Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 846 - Advanced Pursuer

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Chapter 846: Advanced Pursuer

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The winter’s sunlight was whiter than usual and less warm.

A long-robed man walked swiftly in the snow. His long hair was tied behind him, and he had thick eyebrows and large eyes. On top of that, he looked overbearing.

The long-robed man slowly got down and picked up a blood smell, then he dug the snow and retrieved human skin that had been frozen by the snow. He scoffed and said, “Hmph, how could the Teng family have such thrash? He couldn’t even defeat an injured Intermediate Spiritualist!”

He frowned as he was confused. ‘Being able to condense something out of thin air and squeeze Teng Jiao into human skin, even if Teng Jiao’s body was emptied by liquor and sexual desire, that person must at least be an Advanced Spiritualist. But when did Xue Haiya advance into the Advanced boundary?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, this is becoming more interesting!” A blood light flashed in his eyes and became brighter. He scanned his surroundings as he wanted to find more clues.

After prying a red jade stone in his hand with his mental power, the red stone shone, and its light was clearer than colored glass. The man licked his lips as he sensed the fluctuation inside, then he sneered and uttered, “In the east!”

Without any hesitation, the long-robed man activated his fastest speed as an Advanced Spiritualist, then he zoomed into the distance without leaving a trace on the snowy ground. At the same time, he retrieved a saber, whose blade flickered in a cold light under the sunlight.

After half a day, the red jade in the man’s hand emitted the most light it could and enveloped him. He looked bloodthirsty, and his aura was extremely vast. ‘Right ahead!’ He was certain, but it was then when he sensed danger.

All of a sudden, a piercing sound was heard. A black and gold feather appeared amid the snow and flew toward the spot between the long-robed man’s eyebrows.

Even so, the man did not panic at all. He scoffed and swung his right hand in the air, causing the feather to crumble.

“I’m Teng Xiaoyun from the Teng family. Who’s out there attacking your grandfather so sneakily? Quickly get your *ss out here to be punished!” The long-robed man scoffed and decided that he was not going to let this be. He was determined to crush the attacker into powder by doing anything he could to kill the attacker.

The goshawk’s face changed in the snow, and it shouted coldly, “What a stinky mouth. I’m afraid that you won’t live to see your grandfather!” Since someone dared to show his killing intent toward Ou Yangming, it was not going to let him leave.

Numerous black and gold feathers fell from the sky, and it was clear that they were sharp. The goshawk breathed out to blow the feathers before it shrieked. Following that, the feathers instantly turned into 5 feather swords. Their form stayed due to the circulating spiritual Qi, whereas the goshawk’s Qi momentum aimed them at Teng Xiaoyun’s chest. Clearly, it wanted to stab his heart right away to kill him.

A yellow figure flashed as Big Yellow bared its sharp teeth and went after Teng Xiaoyun’s head.

As for Multi-armed King Kong, it watched in the dark as it could not be bothered to make a move. It was a powerhouse that defeated an experienced Venerable One in a head-on confrontation, after all, hence it was not going to care about an Advanced Spiritualist. Moreover, this was a good opportunity for Big Yellow and the goshawk to practice.

“Hmph, 2 spirit beasts! You’re courting death!” Teng Xiaoyun sneered.

He slashed his saber forward, causing countless saber-lights to burst out and connect as they attacked with enormous momentum. Concurrently, he secretly threw out a skull from his left sleeve and hid it underneath the saber-lights. When the 5 feather swords and the saber-lights clashed, a special yet piercing sound was heard.

With the feather swords and saber-lights as the core, spiritual Qi rippled outward. The accumulated snow on the ground was stirred up as a result, and they looked as splendid as aurora under the sunlight.

“Sway!” At the spur of the moment, Teng Xiaoyun contracted his chest and abdomen and exhaled. He let out a strange soundwave that ripped the 5 feather swords directly, and he made quick gestures with his left hand at the same time. It was a weird feeling but another skull was formed, and it reflected like a light arc on the skull that was underneath the saber-lights. The man yelled, “Die!”

As soon as his voice faded away, the saber-lights were cut off by the skull. Closely packed sharp teeth were revealed, and they aimed at Big Yellow.

“Big Yellow! Quickly retreat…” The goshawk shouted. Since Big Yellow was only an Intermediate Spiritualist, it definitely would not be able to block the attack that carried the Advanced Spiritualist’s power. While the goshawk spoke, it charged forward valiantly like a black hurricane. It flapped its wings at the skull, causing a black whirlwind to be formed.

When the goshawk’s Qi momentum clashed with the spiritual power in front of it, while it was not as magnificent when Venerable Ones exchanged blows, it still felt like the ground was quaking.

Multi-armed King Kong nodded approvingly. The goshawk had become incredibly skilled at grasping the right timing and controlling its Qi momentum. Furthermore, the spiritual power inside its dantian was smooth. As long as it settled down for a few more years, it would surely become a top-grade Spiritualist. It could even become a Venerable One with its master’s Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment and Earthly Formation Boards.

The ground shook while the sky rumbled!

At this moment, the skull and the black whirlwind were in a deadlock situation in the sky.

A fleeting cruel look was seen in Teng Xiaoyun’s eyes, then he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out his essence and blood. Subsequently, the skull’s eyes lit up as though flames were scorching inside, and the massive momentum caused the black whirlwind to crumble. At the same time, countless blood mists were released from the skull’s mouth. A blood thread was slowly condensed, and it was particularly red as if it had been submerged in blood. In fact, it looked like blood was going to drip from the thread at any time onto the skull. It quickly surrounded the goshawk.

It was worth noting that the bloody thread was exceptionally sharp, such that everything including bluestones and trees in its way was cut off.

As for the skull, its eyes were sometimes bright yet sometimes dark, and it gave off a sinister feeling.

The goshawk had a rather grave look on its face, but it did not take it to heart. Its body expanded as if there was no limit to it, where it transformed into a giant goshawk of tens of meters. Consequently, its widespread spiritual Qi was earth-shattering. The black and gold feathers on the goshawk’s body fell like silk and drifted in the air.

“Siege!” The goshawk shrieked, and the feathers spun swiftly at once. They carried a tremendously sharp aura as though innumerable black star traces simply enveloped the skull and the blood thread. Teng Xiaoyun had a grim look on his face because the spirit beast’s trick had surpassed his imagination.

As he took a deep breath, cold air entered his lungs as if it could freeze his blood.

Without warning, Big Yellow had unknowingly gone behind Teng Xiaoyun with its equipment suit on. It bit the man’s left arm, and all of the runes on its suit glowed. The big yellow dog was bright-eyed and awe-inspiring under the support of the Suit Attribute. As such, its momentum was not inferior to that of an Advanced Spiritualist at all.

Teng Xiaoyun was dumbfounded at first, but he quickly sneered and said, “How dare a middle-rank spirit beast attack me? Alright, I’ll get rid of you first before I deal with that despicable bird.” With that, a cold light flashed on the saber in his right hand as he aimed for Big Yellow’s head.

Despite that, Big Yellow did not stop. It crashed into the saber regardless.

Teng Xiaoyun was elated. He was certain that the foolish spirit beast would be killed by his attack. After all, his saber was a Half-Silver Weapon, so what could it not chop? Nevertheless, the man’s heart skipped a beat when he noticed the look of ridicule in the goshawk’s eyes, but he quickly shook his head to cast that thought aside. ‘My Blood-chopping Saber’s considered the top 20 weapons in the Teng family. It’s especially sharp, so it can chop even peculiar stones from beyond Heaven, let alone this spirit beast’s helmet.’

His heart was where his saber was pointing at. As Teng Xiaoyun focused his mind on the Blood-chopping Saber, it made a clear ring as if it sensed its master’s domineering intent.


When the saber and the helmet came into contact with each other, the sound of metals clashing filled the air.

However, contrary to Teng Xiaoyun’s prediction, only a 2.54-centimeters-long white mark was seen on the helmet, and it disappeared when the wind blew.

On the opposite, the Blood-chopping Saber’s blade curled up. Teng Xiaoyun was stupefied for a brief moment, and he was in disbelief. ‘How’s this possible? This is one of the top 20 treasure sabers in the Teng family! H… How did the blade curl up like this?’

While Teng Xiaoyun was in a daze, his arm was bitten by Big Yellow, and he bled. The man only came back to his senses when the immense pain hit his brain. After all, he was too shocked by the fact that the Blood-chopping Saber was destroyed. It was not only his saber, but his belief as well. When the man roared, the spiritual power inside his dantian gushed out and flowed along his tendons and meridians to blow the big yellow dog away, but his right arm was already badly mutilated.

Having said that, he could not be bothered. He looked resentful, and he was filled with hatred as he stared at Big Yellow.

The goshawk chuckled and sneered. “I can’t believe you tried to chop the helmet that was refined by Master with your Half-Silver Saber. You don’t know where you stand at all!”

It did not speak loudly, but its voice shook Teng Xiaoyun’s head like sudden claps of thunder.

Teng Xiaoyun’s face changed because he did not expect the spirit beasts to have a master. ‘If the big yellow dog’s ridiculous equipment was smithed by “that person”, what exactly is his cultivation base? A top-grade Spiritualist? Or even—a Venerable One?’ The moment he had this thought, he broke out in a cold sweat as if he had fallen into an ice house.

He later flashed and turned into a light stream to soar into the sky.

“Hmph, trying to escape? Can you get away?” Multi-armed King Kong scoffed.

The snow of the mountain surged at that moment and overturned into giant claws, which looked like they had emerged from a pitch-black gap. A world-shaking pressure descended from the sky to strike Teng Xiaoyun, who let out a weird cry as he was terrified. At this moment, he only wanted to flee!

Teng Xiaoyun tried to escape regardless of the costs. After all, a Venerable One could only be resisted by a Venerable One! He could not stop the king kong.

That said, right after his flight light appeared, massive claws that looked as heavy as a mountain approached him.

The claws pressed downward and grabbed Teng Xiaoyun’s body easily.

Following that, the man was pressed down from the sky to a mountain below at the speed of light.

‘No!” Teng Xiayun was fearful and in despair.

“Boom!” The universe roared while a mountain of hundreds of meters was flattened by the claws.

Additionally, a substantial storm spread out with the mountain as its center. It had a shocking black light, and it crushed the rocks and plants in its way.

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