I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 530 – A Dangerous Place

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Chapter 530 – A Dangerous Place

I didn’t know much about Zhuang Ni’s background, but I knew her family was well-off and she wouldn’t sell herself for a couple of dollars. But she was a girl who used a box cutter to slit her wrist in class, if she was that detached to her own life, she might not value her body either.

It’s also possible she met a “soulmate” online and was ready to fearlessly offer herself to the other person.

But from a male’s perspective, even if it was Zhuang Ni’s own choice, her being underage was a huge problem. Maybe that was the reason why the two of them didn’t enter the hotel together.

I told my conjecture to the class leader, but not only did she not praise my careful thoughts, but she also said in spite:

“You men are disgusting.”

Hey, don’t paint all men with the same brush. The disgusting one was the man who went to a hotel with Zhuang Ni, it has nothing to do with me! I’m only making a rational deduction based on the evidence at hand.

The glass door of the hotel entrance strongly reflected the sun making it completely opaque. We couldn’t see Zhuang Ni at all through the glass.

“What should we do, do we follow her in, or just call the police?” I asked.

The class leader pondered for a moment.

“We can’t call the police, if it’s a misunderstanding, it will be very embarrassing for Zhuang Ni. Even if it’s not a misunderstanding, if the police show up it will harm Zhuang Ni even more… we should get a clear understanding of the situation first.”

So that means we have to enter the hotel for reconnaissance. The high hanging pink signboards and over-decorated pillars made it seem like a dangerous place.

Especially for underage girls like the class leader.

Although no one was currently entering or leaving the hotel, the class leader still had a rare moment of hesitation.

“It’s inconvenient for girls to enter these kinds of places.” I said, “Why don’t I go in alone, then give you a call if I find anything. You brought your phone with you, right?”

The class leader may believe that as the head of our class, it was her responsibility to ensure our classmates don’t get into any accidents, and more importantly, to ensure that female classmates don’t accidentally get pregnant. But she still cowered in the face of this love hotel, she nodded and wanted to stay outside on standby.

Suddenly someone else walked towards the main entrance of the hotel. The class leader pulled me back to the hiding place behind the telephone pole before the other party saw us.

“There’s no need to make such a fuss…” I said before I went silent in shock.

The person walking towards the hotel this time was a petite female. Unlike Zhuang Ni, who had her face exposed, she wore sunglasses and a face mask. She was even wearing a stuffy hoodie to cover up her slightly naturally curly hair, as well as her ample breasts which were particularly prominent for her age.

Her pace was also extremely slow as if she was engaged in a fierce mental struggle.

Despite the layers of disguise, the class leader and I could tell at a glance that this person was Gong CaiCai based on her walking posture. The obedient child of class 2-3, Gong CaiCai, was actually in disguise and heading to a love hotel in broad daylight. It was a precursor to the end of the world!

Perhaps it was due to shock or anger, but the class leader didn’t run up to stop Gong CaiCai. Instead, she let her look around and carefully enter the hotel.

“I don’t even think ten days have passed since the vacation started, right?” The class leader asked in a trembling voice.

“Eh.” I counted with my fingers, “It will be ten days soon, why?”

“Gong CaiCai couldn’t even talk to boys without blushing, but in less than ten days, how could she go to… these kinds of hotels. Even I couldn’t make up my mind for a while.”

The class leader’s doubts were justified, even I thought I may have made a mistake. Gong CaiCai was a good girl who always listened to her parents, unlike Zhuang Ni who was a rebel. I don’t think she was the type to have an online relationship with someone, much less book a hotel so quickly together.

“Compensated dating” was even more impossible, since Gong CaiCai’s family was not in need of money at all.

Was she… coerced by bad guys? That was the only remaining possibility, maybe someone took a photo of her in the bathroom and she came to meet at this place to get it back. As for the consequences, it’s basically like a sheep entering a tiger’s den. She might get more photos taken of her which would be used to blackmail her further.

The class leader probably had the same thoughts as me. She was filled with anger and didn’t hesitate anymore. She quickly entered the hotel and stood in the lobby with the best position to see her surroundings, but she didn’t see any traces of Gong CaiCai or Zhuang Ni.

I followed the class leader into lobby. Compared with the class leader’s gallant attitude, I looked rather low-key. If others saw, they may mistake me as a virgin who was brought her by the more experienced class leader and she was going to gobble me up.

The receptionist was a young male in his twenties. He had the aura of a rock singer with dark circles under his eyes as if he seemingly experienced a prolonged and painful insomnia. He stared at the class president for ten seconds or so, and finally spoke.

“I hope you’re satisfied with our hotel’s environment. Would you like to open a room?”

The class leader had nowhere else to vent her anger, she sprinted towards the front desk and slapped her hands down on the top of the desk and asked with an interrogative tone:

“The girl who just came in, which room did she go to?”

The receptionist knew something was wrong, so he immediately locked the register into a drawer and casually locked the computer screen as well.

“Ma’am, we’re not allowed to release personal information of our guests, it’s against the rules.”

The class leader said angrily, “So it’s not against the rules to let underage girls open a room?”

The receptionist hesitated for a moment, then looked at the class leader with a look that said “you look underage yourself” and slowly said:

“Our hotel will not allow minors to check in, but they have the right to visit their friend’s rooms as a guest, we have no reason to stop them…”

“You…” the class leader angrily grabbed the receptionist’s collar. He pointed to the ceiling cameras and calmly warned: “This area is under surveillance, so please watch your actions.”

The class leader threw the receptionist to his chair and turned around to head to the second floor.

The receptionist called from behind: “Ma’am… or student. You can not go up to the second floor unless you also live here, or I will have to call security.”

He said as he placed his hand under the table. There must be an emergency alarm button there and as long as he pressed it, four or five big men will run out and escort me and the class leader outside.

I think the class leader won’t be able to give it a rest if she doesn’t find out the truth, so I calmly analyzed the current situation and took my wallet out of my pocket.

“We want to open a room.” I said assertively, the class leader already had a foot on the stairs, but she shuddered and looked back at me with doubt.

“I mean… I want to open a room.” I sheepishly changed sentence after being stared at the class leader.

“Yes, but I would need your ID to check you in.” The receptionist said to me.

An ordinary 14-year-old middle school student would not have an ID, but Wu Sheng left gifts for me before he left the country, including his ID. Since his photo looked similar to me, even acquaintances may not be able to tell the difference.

I handed Wu Sheng’s ID card to the receptionist, who was surprised for a moment, then professionally entered the information and handed me a room card.

“If you’re only staying for one day, you have to check out by 12:00 tomorrow.” He reminded us.

“Is the room you gave us next to the girl who entered earlier?”

The receptionist smiled bitterly, “Maybe, but I can’t really tell you more.”

The receptionist wasn’t going to give any more details, so I caught up with the class leader. She was still a bit hesitant, so I pulled her up towards the second floor.

Tap, tap, tap.

The wooden staircase trembled with each step.

In the narrow and dim stairwell, I vaguely felt the class leader trying to break free of my grasp. What’s wrong with you, are you not worried about Gong CaiCai’s safety anymore? Zhuang Ni situation is also unknown, don’t tell me you’re going to give up here?

“Our room is 214, if we’re lucky, we might run into Gong CaiCai or Zhuang Ni…”

The palpitations I felt from the class leader made me realize it was my choice of saying ‘our room’ that made her feel extra pressure.

As we walked up to the second floor, the large windows on both sides brightened the place by a lot.

The class leader took a deep breath in the new environment to calm her nerves, then she began to look for traces of Gong CaiCai and Zhuang Ni.

I first arrived at room 214 and pressed my ear to the door of the two surrounding rooms to listen for movement inside.

The first room was silent and seemed to be empty.

The second room had some woman moaning, but I don’t think I recognized the voice.

But to be on the safe side, I called the class leader and said:

“Class leader, I think you’re more familiar with the voices of Gong CaiCai and Zhuang Ni, do you want to come and listen to see if it’s them?”

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