Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1338 - Exterminate the Rocky Sea Monster

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Chapter 1338: Exterminate the Rocky Sea Monster

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There was a fish in the north, and it was a sea monster, whose size was thousands of kilometers.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster was incomparably huge. It was blocking in front. If one wanted to go to the Universe Graveyard, one had to pass by it.

Looking at that huge creature, Ou Yangming clicked his tongue. There was still a huge gap between what he saw from a memory and seeing it with his own eyes. He had met many primal chaos creatures along the way. In terms of size, this Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster was the biggest one.

Such a monster could only live in the primal chaos.

“Go!” Ou Yangming did not hesitate.

He had arrived at the periphery of the Universe Graveyard, so he would not retreat because of a Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster.

“Roar!” The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster raised its head, and its pair of eyes vigilantly looked in Ou Yangming’s direction.

When it noticed that tiny human flying toward it, its eyes flashed with anger.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster thought that Ou Yangming was simply provoking it.

Its body shook as if it had turned into an endless mountain, blocking in front of Ou Yangming.

With a violent swing of its tail, the huge tail covered the sky. The whizzing tail seemed to carry endless power, and the surrounding chaotic airflow hurriedly dispersed.

The Rocky Sea Monster was enraged.

Ou Yangming frowned slightly. The Reincarnation Spear appeared in his hand.

He did not choose to use his body to take it head-on. The main reason was that this fellow’s body was too big. It was like a small world. There was no need to guess. The young fellow knew that its power was endless. Even if he had fused with countless Dripping Blood Stones, he would not be able to defeat this big fellow in terms of strength.

This was the difference between species.

“Woosh, woosh!” The tail whizzed over. A black light wave appeared in the void, and the world seemed to turn dark.

Ou Yangming’s body instantly disappeared. The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster was easily dodged by him.

“Courting death!” Ou Yangming shouted coldly.

His body appeared above the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster, and the Reincarnation Spear smashed toward its back.

“Clang!” Sparks flew in all directions, and Ou Yangming felt his arms shaking.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster’s body was humongous, and its body was sturdy. It had surpassed the level of a High Grade Taoist Tool.

Of course, compared to the Reincarnation Spear, its body was still a little weaker.

Ou Yangming increased his strength once again, and the Reincarnation Spear spun rapidly in his hand. Sparks flew out. The sturdy scales of the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster started to crack. The blood-red flesh inside could be seen clearly.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster felt the pain. Its eyes turned red as it roared.

A magical power emerged from its body. The void seemed to have started to solidify.

“Heavenly Screen!” Ou Yangming shouted.

A golden river suddenly appeared, blocking in front of him.

The mysterious power from the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster was blocked by the golden river, and the profound meaning of order on the river seemed to have frozen.

Divine ability—Petrification!

Ou Yangming knew what kind of move the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster used just now.

It was its innate divine ability, Petrification.

This ability was terrifying. Even if a Heavenly Rank powerhouse accidentally touched it, one’s body would be frozen very quickly, turning into a brown stone. Even one’s blood and soul could not escape.

Knowing that the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster had such an ability, Ou Yangming naturally was on guard.

The ability gradually disappeared, but the Heavenly Screen was still there. Nonetheless, at this moment, it seemed to have been severely damaged.

Ou Yangming’s feet moved, and his body quickly flashed through the air. His body was like a bolt of lightning.


The Reincarnation Spear exploded with a terrifying black light. The light whistled through the air and headed toward the head of the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster.

At this moment, the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster also sensed danger. It did not expect that the puny human would be so formidable. Not only did he block its divine ability, but he could also counterattack so quickly.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster raised its tail and blocked in front of its head. That human’s weapon looked very fierce. If it hit its head, it might be injured.

“Rumble!” Following a loud sound, the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster’s tail suddenly exploded. A large piece of flesh fell from the sky. The Reincarnation Spear spun quickly and drilled into its body.

“Roar!” The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster roared again. It was furious. This human had injured it.

With a thud, the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster shrunk into a ball. Its head drilled out from its body. It opened its large mouth and suddenly swallowed in the direction of Ou Yangming.

In its bloody mouth, there were a few rows of sharp teeth. It was as if its mouth was the door to hell.


The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster roared, and its speed increased again. At the same time, a huge suction force came from its mouth.

This force was incredibly powerful!

Ou Yangming covered his nose slightly. His gaze focused, and he did not choose to dodge.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster pounced on him. This was good news for him.

It was worth noting, the head was the weakness of the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster. When it chose to attack, it also exposed its weakness.

This way, Ou Yangming would not have to be tangled with it.

After exchanging a few blows, Ou Yangming had a rough idea of the strength of this Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster. It was probably at the Fourth Heaven. Due to its species, it was much stronger than Dao Xuanji.

If it was when Ou Yangming had just arrived in Daxia City, it would have been very difficult for him to get rid of it. If he wanted to get rid of the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster at the Fourth Heaven, he would need to be at least at the Fifth or Sixth Heaven. At that time, the young fellow’s strength would not be enough but now, it was no longer a problem.

“Creation!” The Reincarnation Spear thrust again, and Ou Yangming’s body turned into afterimages in the air. The spear flickered with golden light. Facing the bloody mouth, the young fellow suddenly pushed the spear out of his hand, and it fell like a meteor.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster did not dodge, nor did it have any way to dodge. Its huge body increased its fighting strength, but it also placed a great restriction on it.

To the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster, it was still very confident in itself. Its stomach could swallow everything, and swallowing a weapon was an easy matter. Its mouth opened even wider, wanting to swallow the human and his weapon into its stomach.

Soon, the shooting star drew a beautiful arc and suddenly drilled into the mouth of the Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster.

The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster’s eyes widened, and a look of disbelief flashed across its eyes. Its devouring power was unable to stop the long spear in the slightest.

‘What is this weapon’s grade?’ The Primal Chaos Rocky Sea Monster was shocked, and it cursed internally.



The Reincarnation Spear pierced through the sea monster’s body and flew out from behind his head.

With a flash, Ou Yangming held onto the Reincarnation Spear again.

The Reincarnation Spear was a Middle Grade Innate Spirit Treasure. Its power was endless, and it was unstoppable. Even the Rocky Sea Monster could not block its sharp edge.

Ou Yangming was standing on the sea monster’s head. He did not care about its angry roar at all. He held onto the Reincarnation Spear with both hands and stabbed it from top to bottom…


Blood splattered everywhere!

The Rocky Sea Monster’s body slowly fell down. Its life force gradually dissipated, and it finally turned into a massive rock. A Giant Primal Chaos Beast at the Fourth Heaven had fallen into Ou Yangming’s hands just like that. This was also the most powerful creature that he had ever killed.

Without stopping, Ou Yangming retracted his gaze and flew forward again.

In just half a day, Ou Yangming arrived at the Universe Graveyard.

A huge sphere formed by chaotic air currents was in front of him. It was so enormous that even with his vision, he could not see the end of it.

After arriving here, Ou Yangming felt a heavy pressure on his body.

If it was a powerhouse a half step to the Heavenly Rank or one at the Second Heaven, one would probably be suppressed to the point that one could not move.

Ou Yangming looked around vigilantly. According to Xing Tian, this place was very dangerous. It was very likely that he would meet someone with evil intentions.

“Who are you?” Suddenly, a voice was heard.

Ou Yangming’s eyes focused. He looked ahead, and the chaotic airflow dissipated. A young man in a blood-red robe walked out.

The young man’s eyes were blue, and his nose was tall. His golden hair looked unruly, but his eyes were malicious.

This person had been hiding behind the chaotic airflow just now. Now that he had appeared, it was obvious that he had bad intentions.

“Why did you come here?” That person asked again.

He walked toward Ou Yangming’s side. The aura on his body was very violent, and it was not much weaker than Xing Tian’s.

“Why should I answer your question?” Ou Yangming frowned slightly.

He scanned the surroundings again. Fortunately, there was no one else around.

“Hahaha!” The golden-haired young man laughed loudly, “Given that you’re qualified to come here, you must be quite strong, but you’re not worth mentioning at all to me, Ai Ruisi. I’ll give you two choices now. Answer my question, or you can die…”

Ou Yangming was slightly surprised. After hearing this name, he knew the other party’s background.

“Ai Ruisi, a powerhouse from the Divine Mountain Nation. You’re at the Sixth Heaven,” Ou Yangming said slowly.

Ai Ruisi’s strength was comparable to that of Xing Tian before the fusion. Ou Yangming learned this information from Dao Xuanji’s memories. Dao Xuanji had never seen this person before, but he had heard of his fame.

This person whose name was Ai Ruisi was too famous.

In the chaos, who did not know of Sword Saint Ai Ruisi?

The Divine Mountain Nation was one of the 4 great nations in the chaos. It was a huge force formed by the Devil Gods that were born in the chaos. Ai Ruisi was a genius among them, and he was also the most active powerhouse in the outside world in the Divine Mountain Nation. He could be considered the representative of the Divine Mountain Nation.

“You know me…”

Ai Ruisi did not find it strange. In the vast chaos, there were not many people who did not know his name.

There was a smile in his eyes. “You know me, so you should know my temper. Quickly tell me your purpose for coming here. Did you find the hand bone key?”

Ai Ruisi noticed Ou Yangming’s expression.

“If you have the hand bone key on you, as long as you hand it over obediently, I promise not to harm your life. I’ll also recommend that you join the Divine Mountain Nation and open the treasury of our secret manuals for you. What do you think?”

Ai Ruisi asked tentatively.

Unfortunately, he could not see any useful information from Ou Yangming’s expression.

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