother from noticing clues by any means necessary. Speaking of which, his big brother’s body… Forget it. He shouldn’t think about it too much.

On the contrary, Tianheng was broad and open-hearted. Without any hindrances whatsoever, he removed his clothes, and sank into the water with only a single article of underclothes remaining.

For a moment, Gu Zuo didn’t know if he was disappointed or glad. Following that, he also took off his robes, except for his undergarments, and got into the water.

The distance that separated the two was roughly a little over a meter wide. Each of them soaked in the water quietly and peacefully, and their appearances were made indistinct by the water vapor. The atmosphere seemed especially gentle and placid.

Gu Zuo didn’t sneak a peek. He was restless, but he didn’t act on it.

After that, the sound of sloshing water appeared next to him.

Tianheng had walked a few steps over, closing that meter-long distance to a little less than eight inches.

Gu Zuo was a bit nervous.

Nevertheless, Tianheng was very magnanimous: “I’ve heard that in many families, brothers who have close relationships will scrub each other’s backs when bathing in a hot spring. It’s a freeing experience. Although we martial artists don’t have that many fun things to do, would Ah Zuo be willing to indulge this elder brother?”

When Gu Zuo previously treated Tianheng’s illness, to say nothing of the body’s exterior, even Tianheng’s insides were explored by his psychic power. However, at that time, his way of thinking truly couldn’t have been more pure and simple. How could it compare to now?

— The present Gu Zuo felt like his very own breath was filled with wicked desires. He didn’t dare to act the same way as before.

Gu Zuo, whose mood had become even more complicated, couldn’t help but stumble a bit.

To scrub or not to scrub — It was a serious question.

After reacting, Gu Zuo discovered that he was already sitting behind Tianheng. Using both hands to hold a towel, he was scrubbing a broad back with an up-and-down motion.

Wasn’t his subconscious moving a little too quickly?

Fortunately, it seemed that Tianheng hadn’t noticed anything either. He enjoyed himself while sitting with a calm and easy heart. There was the sound of his even breaths blowing through the steam. Although there were no other noises, Gu Zuo’s face still had a slightly hot temperature that was hard to control.

The muscles in front of him were as white as lustrous jade, but they were filled with strength. This sight almost caused Gu Zuo to close his eyes in a panic.

Actually, looking at a man’s back wasn’t alarming, but when there was a ghost in one’s heart, it would leave a person with a guilty conscience! No matter what he did, it would look blasphemous…

He scrubbed the back…

Scrubbed the back…


After who knew how long, the sound of splashing water echoed out in front again. Tianheng’s low, soft, and magnetic voice was heard: “You worked hard. Ah Zuo, turn around. Let your elder brother scrub your back, too.”

Gu Zuo felt like he was under a spell. Obviously, he ought to refuse at this time, but it was like the demons and gods were at work — He said nothing, and only turned around absentmindedly.

Immediately following this, a slightly warm qi emission came from behind. It pressed closer while carrying a familiar feeling. It practically bundled him up.

His big brother always had such a strong presence. It was hard to ignore.

Gu Zuo’s heartbeat sped up.

His big brother was very close! Compared to the eight inches he maintained just a moment ago, this distance seemed a bit shorter. Currently, it seemed like it was less than six inches. Ah, it was even closer!

If he moved just slightly backwards, he could completely retreat into his big brother’s embrace!

This wouldn’t do at all! He had to stay put!

Gu Zuo took a deep breath, and his body stretched taut.

Soon after, a pair of large and wide palms pressed down onto his two shoulders.

Tianheng said: “Ah Zuo’s really tired. You’ve been so stiff up until now.”

As Tianheng spoke, his slender fingers were already giving a gentle yet strong massage.

Gu Zuo: “…”

The agreed-upon back scrub had turned into a massage. The separation of a towel had become skin-on-skin contact. This would cause a person’s blood to start racing!

He couldn’t help sinking into a deep and frustrating melancholy.

Ever since he came to realize the feelings of his heart, he was suffering all the time… Unfortunately, it was like his big brother hadn’t noticed at all. He had to cast aside his own wicked thoughts three times a day!

But this was of no use.

Gu Zuo didn’t want to refuse Tianheng’s intimacy and trust, so he could only silently endure. Gradually, after Tianheng massaged him for a while, he slowly relaxed his body at long last. Soon after, Tianheng straightforwardly pressed against his back — At this time, should it be said that he was lucky Tianheng didn’t request to massage his front? Although he could refuse if the other party mentioned it, Gu Zuo couldn’t help feeling ashamed again at his own impure thoughts.

With great difficulty, this bath in the hot springs and this exercise of torment was over.

Tianheng walked out in a natural and leisurely manner. His qi energy rotated, and his entire body became dry. Gu Zuo also hastily operated his true qi. After sensing that no unmentionable changes had occurred with his own body, he hurriedly followed Tianheng, and returned to their room.

After that, Tianheng pulled Gu Zuo onto the bed. The two were lying side by side, close enough for their feet to touch.

Although… Gu Zuo was slightly shorter, so their feet couldn’t actually touch.

The two of them said nothing. Just like this, they reclined on the bed shoulder to shoulder.

Gu Zuo’s heart was suddenly somewhat happy — The person who could get close to his big brother was only himself, right? So long as it could be like this, it would be enough.

Originally, he thought that he wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep while next to the person he liked. On the contrary, Gu Zuo didn’t expect that, because this scent was too familiar and close, he would soon sink into the land of dreams.

On this night, he slept well.

He slept until the break of dawn.

Gu Zuo hazily woke up. His legs and the rest of his body were surrounded by the warm texture of skin. The side of his face was sticking to something. It was sturdy and had a sense of security. He couldn’t help softly rubbing his cheek against it.

After that… His heart quivered, and he abruptly opened his eyes!

— Wait a second. The thing he was leaning on was an expanse of smooth skin. It was his big brother’s chest? But how did his position suddenly change to this?

Gu Zuo moved his legs again.

Indeed, he was currently sleeping with his big brother. However, because he was a head shorter, his body had slid down for their feet to touch. As a result, the side of his face was just the right height to press against his big brother’s chest.

In addition, Gu Zuo’s waist was covered by a large, warm hand. He was almost locked inside a wide hug. His face reddened, and his heart warmed. He didn’t know whether he ought to burrow his way out of bed, or pretend that he hadn’t woken up to stay in this embrace for a while longer.

In his heart, the wills of man and heaven waged war…

A hand gently ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair. That voice, which carried a bit of dark huskiness, resounded: “Ah Zuo?”

Gu Zuo’s heartstrings tensed: “I just got up. Big brother, you’re awake?”

Gongyi Tianheng couldn’t help laughing. His chest faintly shook: “Yes. This elder brother has just woken up.”

While speaking, he released his arm. It appeared that he wasn’t concerned about their sleeping postures.

Gu Zuo was slightly disappointed, but he quickly pulled himself together. After fumbling out of Tianheng’s embrace, he sat up: “Today, I need to go with big brother to the Path Comprehending Pavilion, right?”

Tianheng also turned over, and sat up. He smiled and said: “Yes. We’ll go after washing up.”

Gu Zuo hurriedly jumped out of bed: “I’ll go first. Big brother, there’s no hurry. Let me cook something for big brother before anything else.”

Tianheng watched as Gu Zuo scampered away as fast as a rabbit, and he couldn’t help smiling. Looking at Gu Zuo’s distant, retreating figure, he finally responded: “…Okay.”

Soon, Gu Zuo prepared a medicinal cuisine suitable for nursing Tianheng’s constitution. After Tianheng swiftly ate it, the two didn’t tarry any longer. They left the summit together.

Just as they walked beyond a certain range, several streaks of shadow quietly appeared before vanishing again.

Gu Zuo knew that they were showing their own presences. Moreover, they had already hidden their figures to follow and protect the two — If it had been the Tianlong Guards, they would’ve followed close behind. As for these war hound battle slaves, their strengths were quite high, so they could naturally conceal themselves even more thoroughly.

Tianheng summoned a huge wild bird, and the two sat on its back. The wild bird flapped its wings, and flew towards a particular direction.

Gu Zuo sensed that this wild bird was extremely powerful. Besides its lightning-fast speed, the suppressive might of its rank was also quite frightening. It should’ve been at least a wild bird of the high spirit rank. And such a wild bird could only be a means of transportation…

Just as he was thinking these things, Tianheng suddenly pointed at some place and said: “Ah Zuo, take a look.”

Gu Zuo snapped out of it. He followed Tianheng’s intent, and looked in the indicated direction.

Over there was winding ore vein. It seemed like a single mine, but it was connected to several branches. It occupied a large area of the ground. Along the ore vein, quite a few mines appeared in different locations. Inside each pit, there were some enormous gold-furred mice that were digging in and out. Every time they came out, they brought along small piles of ore. Their efficiency was quite high. Off to the side, there were a few mining carts, and one cart after another was loaded with ore. Also, there didn’t seem to be only one type of ore. When in the middle of gathering, these ores were placed according to different categories.

Gu Zuo looked for a while, and said in puzzlement: “Big brother, this ore vein is somewhat unusual.”

Tianheng knew what he meant, and explained: “There’s no need to be confused. At first, my master asked me to choose an ore vein, but I wanted to open those spirit weapon shops. Although a vein of a single type of ore would’ve been good, there were too many things I needed, and it wouldn’t have been easy to procure them. Therefore, I selected a mixed ore vein.”

He continued: “If a mixed ore vein is too varied, it would be detrimental. Thus, I picked a Scarlet-Gold Stone ore vein and its secondary-growth mixed ore veins, which produced many supplementary ores. At that time, during the weapon forging process, the number of usable ores would be even greater.”

Gu Zuo understood, and couldn’t help but admire: “Big brother’s considerations are the most comprehensive.”

Tianheng raised his eyebrows slightly: “Many thanks for the praise, Ah Zuo.”

Having looked at the ore vein, the wild bird flapped its wings again, and flew through the skies. Its speed had multiplied several times over. Within the time of a stick of incense, they finally stopped in front of a valley.

In this place, all four sides were encircled by mountains. There were numerous caves amid these mountains, and even more palace halls in the valley. A dense fog permeated the deeper and more remote places. A person couldn’t see the circumstances inside at all.

This place was the location of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall.

Although the Blood Transformation Palace Master’s personal residence wasn’t here, he lived in this place ever since he became the palace master. He would leave once the next appointed Blood Transformation Palace Master succeeded the position.

However, due to the Blood Transformation Heaven Lord, unless the Blood Transformation Palace Master underwent an enormous breakthrough, the authority to control this place couldn’t be easily transferred to other people.

As for the Path Comprehending Pavilion of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall, it was also located right here.

The wild bird landed. Then, Tianheng jumped down while holding Gu Zuo in a one-armed embrace.

Originally, Gu Zuo wanted to say that it wasn’t like before when they were in the Peripheral Continents. This place cultivated the path of spirituality. He could also use psychic power to carry himself down… But for whatever reason, he didn’t mention it.

After landing on the ground, Gu Zuo simply closed his mouth with a sense of finality.

…In his heart, the struggle continued.

There weren’t any guards in front of the valley. In fact, the Blood Transformation Palace Hall didn’t need any guards. The valley was covered in formations. If one didn’t have a Ten Ultimates Sect token, a person basically couldn’t enter.

Tianheng had prepared Gu Zuo’s token long ago. At this time, they hung the tokens on their waists, and smoothly moved through the formations.

After that, Gu Zuo discovered just how large these palace halls were. He saw many that were dozens to hundreds of meters tall! The central blood-red palace hall, which was surrounded and protected by the other buildings ought to have been the main structure of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall, right? This palace hall befitted its name. The characteristics were obvious to see.

Yet, Tianheng didn’t lead Gu Zuo into the Blood Transformation Palace Hall. Rather, their steps turned towards the left-hand side.

Gu Zuo asked: “Big brother, we don’t need to pay our respects to the palace master?”

Tianheng replied: “I would go if I need pointers, but as for matters of ordinary cultivation, my master is busy with other affairs. There’s no need to ask for instructions for every little thing. This is to avoid being denounced by others.”

Gu Zuo agreed after thinking about it. His big brother was certainly being watched by many people right now. Improving his strength and raising his foundations was the way of a leader. Looking for the palace master every day wasn’t a praise-worthy matter — If other people found out, they would say that his big brother was incompetent.

Having thought this, Gu Zuo followed Tianheng, and came before a large building.

This structure was peculiar. The space it occupied was vast, and it looked like a treasure pagoda. However, compared to other pagodas, it was much broader. Moreover, every floor was comprised of several side halls. Astonishingly, its height was over a hundred floors tall.

In front of the pagoda, there was a board. Written upon it in three large characters was Path Comprehending Pavilion. Because it was the Path Comprehending Pavilion of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall, even its sign board was a blood-red color.

There were guards around the front of this Path Comprehending Pavilion. In actuality, there were guards stationed at every floor of the pavilion. Furthermore, all of them were seemingly unkempt, old men. Although their appearances were different, their facial features were very similar.

Tianheng had come here over the past few days, so he had a rather deep understanding of Ten Ultimates Sect. At this time, he spoke to Gu Zuo: “These guards are also of a nonhuman race. They’re a bookworm race, and they’re quite special.”

Gu Zuo startled: “Bookworm race? What an odd name.”

He thought about it, and had some questions that wouldn’t have been appropriate to ask in the presence of these guards.

[Big brother, the bookworm race is a nonhuman race. Does the sect not mind handing our foundations over to them to watch over? If anything was to happen…]

He wasn’t saying that he didn’t trust in the loyalty of the bookworm race, but could it be guaranteed that all of the bookworms in a single racial group were loyal? Which racial groups didn’t have traitors?

Tianheng smiled, and ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair.

[Ah Zuo, there’s no need to worry. The bookworm race is quite bizarre. If they want to survive, they must draw in the literary qi from books. Every individual looking after the sect’s martial skills are members of the bookworm race. From the beginning, the sect takes newly-born worm eggs, and places them in their respective book collections. The worm eggs absorb the qi of the books on their assigned floors, and break out of their shells. Then, they absorb their assigned floor’s literary qi to grow up, which connects their lives to the books on that floor. After maturing, they transform into the shapes of old men. At this moment, the sect removes a single book from the assigned floor, and places it in a repository. This is equivalent to holding the lives of these bookworms. If they want to betray the sect, they must take away all of the books on their assigned floor. Otherwise, even if there’s only one book missing, they’ll die so long as they leave this pavilion. Thus, it would be difficult for the bookworm race to betray the sect.]

Gu Zuo understood.

With such a strange lifecycle, it was no wonder it was like this.

It was just that it still seemed unusual.

Tianheng laughed in spite of himself.

[If it’s an extremely precious, ancient record, it definitely won’t be casually displayed. And even if it was displayed, it wouldn’t only be a bookworm watching over it. The sect’s inheritances have been passed down for countless years. Many loopholes have been understood more clearly than you and I can imagine. Ah Zuo, don’t overthink it.]

Gu Zuo accepted this. He really had been worrying about nothing.

The bookworm race recognized tokens, but not the people holding the tokens. Tianheng’s token hung down from his waist, and the member of the bookworm race clearly saw Tianheng’s identity. Apart from the Heaven Lord and palace master, this person was the most respected individual in the Blood Transformation Palace Hall. Where could he be blocked? The Blood Transformation Palace Hall didn’t mention any other areas. At the very least, this Path Comprehending Pavilion was completely open to him — This kind of all-star prodigy had an incredible power of understanding. Naturally, he wasn’t the same as ordinary disciples who were restricted in many places and had to slowly strive for opportunities. That would be a waste of his time, which was a waste of his innate talent.

Gu Zuo followed Tianheng, and entered the Path Comprehending Pavilion.

Just as they stepped onto the first floor, Gu Zuo was shocked by the scenes of this place.

Outside, it looked like each floor had a few dozen side halls at most. Yet, after going inside, he discovered that the first floor’s side halls weren’t limited to just a few dozen. Instead, there were at least several hundred to over a thousand side halls of varying sizes! Moreover, there was only one book placed inside every side hall. Everything else in the side halls were sculptures. It was baffling.

The Path Comprehending Pavilion didn’t seem ordinary at all…

Tianheng stood in the middle of the main hall, and paid his respects to an enormous blood-red statue on the other side.

Upon seeing this, Gu Zuo also hurried to follow suit.

Tianheng solemnly asked: “This disciple wishes to learn <<Endless Blood of the Divine Body>>. May I begin?”

Following this, Gu Zuo’s eyes widened.

That statue appeared to understand his big brother’s intent. It circulated with a bloody light, and those side halls shook and underwent some changes. It caused the large doors of the side hall facing Tianheng to open!

How advanced!

Tianheng smiled. After bowing again, he pulled Gu Zuo straight into this side hall.

Inside, there were twenty to thirty sculptures of various shapes and sizes. A blood-red rare book was placed on a high platform. Tianheng reached out a hand, and the manual was drawn towards his palm.

Gu Zuo moved closer to take a look. Written on it in four large characters was <<Soul-Harrowing Blood Claw>>. Flowing with a bloody light, it was very frightening: “Big brother, you need to learn this?”

Tianheng replied: “The final thing I need to learn is the heaven-ranked ultimate skill <<Endless Blood of the Divine Body>>, but not everything can be accomplished in a single step. To learn this ultimate skill, I first need to study numerous derivative methods. After gaining many enlightenments, the more I finally learn, the deeper my understanding, and the easier it’ll be to comprehend the main body of that heaven-ranked ultimate skill.”

Gu Zuo reflected: “Did big brother choose to join the Blood Transformation Palace Hall precisely for <<Endless Blood of the Divine Body>>? I remember that big brother has two sets of bone pearls that are related to blood essence…”

Tianheng had a smile on his face, and nodded: “Ah Zuo knows me well. That’s right. The blood pools here are extremely useful to me. Also, with my constitution, if I want to come up with my own body cultivation method, I’ll have to know many techniques of the same type. Right now, <<Endless Blood of the Divine Body>> is the highest ranked technique I’m aware of. If I want to develop my constitution to become the most powerful and ascend the heights of the path of martial arts, the cultivation method I create must be the absolute strongest. By learning and drawing from this technique, I’ll forge my own path to follow.”

Gu Zuo understood: “What big brother says is right.” Then, he asked, “In that case, you’ll first learn <<Soul-Harrowing Blood Claw>>?”

Tianheng smiled and said: “The first floor merely has human-level techniques. It’s enough just to experience it. I’ll study what I can, but I’ll most likely need to incorporate other more exquisite techniques into my own cultivation method. I really don’t need to research this skill.”

Gu Zuo expressed his understanding: “Then, I won’t disturb big brother. I’ll just sit over there and meditate.”

Tianheng kept smiling: “I’ll have to trouble Ah Zuo to wait a moment.”

Gu Zuo waved his hand, and sat in a corner: “It’s no trouble at all. I’ll wait for big brother.”

Actually, he felt that watching his big brother practice martial arts was very enjoyable…

Hence, Gu Zuo sat on the side and meditated. While operating his inner cultivation method and accumulating true qi, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Tianheng, who practiced this martial skill in the room.

Speaking of which, he was clear about the rare book here, but what was the purpose of these sculptures?

Tianheng moved quickly.

One would only see him placing that thin, rare book into his hand, and then his fingers moved like the wind. He swiftly thumbed through it. Before long, he had already finished reading.

Soon after, he appeared pensive. After pondering for three seconds, he walked in front of one sculpture. He pressed his hand against the sculpture’s forehead, and both of his eyes closed slightly.

Gu Zuo didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt as if this sculpture was shining.

Not long after, Tianheng walked away from this sculpture, and came to the second sculpture. Following a set pattern, he covered it with his hand as before. This repeated over and over again.

Every time he touched a sculpture, the time it took was as short as a couple of seconds to as long as a minute. Altogether, it was quite fast. Just like this, Tianheng came into contact with all of the sculptures in less than fifteen minutes.

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