I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years! - Book 6: Chapter 29: The Arranged Marriage By Heavenly Emperor

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Book 6: Chapter 29: The Arranged Marriage By Heavenly Emperor

On the vast land of the gods, and above the starry sky, stands a magnificent Heavenly Palace.

And in the most magnificent palace in Heavenly Palace, the current Heavenly Emperor, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, was sitting behind the curtain, quietly listening to the report of the watcher sent by him to watch the Marshal of the East.

“Your Majesty, the commander went deep into the enemy’s back alone. After a day of fierce battle, he has swept all the rebels of the rebellious country and the rebels of the One Arm Kingdom. By the way, this is the head of the sin god Xing Tian that the commander Bai dedicated to Your Majesty.”

While talking, the tall god took off a white cloth bag from behind his waist. It looked like it contained a huge, nearly circular object, the lower half of which was still bleeding downward.

“Fine, fine, don’t open it to me again. I am tired of seeing the heads that Bai has been seized for me during this period of time. I am not a head collector.”

Seeing his behavior, after the curtain fell, Eastern Emperor Taiyi raised his hand and said softly:

“But Marshal Bai is really brave. Even Xing Tian, the ancient god of war, is not his opponent. I am very pleased to have a general like this. Lu Wu, what do you think?”

Squatting next to the emperor’s seat, Lu Wu, the general manager, said immediately:

“Xing Tian is one of the oldest deities. Since Your Majesty ascended the throne, he has been coveting the throne of the emperor. Now Bai Qiuran has eliminated this god for Your Majesty. That means Your Majesty can sit back and relax. Such great achievements are indispensable.”

“Oh, but Marshal Bai’s position is already the highest. If you go up, you must go to one of the five heavenly emperors or nine righteous gods, but everyone is my confidant, and no one has done anything wrong. I definitely can’t do it without a reason. Let Marshal Bai pick anyone’s position casually.”

Eastern Emperor Taiyi said:

“But when we gave treasures to Marshal Bai, he distributed them all to the gods under his command. He is not interested in those precious things. He seems to have a special liking for the beauties of various races. However, in terms of value, those beauties are far inferior to the treasures I rewarded him. This really embarrassed me. What do you think I should do, Lu Wu?”

“Then, Your Majesty, why don’t you reward Grand Marshal Bai Qiuran with a beautiful goddess as his wife?”

Lu Wu replied after thinking about it.

“I thought, but where are there unmarried female gods in the heavens? There are so many widows, but I don’t want to let Marshal Bai, who has gotten rid of a big trouble for me, marry a widow.”

Eastern Emperor Taiyi said.

“Your Majesty, you forgot one. Isn’t the granddaughter of the Yijie family now in our Heavenly Court, taking the position of the righteous god of plague and poison?”

Lu Wu replied:

“This granddaughter of the Yijeel family was born cute, and more importantly, she is also one of the nine righteous gods of the Heavenly Court. She would be a perfect match for Marshal Bai.”

“Well, Lu Wu, your words make sense.”

The shadow of Eastern Emperor Taiyi hidden behind the curtain nodded.

“But Jiang Lan is the descendant of a god of sin after all, not to mention that she is the goddess in charge of plague and poison. I heard that she loves to work with poisons on weekdays, and even carries highly poisonous things with her and betrothed her to Marshal Bai. Will Marshal Bai be satisfied?”

“Your Majesty, you forgot that girl Jiang Lan is still the goddess of the sea.”

Lu Wu meant something.


Eastern Emperor Taiyi was silent for a long time, and then ordered:

“Here is my edict: I will hereby betroth Bai Qiuran, the Marshal of the Eastern Army, and Jiang Lan, the righteous god of plague, to marry in a selected day. At the same time, to give Marshal Bai three golden mountains and five emerald corals as a congratulatory gift.”

“The minister leads the order.”

The blue-faced god who was kneeling on the ground responded.

On this day, the emperor and Lu Wu, the emperor and his ministers sang and made peace, like a double reed. The blue-faced deity below remained in a kneeling posture throughout the whole process, not daring to say a word, until the Eastern Emperor gave an order, he got up and left.

He took over the imperial decree drawn up for him by the Eastern Emperor Taiyi’s nearby ministers, then retired, and sent orders from the Lower Realm.


Inside the shrine of the Eastern Land, Bai Qiuran bowed his head slightly, and he was surprised when he heard the blue-faced heavenly god deliver the decree of the heavenly emperor.

Could it be that he has been single for a long time, so even the Emperor of Heaven felt pity for him? Was he the Emperor of Heaven or God of Marriage?

The marriage gift this time is very strange. Although based on his previous performances that he deliberately disguised, the emperor may want to give him a reward, but he has not forgotten that the two blue-faced gods also said, Jiang Lan was a “remnant of the former dynasty”.

But now, Bai Qiuran felt that it was not good for him to defy the Emperor of Heaven openly.

During this period of time, after various tasks sent by the Emperor, he has memorized half of the pages of the book. The densely drawn pictures are all races that he “slaughtered”, of course, except for races. The leaders of other peoples are still living well in the various spaces in the book.

And the lives of these people were all counted in Bai Qiuran’s book of credit, and coupled with the brutal and warlike deity he killed recently, the emperor was about to trust him.

Until then, he can go to the sky to make good relations with the other gods, and by the way, inquire about the first Heaven Jealousy.

Although on the ground, Bai Qiuran tried his best to search about the first Heaven Jealousy, but in this era, all races were isolated, and they were basically active only in their own small area. Except for the gods, once the other races go far away, they would all have extremes. It might be lifeless, so the news about the first Heaven Jealousy naturally has no clue.

He also asked Jiang Lan about the human settlements, but Jiang Lan told him that there was no such existence in known human settlements.

After thinking about it for a long time, Bai Qiuran always felt that the Emperor had another plan, so he chose to temporarily take over this imperial decree.

After the god of the decree left the front foot, Bai Qiuran also left the temple on the back foot, went to the miasma hut, and found Jiang Lan.

She obviously had just received the imperial decree, and her face became even more stinky when she saw Bai Qiuran approach him.

“Have you received the imperial decree?”

Bai Qiuran asked.

Jiang Lan nodded indifferently.

Seeing what Bai Qiuran wanted to say, she took the first step and said:

“I’ve heard from you. The gods say you are horny. I told you in advance that you can get married, but if you want to touch me after marriage, I will fight you hard.”

Bai Qiuran opened his mouth, thinking that this was his own sin, and in the end, he could only knock out his teeth and swallow it in his belly. He replied:

“Yes, yes, I mainly don’t want to disobey the meaning of His Majesty the Emperor, and the figure of a little girl like you is really not the type I like.”

He thought about Su Xiangxue, and then said:

“Well, I still like to be mature and gentle.”

Jiang Lan pulled her face down and snorted coldly. After all, she didn’t say anything more on this topic. She asked:

“Then what are you doing?”

“Let’s see if you refuse or not.”

“Do you think I still have the right to refuse?”

Jiang Lan asked rhetorically.


Bai Qiuran thought for a while, then asked:

“Then I want to ask, what is the significance of this arranged marriage?”

“What else?”

Jiang Lan sneered:

“Of course it is for you to take away the authority that belongs to me.”

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