I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 774 - Su Yang, Have You Loved Someone Before?

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Chapter 774: Su Yang, Have You Loved Someone Before?

After arriving at Tang Jing’s house with his [Hands Of Fate], Su Yang looked at the familiar residential building in front of him and felt a little emotional. ‘I have no idea when it happened, but Tang Jing and Tang Xiaomi seem to have drifted further and further away from me.

‘Even though Tang Jing taking the initiative was part of the reason, it still feels uncomfortable whenever I think about it.

‘The saddest thing in life is realizing that a person whom I used to know so well suddenly became a stranger one fine day.

‘What’s even sadder is… After meeting this familiar person this time, it’s going to be a permanent farewell…’

At that thought, Su Yang entered Tang Jing’s house through the window.

When Su Yang arrived at the living room, he saw a few wine bottles on the table.

‘Tang Jing’s been drinking?’

This thought instantly flashed across Su Yang’s mind.

‘After all… It couldn’t have been Tang Xiaomi who’s been drinking, could it?’

Because he still had time remaining on his [Hands Of Fate], he went to the master bedroom to take a look. Then, he found that Tang Jing was already asleep on the bed.

Su Yang frowned when he saw her flushed face. Then, with a light wave of his hand, a thin blanket covered her.

Without disturbing Tang Jing, Su Yang left the master bedroom and went to Tang Xiaomi’s room.

The mischievous Tang Xiaomi sat on the bed. She was dressed very neatly and had a small bag in her hand, looking like she was ready.

Then, Su Yang deactivated his ability before her and smiled. “Xiaomi, I’m here.”

When Tang Xiaomi saw Su Yang appear out of nowhere, her eyes lit up and she leaped into Su Yang’s embrace with a smile, Then, she rubbed her head against Su Yang’s chest. “Su Yang… I miss you so much.”

Su Yang patted Tang Xiaomi’s head and said, “If you miss me, why didn’t you contact me? I remember your Mommy gave you a cellphone.”

Hearing Su Yang’s words, Tang Xiaomi raised her head in grievance and said, “You thought I didn’t want to contact you? It’s all Mommy’s fault.”

‘Tang Jing wouldn’t allow it?’

Su Yang blinked his eyes in confusion. Then, he recalled the wine bottle that he saw in the living room and the drunk Tang Jing in the bedroom before he frowned slightly. ‘It seems like… This isn’t as simple as it seems.’

Su Yang locked the door and left a Little Monster Bean behind before he brought Tang Xiaomi into the virtual space.

The last time Tang Xiaomi was there, the virtual space was still a small castle. Hence, now that it has grown bigger, Tang Xiaomi’s eyes were wide open as she looked at the place in wonder. Then, she asked cutely, “Su Yang, your house has grown bigger!”

When she said the word “bigger”, her hands waved in the air like she was trying to show how big it had become.

Su Yang smiled. “That’s right. There are new changes every time.”

With that, Su Yang held onto Tang Xiaomi’s hand and left the castle and took a tour around the virtual space that had changed. In the end, the two of them arrived at the beach of Socot Island.

Looking at the endless sea, Su Yang and Tang Xiaomi sat on the beach and asked, “You called me today because you have something to tell me, correct? There’s a secret as well? What is it? What’s the secret?”

At first, Tang Xiaomi was quite happy. However, when she heard Su Yang’s question, she lowered her head and said unhappily, “What I wanted to say is that I’m going to primary school this year.”

Su Yang’s eyes lit up and he said happily, “Really? That’s good! This means that our Xiaomi has grown up.”

Tang Xiaomi pouted and said pitifully, “But I don’t want to go to primary school… I heard that there are teachers in primary school every day. So, I won’t be able to play and will have to study everyday. Also, I have to memorize textbooks and study mathematics. It’s so troublesome.”

Su Yang was amused by Tang Xiaomi’s words. “But, you had to study in kindergarten as well though.”

Tang Xiaomi shook her head like a rattle-drum. “It’s different, very different. I heard primary school is much more hectic than kindergarten.”

“Hahaha!” Su Yang was thoroughly amused. ‘Children are just too cute. They actually think that they’re busy in primary school. It seems like they really don’t know the hardships of the world…’

However, Su Yang was not naive enough to reason with a child. Instead, his brain was spinning as he thought about how he could fool Tang Xiaomi.

At that moment, he saw the sea before him and an idea came to him as he said, “Xiaomi, have you heard of a legend?”

Tang Xiaomi turned around curiously and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang said, “As long as you tell the sea your wish, the sea will fulfill it.”

Tang Xiaomi was still a child after all. When she heard what Su Yang said, she immediately stood up happily. Then, she placed her hands by her mouth like a loudspeaker and shouted at the sea in her coquettish voice, “I don’t want to go to primary school!”

Su Yang looked at her cute face and asked with a smile, “Do you feel better after shouting it out?”

Tang Xiaomi bounced around with her back facing Su Yang. She waved her hands and said happily, “I feel much better! I hope the sea can realize my wish!”

Su Yang smiled maliciously. “However, I heard that after you shout like that, the sea will send whatever you said to your Mommy. So, only when she hears it will she help fulfill your wish.”

When Tang Xiaomi heard that, she immediately shouted in her coquettish voice, “I was just kidding! I want to go to primary school! Don’t tell my Mommy!”

Su Yang couldn’t stop laughing when he saw this.

After that, Su Yang raised his eyebrows and smirked. “Don’t mess with the sea so carelessly, be careful not to cause a tsunami.”

Tang Xiaomi was stunned for a moment. At that moment, how could she not tell that Su Yang was just teasing her? Hence, she said angrily, “Are you lying to me?”

Just as she was doubting herself, there was a loud rumble coming from afar. She looked up and saw a huge wave coming from afar.

“Ahhhh!” Tang Xiaomi was so scared that she turned around and ran toward Su Yang. She ran into Su Yang’s embrace and covered her eyes, not daring to look at the sea. Apart from that, she even mumbled in her coquettish voice, “I was wrong, I was wrong. I won’t tease you anymore!”

Su Yang suppressed his laughter when he heard this.

In the air, Little Deeny gestured towards Su Yang with an “okay” gesture, and then… The waves travelled to the shore before it dissipated…

After a long time, Tang Xiaomi crawled out from Su Yang’s embrace and looked at the sea carefully. When she saw that the sea was calm, she heaved a sigh of relief…

After playing with the little girl for a while, Su Yang asked Tang Xiaomi, “By the way, you wanted to tell me two things, right? One’s about you going to primary school, so what’s the other?”

Speaking of this, Tang Xiaomi had a rare serious expression on her face. It was just that her cute little face had such an “adult” expression, and it was hilarious no matter how Su Yang looked at her…

Tang Xiaomi sat beside Su Yang and glanced at him before asking, “Su Yang, have you loved someone before?”

Su Yang was stunned because he did not expect Tang Xiaomi to ask him this question.

Then, he took a glance at the young lady who was only six or seven years old. ‘These 10’s kids are really amazing… They’re already discussing love at such a young age.’

At that thought, Su Yang knocked Tang Xiaomi’s head and said, “Don’t tell me there’s a boy you like in kindergarten?”

Tang Xiaomi’s face turned red. “I don’t! I was asking you!”

Su Yang looked at her suspiciously. After confirming that the little guy was not lying, he looked at the sea in the distance and started to ponder.

The first person that appeared in his mind was Chu Xia, whose shadow lingered in his mind for a long time. After that was Tang Jing, then Lin Jiali, Xu Lu, Han Yi…

Other than Chu Xia, all of these girls that flashed past were just pretty women passing by. Of course, Tang Jing and Lin Jiali passed by a little longer…

The reason he was thinking so much was not because he had fallen in love with so many girls, but when he was asked such a question, he needed to think more to judge his own heart. Hence, it was only natural that these girls who had interacted with him before would appear in his mind.

Thus, Su Yang thought about it for a long time.

At first, Tang Xiaomi pretended to be serious as she waited. However, as she waited, her pretty brows gradually creased.

After a while, she looked at Su Yang in disdain and said in a coquettish voice, “Oh my God, are you serious? You have to think for so long? How many women are there? You’re such a jerk.”

Su Yang was instantly confused.

“What the hell?!” Su Yang gave Tang Xiaomi a light knock on the head and said, “I was just thinking… Hmm…”

Tang Xiaomi covered her head and asked curiously, “What are you thinking about?”

There was a look of contemplation in Su Yang’s eyes before he looked away. “It has nothing to do with you.”

Tang Xiaomi snorted and said, “Let me tell you, I have a feeling that my Mommy is in love with someone.”

Su Yang was shocked and looked at Tang Xiaomi. “Who?”

Tang Xiaomi frowned and lowered her head. She pouted and rested her chin on her hand. She looked like she was deep in thought. “I don’t know either. I just feel that she’s been a little strange recently.”

Su Yang asked, “What do you mean?”

Tang Xiaomi said, “It seems like a few days ago, she was a little distracted. In the past, she was very concerned about me, supervising me every night and telling me stories.

“But now, she’s either holding a phone and looking at something, or staring into the distance. Sometimes, I would call out to her, but she doesn’t respond.

“Today, she was even weirder. When she was queuing at your phone store with me, she was distracted, and when she returned from the phone store, she was even more unhappy. Then, after dinner, she sent me to do my homework and took out some red wine. After that, she sat on the sofa to drink.

“That’s just so weird.”

Su Yang caught the message in Tang Xiaomi’s words. “You two came to the phone store today?”

Tang Xiaomi nodded. “Yes. We even met Pretty Sister.”

“Pretty Sister?” Su Yang hesitated for a moment before realizing that Tang Xiaomi was probably referring to Chu Xia.

After all, Chu Xia and Tang Xiaomi had met in the villa and played in the virtual space together, so they knew each other.

Hence, Su Yang started to analyze the situation. ‘Tang Jing hasn’t been happy these past few days. When she came to the phone store and saw Chu Xia, she went home to drink alone…

‘Could it be… Tang Jing likes Chu Xia?!

‘Pui, pui, pui!

‘Could… Tang Jing like me?’

For a moment, Su Yang stood rooted to the ground. Then, he recalled how Tang Jing interacted with him. The more he analyzed, the more he felt that it was possible…

Tang Xiaomi took a glance at Su Yang and realized that he was lost in his thoughts again. So, she stood up and imitated Su Yang when he knocked her head. “Su Yang! Su Yang! Why are you distracted again?”

Su Yang came back to his senses and said to Tang Xiaomi, “I think I understand why your mommy is so sad.”

Tang Xiaomi took a glance at Su Yang and seemed to have read his mind. She looked at Su Yang in disdain. “Are you going to tell me that my Mommy has fallen in love with you?

“Oh my God!” She held her stomach and made a vomiting face. “Can you stop being so narcissistic?

“You’re at least ten years younger than her. In her eyes, you’re just a child.”

After that, she said in disdain, “Besides, you men are always so narcissistic. You always think that girls like you.

“When a girl gives you a piece of rubber, you feel like the girl likes you. When a girl greets you, you feel like the girl likes you. When a girl smiles at you, you feel like the girl likes you.

“Can you not think too much? Us girls are just being polite.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why do I feel so stifled all of a sudden?’

Tang Xiaomi said with a serious expression, “I suspect that the person my Mommy likes is someone from work.”

Su Yang asked curiously, “Why?”

Tang Xiaomi said, “Because my Mommy was distracted when she received a work call. At first, she talked about some business matters, but later on, she seemed to talk about something else. After that, she was in a bad mood.”

Su Yang asked, “What was the matter?”

Tang Xiaomi shrugged. “How should I know? I wasn’t listening carefully.”

She continued, “Also, before we bought the glass phone that day, Mommy and I were queuing up. She also picked up a call and then her expression became unnatural. After that, she didn’t communicate with Sister Chu Xia with a friendly tone.”

Su Yang was surprised. “Your Mommy met Chu Xia?”

Tang Xiaomi nodded. “That’s right. But my Mommy has always been in a bad mood and her mind would always be wandering away. So, Sister Chu Xia seems to think that Mommy was rude and became very unhappy.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why does this matter seem so messy?’

At this point, Tang Xiaomi finally revealed the purpose of her trip. “Su Yang! You’re my best friend! So I hope you can do me a favor!”

Su Yang asked, “When did I become your best friend?”

Tang Xiaomi patted Su Yang’s shoulders like an adult. “If I say you are, you are. Don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Does this child really not treat me as an outsider?’

However, that was the very thing Su Yang liked about her. Hence, he said, “Sure, go ahead. What’s the favor?”

Tang Xiaomi looked around and said mysteriously, “I hope you can help me find out who the person my mommy likes is. What’s his character like? Is he suitable for my mommy?”

At this point, she said longingly, “If he’s suitable in all aspects, then I might have a Daddy!”

Su Yang was speechless.

Perhaps sensing Su Yang’s speechlessness, Tang Xiaomi patted his shoulder again. “Don’t put on that expression, what’s mine is yours. So, when I have a Daddy, he can be your Daddy too.”

However, Su Yang quickly waved his hands. “No, no. I won’t take advantage of you!”

Tang Xiaomi covered her mouth and giggled. It was obvious that she was teasing Su Yang on purpose as well.

Looking at how cheeky Tang Xiaomi was, Su Yang instantly understood that he had been tricked. Hence, he stood up and tickled her.

Thus, the adult and the child started fighting on the beach in Hawaii…

While the two of them were on the beach, filled with laughter, in a high-end villa district in Zhejiang Province, a man with white hair angrily smashed his cup. “You guys are all useless! How could such a large person disappear just like that!?”

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