I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated - Chapter 561: Rebellious Period?

Chapter 561: Rebellious Period?

『Haah… She ended up emptying three bottles of it… We’ll have to get more from Elsa again next time』

It was actually a luxury item, so we’d have to pay for it next time.


Fran didn’t look pleased with my idea at all.



She turned her face away at my call! I-is this her rebellious period? What do you think, Announcer-san?

《Carnivorous Beastmen do not have a rebellious period》

『Eh? Really?』

But it seems, the Beastmen’s rebellious period was actually quite interesting.

《Rebellious Period. It is a state of excitement characteristic of growing up, in which stress is expressed in the form of aggression and antisocial behavior toward others. The imbalance between physical and mental growth is considered to be the primary cause》

『Well, I guess so』

She was at the age when they began to ignore their family members, stop listening to their parents, and even steal someone’s bike to play with it.

《Beastmen are said to grow faster than humans and are also considered to be a race that can get excited more easily than Humans and Elves. So, if we apply the definition of rebellious period of the human race to the Beastmen race, especially one that inherited the carnivore factor, then more than half of their life would be considered a rebellious period》

『In other words?』

《Since that state is normal for the Beastmen, they don’t have a rebellious period》

Doesn’t that mean they were in a 24/7 rebellious period!? Well, the Beast King was just like that though.


Fran, who had been calmly changing in the changing room after the excitement of the serum did not cool down yet, moaned something.

「D-do you need something?」

「This, how do you use it」

Then she held up a long piece of cloth.

Oh! Come to think of it, Fran couldn’t tie a tie by herself! I was the one who tied it for her this morning. And that was quite a tedious task.

I used to tie it for myself, but it was quite hard to tie it for someone else.

I’ve seen a few sweet scenes where a young wife ties a tie for her husband, but it must take a lot of practice to do that.

This morning, I managed to tie it for her by getting to Fran’s back to make me feel like I was tying it for myself, but…

This time she should have just loosened the tie lightly and pulled it off her neck instead of untying it completely.

「Can you give it to me for a moment?」


「Fufu, I remembered that I learned to do it by doing it for the other kids when I first entered the academy」

Charon then stood on her knees in front of Fran, and she then tied her tie skillfully. As she did so, she also fixed the collar and hem for her. Charon seemed to be a capable girl, doesn’t she?

「And, it’s done」


Immediately after Charon tied her tie, someone came stumbling up to us and approached Fran and Charon.

「Hey you! I heard you’re an adventurer, aren’t you!?」


「That beauty serum, give it to me! It’s useless for a commoner like you to use!」

Uwaah, this was the first time I’ve seen this type of noble since we came to the Academy of Magic.

「You want to use it too?」

「That’s not what I meant! Give all of it to me! I don’t want to be rough with you, so just give it to me and leave!」

I thought she was just a bit of a tsundere and couldn’t bring herself to say that she wanted to use it too, so she acted haughtily, but it seemed that she was just a regular sh*tty nobleman.

As I was wondering how to handle the situation, Charon stepped forward with a stern look on her face.

「Hey you, Your arrogance will not be tolerated in this academy, you know?」

「Hah!? What do you think you’re doing?」

The female student replied with a mocking attitude. Charon then looked at her with pity in her eyes and further warned her.

「Weren’t you warned about it when you entered the academy? That no matter who you are, your status is meaningless while at the Academy」

「Hmph! It’s indeed that this is a large academy, but how can the prestige of my Marquis family be affected by a mere rule of the academy!? Rather, they should be grateful that someone of such high rank as me choose to enroll here!」

So, she was a daughter of a Marquis? She must never think that there were places where her family’s title was meaningless. But that kind of thing was really meaningless to the spirits that protected this academy.

「That speaking manner… You’re not from this country, are you?」

「I’m a member of the Marquis Renge’s houses, the leading vassal of the glorious Kingdom of Vassar―」

Just as she was getting to blurt it out, a female student then came at her in a fierce dash and jumped at the daughter of Marquis Renge. She then tried to cover up her mouth with her hand.

「Wh-what do you think you are doing!?」

「That should be my line! What do you think you’re doing here, Miss Kurda」

「Get off of me! You’re so rude! Sarltha!」

「Didn’t your father also tell you to stay quiet and obey the rules here at the academy! Or did you forget about it!?」

「I know! That’s why I’m obeying the staff and the nobles of this country in this academy!」

「Are you sure that’s what he asked you to do? What your father meant was that for you not to break any of the rules of this academy and obey them all though!」

「But as the eldest daughter of a marquis family, do you expect me to care for a mere commoner!? That’s nonsense!」

This female student, Sarltha, must be her attendant. They couldn’t bring a maid with them, but they could enroll with them and share their room with them.

「Jeez! Anyway, this is really bad! It will even be a matter of the family’s future! Let’s go!」

「Wha, let me go!」

Sarltha seems to be a quite skilled person. She was at least as strong as the students in the Special Battle Class. It seemed that she also doubled as her personal attendant and escort.

Sarltha who looked deeply troubled bowed to Fran and Charon. She seemed to understand how bad it was to cause a scene in this academy.

「Umm, I’m really sorry. I won’t let her approach you again, so can you please just forget what had happened?」

「Sarltha! What are yo―Ugh!」

「Just keep silent! Jeez!」

「Haah. What should we do now, Fran?」


「Should we just overlook these girls?」

Fran was the first one to get tangled up, so Charon asked for Fran’s opinion. But Fran was not interested in these girls at all.

「Just let them do as they want?」

「Thank you very much」

「Anyway, can I wear my skirt now?」

Huh, Fran? You’re not wearing your skirt yet!? But if it had been the Fran before, she would have completely ignored them, finished changing, and tried to walk away. But just the fact that she stopped changing and tried to listen to them properly was a sign of a big leap in her growth.

「Eh? Yes, go ahead. You girls can go now. Well, I don’t think that we’ll meet again, right?」

「I see… I think you might be right…」

Does that mean that they’ll be expelled? Well, it only ended as an attempt though, so I don’t know how much punishment they’ll get.

Charon shrugged her shoulders as she watched them leave.

「You’ll get great credibility if you’re a graduate of this academy even among the foreign nobles, so there are people like that once in a while」

「I see」

「Well, if we wait a little while, the teacher who was called by the spirit will soon arrive here. So, we should be a little patient in such situations」

Charon advised her that she didn’t have to submit to the arrogance of the nobility, but…

「Okay, I’ll hold back not to blow them away next time」

Charon then chuckled when she heard Fran’s words. She must have remembered that the girl in front of her was a strong person with an alias and even the country should be concerned about her.

「…It seems that I have more things to worry about Fran now」