I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated - Chapter 560: Elsa’s Brand Beauty Serum

Chapter 560: Elsa's Brand Beauty Serum

Together with Charon, she went into the changing rooms.

It was quite spacious, just like a changing room in a large facility like a fitness club or a swimming pool. The students from the other classes seemed to be here as well, and over a hundred girls were changing here.

I-I’m looking at the floor, okay! And I could only feel their presence! But I couldn’t help but notice the clothes that were scattered on the floor!

In the midst of all this, Charon made a small sound.


「What’s wrong?」

「Umm, I’ve taken you to the changing room, but did you bring a change of clothes?」

Aah, Fran had changed her clothes before class in the instructor’s changing room. So normally, she would have left a change of clothes in there as well.

「It’s fine. I bring it with me」

「You can even use Space-Time Magic too? Amazing」

In her case, she had stored it in the dimensional storage. She rolled her eyes at Fran as she pulled her uniform out of the thin air.

She had shown a considerable amount of magic before in front of Charon. She had already witnessed she used Fire, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Space-Time Magic. She seemed to be surprised at her versatility. But perhaps, she’s already used to being surprised by her, so her reaction was rather weak this time.


「Ah, I’m sorry. Umm, Fran, do you know how to use the locker?」

「Nn. Heard of it from Inez」

「Well, since Fran can use the Space-Time Magic, it might not be of much use for you though」

It seemed that their next subject was the magical beast’s anatomy, a subject on the dismantling of magic beasts. And Fran’s job as an instructor would be to deal with the Advanced Classes after this class.

「I’ll guide you to the classroom, so let’s change our clothes first」


Fran and Charon then begin to change their clothes. Hmmm, the sound of the clothes rustling was strangely pleasing to my ears. It’s like I’m listening to a sound that I shouldn’t hear.

Charon suddenly spoke up again while I was waiting nervously for them to finish changing.



「Ah, it’s nothing. It’s just that you’re a high-ranked adventurer but you have very smooth skin」

Aah, did she expect her to have old scars or something? Well, the more experienced an adventurer was, the more likely they would have some scars on their body. However, in Fran’s case, I’ve healed her with my Recovery Magic, so old wounds were unlikely to remain.

Well, it’s not that she doesn’t have any, but she doesn’t have any noticeable scars.

「Do you take care of it in any way?」

「Taking care of it?」

「Yes. Your skin is so smooth that it’s hard to believe that it’s just because of your age」


「Are you using any beauty serums or other products?」

Taking care of it, huh? That’s not the case though.

I let her use the special beauty serum given to her by Elsa (real name Bardiche), the man-like-woman adventurer from Ulmut, on her skin as she told her to. She pays particular care when applying it to her face and exposed limbs.

Fran was a little annoyed at first, but by making it a routine, she no longer hated it. Well, it seemed that she skipped using it during her training in the Plains of the Demon Wolf though, but now she won’t miss her nightly skincare.

We’ll need to go back for more when the serum we got runs out.

「I use this on my skin」

「Wow! Isn’t this…!?」

When Fran handed her the serum she had taken from the dimensional storage, Charon raised her voice and widened her eyes. She was probably a few degrees more surprised than when she saw the dimensional storage.

「What’s wrong?」

「I-isn’t this Elsa’s brand Beauty Serum! It is said to be a miracle product because of its limited distribution!」

Elsa’s brand was probably referring to the picture of an axe and a woman on the bottle.

Charon was getting very excited. Moreover, the color of the surrounding female students’ eyes changed when they heard Charon’s voice.

All of the students from the other classes, even the students from the Special Battle Class who were too scared to get involved with Fran before were all looking at the bottle Fran was holding.

However, the owner, Fran herself, was not interested in the serum. She just replied absent-mindedly.


「Wh-where do you get that…? After all, it’s not something that even nobles can easily get in their hands, you know? The few that do appear on the market are bought up by the wives of high-ranking nobles… I also heard a rumor that even the Queen uses it as well」

But Fran only thought of it as a tedious work routine, so she wasn’t particularly impressed with it.

「This was given to me by an acquaintance in Ulmut」

「Aah, I see. I’ve heard that Ulmut is the place where this serum is produced, and it’s also the town where Fran made a great achievement. So maybe there’s a connection between it」

She didn’t mention that she wanted it. It’s not that it was so expensive, but she just couldn’t ask Fran for it. Especially after Fran had displayed her ability to her.

The girls around us didn’t seem to be calling out to her as well. It seemed that they were uncomfortable with Charon. Was it because she was a noblewoman? No, maybe it’s because she was in the Special Battle Class. Anyway, it was fine as long as they didn’t cause us any trouble.

That was what I thought, but it was Fran herself who caused all the trouble.

「You can use it too if you want」



To my surprise, she handed the bottle of serum to Charon.

「A-are you sure??」

「Nn. Anyone can use it too if they want」


At that moment, the changing room was in shock. Not only the students around Fran and Charon, but even the students far away who had heard the story, dashed to gather around them. Even the students who were scared of her had gathered around Fran in an instant.

「E-even a single bottle of this thing usually costs tens of thousands of gold, you know?」

「It’s a gift though」

「Aah! Come to think of it, Fran is someone with an alias…! Unlike my poor Baronial family, that much money doesn’t seem to mean much for you, huh!」

It seemed that Charon, who was hesitant at first, couldn’t resist the temptation of the high-quality serum and those who stared around her were like “Just use it quickly and pass it to us”. She then took out a handful of the serum and began to apply it to her skin.

After that, the surrounding girls started passing around the bottle of serum, and in no time, the bottle was empty.

Even so, it was not enough for everyone. A covetous gaze then fell on Fran. Then Fran took out a new bottle and handed it to the girls.

「You can use it」

「Kyaa! Thank you!」

At this rate, she’ll have to bring out more bottles for them…

『Oi, Fran, you have to save some for yourself, okay?』



(Everyone is happy to use it)

『Aah! You, did you just give it away because you’re too lazy to use it at night!?』


I didn’t know that it was that annoying for her…

Well, they’ll resent her if she takes away what she had given to them, so it couldn’t be helped. However, I won’t let her give them any more than this!

『Wha, Fran! Why are you taking out another bottle!?』

「You can use this too」

「Yeay! Thank you very much!」

「I feel amazingly moist!」

「Ahaha! Thank you!」


Everyone smiled and thanked Fran. Her classmates who were also excited began to even shake Fran’s hand. It was just like there were no more reservations or walls between them.

Haa~h. Let’s just say that it was an upfront investment by her to be accepted by the female students…