I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 562: Souvenir Photo

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Chapter 562: Souvenir Photo

When Shu Zhe opened the door and let me into his house, the class leader was still asleep while under the effect of sleeping pills.

The class leader had fell asleep on her bed with her school uniform even though it was summer break. Her breathing was irregular and her brows where knitted together with worry even when she was in a deep sleep.

“Did you use too high of a dosage?” I asked Shu Zhe with a cold face, “If you did, we have to take your sister to the hospital.”

“No worries.” Shu Zhe waved his hand and said, “I’ve thought of using sleeping pills before, so I did a lot of research beforehand. I used a dosage that can make my sister sleep for two or three hours, but it’s not life-threatening.”

The class leader really hit the jackpot by having a brother who plans on using sleeping pills on her all day. I think the first criminal she should capture is Shu Zhe, you know for the sake of justice, even if he’s a family member.

“Um, bro Ye Lin, I’ll give these to you…” Shu Zhe handed over a digital camera as well as a paper bag containing stockings, short skirts, and even cat ears.

I swept a glance at the things in the bag and found most of the items were quite revealing. The worst one was a ‘policewoman’ outfit that was basically a bikini.

“Where did you even get these, I don’t remember giving you so many things.”

Shu Zhe averted his gaze with a red face, “Please don’t ask. It was all business props to deal with Cilantro Buns…”

Is it because Cilantro Buns is dumb but has a lot of money, so you’re doing anything to please him?

Initially, when I used you as a rope model, I tried my best to avoid letting you wear the female police outfit, so I wouldn’t associate you with the class leader.

But in the end you still bought a female police outfit and probably wore it for Cilantro Buns?

Why did you even give me the policewoman outfit? Did you think I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back and change the class leader like a deranged person?

Don’t look down on me! The heat might be causing me to have a lot of nosebleeds, but I’m not a despicable person like you.

“Bastard.” I reprimanded Shu Zhe and said, “In order to save face in front of your parents, you even lured a wolf into your house to take ‘nude photos’ of your sister. How low can you get?”

“It’s not like you’re an outsider…” Shu Zhe did not have the slightest intention to repent, “We’re both on the same team. Once my sister wakes up, we will both be blamed.”

“That doesn’t mean you can do something this despicable.” I said decisively, “Even if she was an ordinary friend, it would already be considered inhumane, let alone a sister who always took care of you.”

Seeing that I had an uncooperative attitude, Shu Zhe was very anxious, then he scratched his ears and thought for a while before he pulled out his wallet.

Eh, you want to bribe me? Ai ShuQiao can’t even win me over, do you think I would yield to the small amount you can offer?

I did not expect Shu Zhe to pull out a Durex condom from his wallet.

“This store gave this to me as a gift when I bought the policewoman outfit…” Shu Zhe handed the condom to me right in front of his sleeping sister, “Bro Ye Lin, you can do whatever you want as long as you hurry. As long as you can prevent my sister from telling on me to my parent… I’ll go outside to keep watch…”

Keep watch for what? It’s a personal residence, as long as you never said anything bad about the government, no one will show up at your house to check the water meters.

Why the fuck did you give me a condom, is your sister’s virginity that worthless to you? If I wasn’t a heterosexual, I absolutely would have to used this condom to ravage Shu Zhe’s ass as punishment.

So I kicked Shu Zhe out of the room and then locked the door from the inside.

I looked back at the bed and many thoughts began racing through my mind when I saw the defenseless class leader.

I wonder what color underwear the class leader is wearing today? I can see them if I lift up her skirt.

No, wait, I have no idea where that thought came from. My current priority was to figure out a way to defuse the class leader’s anger without taking nude photos of her and also to get her to not tell her parents.

In fact, if I really took nude photos or humiliating photos of her in an outfit, then threatened her, I feel like that would be the end of my life.

“Make sure to wear a condom.” Shu Zhe’s voice was transmitted through the door.

Wow, look at the concern for his sister, he’s a perfect role model of a loving brother.

What can I do? How can I use my talking skills so the class leader would give up?

It was really hot inside the room. She probably always had the temperature set to 27 degrees to save energy, no wonder she had to wear a skirt indoors while being barefoot. Plus, her feet are really white, the curves of her ankles are also mesmerizing…

No, I need to calm down. I need to find a way to lower my body temperature.

Eh, why am I subconsciously unbuckling my belt, this is not the right way to cool down.

My dad once told me in one of his Buddhist talks: everyone has demons inside them, but you can only achieve peace by conquering your demons. A senior monk can get rid of all his demons once he teachers enlightenment, but that isn’t something an ordinary person can achieve.

It was a bunch of nonsense, he couldn’t even subdue the demon of a failed marriage. What was the point of learning so much philosophy.

At this moment, to be honest, the demon inside me was shining brightly.

I knew I would be scum if I took advantage of the class leader right now.

I looked down at the paper bag and desperately try to suppress the urge to play real-life doll dress up.

But in order to find an outlet for my demon, I took out the cat ears from the bag.

I admire myself for coming up with such a genius idea.

Instead of doing something utterly heartless like taking nude pictures of the class leader, I’d rather take more embarrassing pictures of her.

I placed the cat ears square on top of her head and stood there in satisfaction and admiration for a while.

I don’t think the class leader would ever wear something like this normally, right?

After snapping several souvenir photos with the camera, I had the idea to pose her hands in a cats paw position.

Hahaha, that’s hilarious, I have to keep it in my collections.

The class leader, who was dressed as a cat against her own will, showed a slightly distressed expression on her face, but did not wake up.

“Bro Ye Lin brother, you’re laugh is ghastly…” Shu Zhe’s said again through the door, “Please don’t go too far…”

Eh, did I just accidentally laugh out loud? And you should shut up, because the one who went too far was you!

I told Shu Zhe, who was eavesdropping, to scram.

After finishing taking a picture of the class leader, I finally came up with a plan.

I first took out the memory card of the camera and put it in my wallet, then I made up my mind, took a deep breath and started shaking the class leader’s shoulders.

“Class leader, class leader, wake up, I have something to tell you.”

After all, Shu Zhe only gave her some sleeping pills. She had already been sleeping for nearly an hour, so plus my violent shaking, she opened her eyes slightly.

“Who… who’s is in my room.”

Her gaze was hazy and she looked extremely sleepy.

“It’s me.” I wiggled my fingers in front of the class leader’s eyes, “Wake up or I’ll flip your skirt.”

She suddenly realized she was on her bed with a man who wasn’t her brother. She quickly got up with a yelp and almost smacked her head against mines.

“Ye Lin, what are you doing here?”

I just realized a serious problem.

I forgot to take off the damn cat ears.

I was having too much fun and ended up only hiding the camera and paper bag under the bed, but forgot about the cat ears.

I blame the cat ears for being black like her hair, which caused me to be careless.

She still didn’t notice the existence of the cat ears, but it was only a matter of time. How am I going to explain myself once she finds out?

After a while, the class leader put on her slippers and sat side by side with me on the bed. She asked me with a serious expression:

“Ye Lin, was it Xiao Zhe who brought you here? I don’t know what happened and I suddenly fell asleep… but I’m not going to forgive you easily for making Xiao Zhe wear women’s clothes and act as a model.”

Ah, she was acting stern, but her words were unconvincing with cat ears on her head. I barely held back my desire to laugh out loud.

“Why are you smiling?” The cat-ear class leader was angered by my reaction, “Don’t think you can deceive me with a smile.”

The furry cat ears on her head swung back and forth and followed along as the class leader spun around to question me.

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