I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1238 - Boyfriend Is Too Handsome

Chapter 1238: Boyfriend Is Too Handsome

Internet pal B: “Mommy, I’m in love again. Who can believe that I’m actually attracted to a back view?”

Netizen C: “They said that he’s fat and round and that he’s 1.65 meters tall. He’s at least 1.85 meters tall.”

Netizen D: “I’ve seen Qiao Mianmian’s boyfriend once. If she hasn’t changed boyfriends, he should be the one who came to our school previously. He’s really a super hunk, so handsome that my legs go weak. When he came to our school, he drove a Rolls Royce every time. I could tell that he was especially rich back then. Although I’m jealous too, it’s too funny to say that she got together with a fat old man.”

Netizen F: “I’ve also seen her rich and handsome boyfriend once. I swear that he’s really handsome. I’m impressed by Qiao Mianmian’s ability to pick a boyfriend, and her boyfriends are all handsome. You can criticize her for other things, but you can’t criticize her for choosing men.”

Anyway, it was because of the photo that the employee had posted.

She and Mo Yesi were trending again.

Qiao Mianmian had no idea that someone said Mo Yesi was fat and round.

After reading the trending topics, she thought about it and felt that she had to clarify things.

Her husband was obviously very handsome, but someone actually accused him of being a fat, round, and 1.65 meters tall man?

This was too much.

If they wanted to defame Mo Yesi, she could tolerate it.

But she couldn’t tolerate Black Mosi’s looks.

Qiao Mianmian thought for a while and took a picture of Mo Yesi.

It was a picture of Mo Yesi looking down at the documents seriously. The man was wearing an expensive white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his strong arms. With his elbows bent, the pale green veins could be seen.

He was holding a fountain pen with his slender fingers. The ordinary pen looked like a work of art in his hands.

A few buttons were undone on his white shirt, and his Adam’s apple and collarbone were so sexy.

His chest muscles were even more alluring.

Qiao Mianmian chose this angle.

This way, people wouldn’t be able to see what Mo Yesi looked like, but it also proved that he wasn’t a terrible old man.

She took the picture and used the photoshopped software to photoshop the surrounding office environment. Then, she added a layer of blurry filter around it and posted the picture on Weibo.

A minute later.

Some netizens who were browsing the trending topics noticed that Qiao Mianmian had just posted a Weibo post.

Qiao Mianmian V: “Because you’re an outsider and don’t want you to be involved in the entertainment industry, so you don’t want too many people to know about you. But calling you an old man? Which old man looks like this?”

The photo she photoshopped.

Qiao Mianmian didn’t even greet Mo Yesi and immediately posted it on Weibo.

A minute later, the comment section showed more than 5,000 comments.

Once this photo was posted, the netizens and her fans jumped out.

Qiao family’s little wife: “Wow, Qiao Qiao finally updated her Weibo to slap the anti-fans’ faces. Is Qiao Qiao with her boyfriend? He’s so handsome. My first reaction was to think it was a photo, hahaha.”

A bottle of Wangzi Milk every day: “Such a handsome boyfriend is being called an old man. Qiao Qiao can’t take it anymore. Hahaha, but can Qiao Qiao be more generous next time and send us a frontal photo to feast our eyes?”