I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 935 - The Barbaric Penelope

Chapter 935 - The Barbaric Penelope

Skye had everything plan and followed it through.

After using 1 year and 8 months to go back and forth between Morgany and Veinitta... he gathered himself in Dafaren for a while.

While there, he cleared up businesses and loose ends for a few months before finally set sail again, spending another 6 months on sea before reaching Carona summer of last year.

But who would've known that he would get beaten by his future wife once in Carona?

Of course, Alexander didn't know this part yet and was just happy about his son's meticulous planning.

Thinking about it more, his son was right.

It was time for the Veinitta to stand taller than the Morgany.

Enough was enough!

But that aside, another thing that made him excited was that his son had finally married someone worthy of his class.

Skye already had 2 concubines, not wives.

Alexander agreed and bestowed the marriage to them to keep an eye on some of his more sneaky ministers around him.

It was just for political reasons.

However, even though Skye was also married to his new Caronian daughter-in-law, Penelope, for political reasons... Alexander had no problems making her Skye's first legal wife.

In fact, putting her in that position would cause jealousy amongst the other wives, who were actually daughters of wealthy upper-class nobles.

In his mind, he had already begun using Penelope as a chess piece to scheme against and execute the families of these ministers.

Of course, he would first have to think of a way to get her permanently located in the Dafaren empire to do so.

Maybe he could come up with some fake tradition, stating that she must live in Dafaren for at least 3 years after marriage.

And within that time, he would flame the fire of jealousy amongst the women, and the rest was history.

All women were always eager to please their husbands, so she would agree easily, right?

He had been looking for a way to take them down for so long but always seemed to come to a dead end.

But now, it looked like luck had smiled on his side again.



The shivering knights smiled bitterly when they saw Alexander's calm but happy mood.

Of course, they lied about Skye doing all this for his majesty Alexander and the people of Vietts.

For sure, prince Skye was doing all this for himself!

But in this situation, lying was best because it seemed to cool down his majesty's temper.

The angrier his majesty was, the closer they were to death.

Just look at the headless body on the floor?

While telling the truth, they added some lies to sweeten it up

Anything for survival.

It was just that what they were about to say next made them a little frightened.

How should they put it so that his highness Skye still had honour?

One of the hovering knights took a deep breath in fear.

"Y-y-your majesty.

Prince Skye did all this in hopes of surprising you after taking the throne.

But, it appears he wasn't welcomed in Carona.

More specifically, that the woman called Penelope is completely barbaric."

Alexander froze: "What do you mean?"

"Your majesty, months ago, Captain Haddock came back and took several more knights away and briefly explained the situation.

In short, the woman turned him down and said he isn't in her class."

"What, they weren't married yet?

She said that we, Vietts, aren't in their class?

How dare she turn down my son?

Is she too stupid? Or is it that she had never heard of us?"

The knights shook his head in denial: "Your majesty, she said had heard of us. But it seems that she just didn't care.

On the day they arrived in the Capital, she forced Prince Skye to have a duel with 5 men all at once.

And when she saw that he was winning, she ganged up on him and threw him out of the palace onto the streets like beggars."


Alexander exploded with rage.

He had never felt so insulted in his life.

A lowly person from Pyno dare look down on him?


Alexander's breathing became heavier when he thought of the insults rained on him by people in a lesser continent.


If they really didn't put him in their eyes, then he would just have to force them to.

Now, he wanted nothing more than to kill Penelope.

Forget about being a daughter-in-law.

Such a girl wasn't worthy!



You said the pirates would only allow my son's mem to cross?"

"Yes, your majesty.

His highness Skye gave them a list of 15 names of portraits of his aides who were allowed to cross."

"And the aides can bring along any number of people they wanted, right?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"How many of his aides are still in Dafaren?"

"4, your majesty. And the closest one is within his official territory 2 months away from here."


Is that where you guys were heading to before my men caught you?"

"Yes, your majesty!"

The knight narrating was utterly drenched with sweat at his back.

At least he succeeded in keeping Skye's dignity.

If he said that Skye single-handedly lost to a girl, his majesty might be upset and filled with disdain for Skye instead.

He might as well blame Penelope for now.

As for his majesty finding out the truth of what happened, when they got to that bridge, they would cross it.

Their priority right now was to survive and see the next day.

Prince Skye would never admit it, even if Penelope did.

So when both sides stuck to their one stories, there was nothing his majesty would be able to do about it.

How can he believe the enemy over his own son, whom he knew was a swordsman prodigy here in Veinitta?

The answer was obvious.


"Your majesty, I'm afraid that's not.

Prince Skye was very generous enough to take all his expensive shards of glass to her, but she said it all but still refused to marry him."

Glass fragments were so rare and expensive that only the very rich had them.

It was collected from sandy beaches after severe thunderstorms and auctioned out to the highest bidder.

If the people in the Pyno continent saw this, they would reminisce about the time when they too, fought over owning broken bottle pieces of glass found on the sandy beach shores.

But for Alexander, he instantly added another character trait to the barbaric Penelope

"Good, good, good, good.

What a greedy girl.

I, Alexander Lockhart, haven't died yet and she dares gang up on my son?


You there!

Send word for Commander Armstrong Pollard as once!

I want that Wench's head!"

"Yes, your majesty!"


And so, just like that, a storm seemed to be heading Carona's way.