Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 847 - Treasure

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Chapter 847: Treasure

An imposing figure paced toward Teng Xiaoyun.

Given that a slap was enough to make Teng Xianyun—an Advanced Spiritualist—fly away without being able to resist at all, it could only be from King Kong—a formidable Venerable One.

King Kong did not show up in the fight just now because it could not be bothered to make a move.

If Teng Xiaoyun was not planning to take flight and was determined to fight it out with the goshawk and Big Yellow, King Kong would definitely stand by idly without intervening at all. Nonetheless, when the man decided to flee, it could not hold back anymore.

Although Multi-armed King Kong was a newly advanced Venerable One, a Venerable One was a Venerable One. The universe’s power that could be triggered by one was so forceful that it was beyond a Spiritualist’s imagination. Besides, King Kong was a Venerable One that withstood 6 Heavenly Thunderbolts and had endless potential. When it fought on its own, even Qiu Chengwang—an experienced Venerable One—was not its match.

As such, Teng Xiaoyun only deserved a slap from the king kong.

Even so, the slap was unbelievably powerful. Teng Xiaoyun became dizzy, and he clearly passed out.

It was worth noting that Multi-armed King Kong had even done its best to control its power. If not, the man might have been crushed into meat paste right away.

The goshawk flapped its wings to King Kong’s side and complained, “King Kong, why did you make a move? He can’t escape for sure!”

Teng Xiaoyun was an Advanced Spiritualist, but the goshawk was also a high-rank spirit beast and was a bird with wings. No matter how the man tried to escape, he would not be able to get rid of the goshawk. Moreover, the goshawk was strongly confident that it could take down the man on its own.

King Kong responded with a smile, “Master doesn’t want to alarm those fellas from the Xue family. Hehe, you’ve made quite big movements just now. If I still don’t step in, they’ll surely be suspicious.”

The goshawk flapped its wings and stopped talking.

In actuality, a high-rank spirit beast would not normally have the guts to treat a Venerable One like that. Nevertheless, the goshawk and Big Yellow were different. They respected the king kong, but they would not blindly obey it nor fear it.

Teng Xiaoyun shook his head and finally recovered from his dizzy state, but he had a ghastly look on his face. This was because he faintly heard about the Xue family earlier. Unquestionably, whoever stopped and injured him was related to the Xue family.

Despite having racked his brains, he could not figure out when the Xue family became involved with such a potent force.

The goshawk was fine. Even though a high-rank spirit beast was mighty, even the Xue family would not be afraid of it. On the other hand, the one that hid in the dark and slapped him was terrifying.

Teng Xiaoyun could not help but tremble at the thought of the palm that appeared out of the blue. He felt like he was being suffocated as though it was a nightmare that constantly stayed deep inside his mind and inflicted fear in him.

This was because he had a feeling that the palm could have killed him like how flies could usually be killed by slaps.

He had never encountered any powerhouse that made him feel like this. Even the top-grade Spiritualist from his clan never used such an enormous and irresistible pressure on him.

Teng Xiaoyun only had one thought at the moment.

He figured that the powerhouse that slapped him was probably a Venerable One.

In the fact of a Venerable One, not to mention him, even the whole Teng family would be considered insignificant.

King Kong turned to look and sneered. “He’s awake, but he’s playing dead on the ground.”

Big Yellow stuck out its tongue and said, “That’s easy—he won’t need to pretend anymore if he’s really dead.”

Teng Xiaoyun shuddered and opened his eyes right away. “Sirs, spare me!”

He opened his eyes and saw the king kong and the 2 other beasts.

Big Yellow and the goshawk had exchanged blows with him, hence he was aware of their capabilities. The 2 spirit beasts were naturally gifted, but they could not have knocked him out with a slap. In that case, the last spirit beast was likely the mighty being that slapped him.

King Kong glanced at it and released its coercion slightly.

The 3 spirit beasts had been carefully following Ou Yangming without a sound as they were afraid of exposing their auras, which might draw the attention of the 3 people from the Xue family.

While the cultivation bases of those 3 people were not worth mentioning to the king kong, which could easily crush them with its pinky, it dared not act rashly because Ou Yangming decided to travel together with them.

Now that the 3 spirit beasts found a pursuer, it was great news because they could openly vent their anger. Therefore, King Kong and the 2 other spirit beasts were eagerly cheerful.

Teng Xiaoyun felt like he was going to faint and could almost not breathe again when he sensed the surging pressure that was released by King Kong.

He grieved, ‘How could the Xue family have such strong reinforcements!’

“You—why were you following those fellas from the Xue family?” Big Yellow shouted, “Tell us the truth or you’ll suffer more!”

Multi-armed King Kong could not be bothered to question Teng Xiaoyun closely, but the big yellow dog could achieve the same effect by frightening the man with the king kong’s coercion.

Teng Xiaoyun shivered. “Sir, please calm down. My clan has a feud against the Xue family, but we finally defeated them after a big fight, so my clan sent me to track them down so that I can capture the rest of them.” He paused for a while before he added, “I had no idea that the Xue family’s related to you, sir, or I wouldn’t have offended you no matter what…”

“Pfft!” Big Yellow glared at him. “What’s the Xue family? They have nothing to do with me!”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Teng Xiaoyun immediately responded, but he was secretly delighted. ‘If these 3 spirit beasts have nothing to do with the Xue family, am I able to use them instead?’

If he could play up to a spirit beast that was also a Venerable One, he would have an entirely different status in the Teng family.

Who knew, Big Yellow swung its neck and continued, “I’m not associated with the Xue family, but my friend had a fateful encounter with them, so I can’t sit by idly.”

Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk glanced at the proud Big Yellow. They could not help but feel envious.

The carefree big yellow dog was the only fellow among them that could call Ou Yangming its friend.

Even the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One dared not be impolite and unthinking.

Teng Xiaoyun was dumbfounded. He felt like he had just been poured a bucket of cold water from his head, causing his joyful feeling to disappear in an instant. It turned out that the spirit beasts were still somewhat related to the Xue family.

Big Yellow stared at Teng Xiaoyun and roared, “You’re lying!”

King Kong also cast a timely look at Teng Xiaoyun. The cold intent in its eyes almost caused the man to be frightened out of his wits.

The big yellow dog’s aura was inferior to that of Teng Xiaoyun, but it had a mighty Venerable One standing behind it. Even if the man was not having a clear mind at the moment, he dared not talk back to the dog.

“Sir, I’m wronged! I dare not lie…”

“Hmph, dare not lie?” Big Yellow glared at him again and questioned fiercely, “Let me ask you then—what treasure are you trying to get from those 3 people from the Xue family?”

Teng Xiaoyun looked up abruptly and was fearful. He initially thought that he could keep it a secret from the spirit beasts, but they were already aware of the enmity between his clan and the Xue family. The only thing was that the beasts did not know what the people from the Xue family had obtained from the Big Ruins.

Big Yellow opened its mouth and showed a fearsome look as it noted, “If you still don’t tell us the truth, I’ll swallow you at once. Hehe, I suppose an Advanced Spiritualist’s flesh is tasty, right?”

Teng Xiaoyun turned as pale as a sheet when he saw the big yellow dog’s vicious look.

He would also be afraid if he was captured by his kind, but he would not feel as hopeless. Since the man fell into the hands of beasts, he would likely be devoured by them. The thought of how he would possibly end made him feel numb and powerless as if he was going to pass out again.

Given Teng Xiaoyun’s cultivation base and strength, he did not fear death very much.

However, a normal death would be entirely different from being eaten alive by savage beasts.

The psychological pressure was unimaginable.

“Roar…” Big Yellow widened its eyes and roared fiercely. “Are you still not going to say it?!” It widened its mouth and approached Teng Xiaoyun, and the enormous pressure that it released increased by 100 times as it became closer to him.

Teng Xiaoyun’s mind finally crumbled. He quickly screamed, “Sir, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you… It’s the Self-examination Mirror—the treasure that the Xue family found from the Big Ruins is the Self-examination Mirror!”

“The Self-examination Mirror?” Big Yellow turned to look at King Kong and the goshawk in shock.

It was its first time hearing about this item.

That said, King Kong and the goshawk did not react much better than it did. They were also dazed, which was evident that it was also their first time learning about this object.

Without waiting for Big Yellow to question him further, Teng Xiayun explained, “It’s a magical treasure. If one cultivates with the Self-examination Mirror, one can face one’s inner demon directly, allowing the inner demon to burst out in advance. This will greatly benefit one as it’ll enhance one’s boundary.”

“Face one’s inner demon directly…” The eyes of the 3 spirit beasts lit up at the same time.

They did not have a special impression of the treasure at first, but they were starting to covet it.

The inner demon was inevitable for any cultivator.

Besides, nobody knew when their inner demons would suddenly appear.

It might happen when one was cultivating in isolation or was simply cultivating. More than that, it could also appear out of the blue when a top-grade Spiritualist was enduring the Heavenly Thunderbolts to become a Venerable One.

Cultivators and spirit beasts would be able to defend against their inner demons if it was the first 2 cases, but one would end tragically if one’s inner demon burst out during the Heavenly Disaster.

Nonetheless, if there was indeed a treasure that could help one face one’s inner demon directly, one could take the opportunity to kill the inner demon before it grew.

King Kong and the others exchanged glances. They were moved, and they could not suppress their eagerness and agitation.

“This is a serious matter, so we must inform Master,” King Kong said after some thought.

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